The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 39.2

Chapter 39 Part 2

“There is also tea. Although people in the village don’t often drink tea, they have to serve tea when a guest visits or to entertain their son-in-law. They will still prepare some tea at home, so, this can also be sold.”

The two people thought so seriously, one said and one remembered. Shiyi’s brush kept moving. By the time Yang Shifeng finished cooking the meal and came in for dinner, she had written a full piece of paper. After careful counting, there were nearly 50 items, and the quantity was considerable.

Yang Shifeng looked at the paper handed over by Shiyi. Although he couldn’t understand the words on it, he still looked at it very seriously because it was written by Shiyi and she wrote it so seriously.

Grandpa Yang was completely interested. Shiyi and Yang Shifeng paid more attention to this matter than Shiyi did. Even when he was eating, he didn’t forget to think about it. While eating, he suddenly patted the table, “I thought of it.”

Shiyi was stunned by Grandpa Yang’s words and looked at the old man puzzled.

Yang Shifeng asked, “Grandpa, what are you doing? What did you think of it? “

Grandpa Yang smiled and said, “I thought of what I could do. Didn’t the girl just say that we still need to sell some pots and pans? I don’t think we need to buy things made of wood, such as wooden basins, bathtubs, and buckets. I’ll do it. I can’t do worse than those sold in the town. Anyway, I’m bored at home, so I’m just going to work as a carpenter. I can do this at the right time. How about selling them in our shop when I finish doing it?”

Shiyi thought that Grandpa Yang’s method was very good and immediately affirmed it.

Yang Shifeng thought about it also and nodded. He knew that Grandpa was a little bored since his legs were better. He usually had nothing to do. If he could find something to do, it would be a good thing for Grandpa. Letting him do some carpentry work was fine.

The three of them were very excited to go and have a rest this evening. Grandpa Yang went to wash and sleep first. When the light in Grandpa Yang’s room went out, Shiyi stood up and was about to take a hot bath. He saw that Yang Shifeng immediately picked up a bucket of hot water and went straight into her room.

Shiyi raised her eyebrows and thought he was going to fetch water for her. He followed him into the room and was stunned on the spot.

It was only during the day that Yang found that the door of her cubicle was not closed. She didn’t notice that there were many doors behind her cubicle.

Shiyi went to the door and looked inside. When she looked at it, she couldn’t help but open her eyes in surprise, because the compartment turned out to be a bathroom, which was almost the same as a modern bathroom. It was exactly what she had described to Yang Shifeng.

Shiyi walked in stupidly. The space was about ten square meters. The wall was painted white. There was a clean and bright floor on the ground. There was a large bath bucket near the wall. It looked like a modern bathtub, but it was only wood. There was a bamboo pipe under the bath bucket, connecting the bath bucket to the outside. It had a plug on it. As long as the plug is pulled out, the water in the bath bucket can flow out automatically. There is no need to pour out the water by yourself.

Shiyi stared at it for a long time and then moved her eyes to the other side. There was a rectangular pool with a clean inside and a palm-sized round hole at the bottom. Shiyi almost guessed what this thing was, but she couldn’t help looking at Yang Shifeng and asking him, “What’s this?”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips. Without looking at Shiyi, he poured water into the bath bucket and said, “I figured out how the toilet works by myself. The hole at the bottom was connected to the toilet outside. As long as you flush it with water later, you can flush it into the toilet outside. It will be very clean and odorless. “

Shiyi listened, and suddenly her eyes were sour. She quickly turned her back to Yang Shifeng, quietly sniffed, and then looked at other things in the bathroom. There is also a washstand beside the bath bucket, on which she hangs her towel. There are several basins on the shelf, which are used by her to wash her face and feet.

This is a completely modern bathroom. Although it can’t compare with the modern ones, it’s already very good in this era.

Many times, it is better than she once described.

This man…. she just said casually, but he spent so much effort to achieve it. He clearly hadn’t seen the drawings or the real object, so he thought it out by himself and thought out so well.

Shiyi suddenly became a little afraid, if she did not think clearly about her own feelings, if she was still bent on going on, to the next city, and the next, until she went to a place farther away from him, and would never return here. Would she never see what he did for her? Is everything he has to be for nothing?

He knew she would not come back after she left. Why did he do so many things foolishly? What if she never knows?

He’s really a big fool!

Shiyi sniffed and looked up.

“Well, take a bath. When you’re done, pull out the plug and the water will flow out. ” Yang Shifeng pointed to the plug and said, to Shiyi.

Shiyi turned her back to him with an “um,” and then when she heard his footsteps go away. Then she took off her clothes and put them on the shelf on one side. She soaked her toes up to her neck in the bath bucket and was wrapped in warm-hot water. She couldn’t help but sigh comfortably.

This is a comfortable life, not so prosperous, not so lively, not so rich, but comfortable and happy, which can never be realized in other places. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand until now and only after she hurt him.

Shiyi stretched out her hand to touch her heart, felt the beating inside, and clearly heard her heartbeats. She never dreamed that one day, she would be able to understand the love stories she had seen. At first, she thought it was boring and meaningless, but now she fully understands its existence.

Who knew that I, Shiyi, would one day also think about a person, and hold that person in my heart.

Shiyi couldn’t help laughing. Until she lay in bed, she couldn’t help smiling. She stared at the pink bednet on her head and didn’t feel sleepy at all.

She listened carefully to the movement outside and found out that there were footsteps. Shiyi simply shouted out: “Yang Shifeng! Yang Shifeng!”

After a while, Yang Shifeng appeared at the door, “What’s the matter?”

Shiyi pointed at him, “Come in.”

Yang Shifeng looked at her and didn’t move.

Shiyi patted the edge of the bed, “Come in and sit down. I have something to tell you.”

Yang Shifeng was silent for a long time. Just when Shiyi thought he was going to turn around and leave, he slowly walked to the bedside and sat down.

“What’s the matter with you? If there’s nothing going on, then I’ll go to bed. ” Yang Shifeng low tunnel.

Shiyi looked at him for a while, and suddenly she didn’t want to say anything. She just said, “Wake me up tomorrow morning and I’ll also go to town.”

She is not interested in the town when she first came. Now, she thinks the country is more likable. She doesn’t want to go to the town to see it, what she wants is to be with Yang Shifeng. This guy doesn’t like to stay with her now, so she has to take the initiative to stay with him. Otherwise, when can she coax him out of anger?

Yang Shifeng looked at her for a moment and nodded.

Shiyi smiled and hooked his sleeve. “Then you sleep with me here. When I fall asleep, you can go. I’m afraid. “

Yang Shifeng didn’t reveal Shiyi’s lies and didn’t turn around. He just sat there quietly.

Shiyi was satisfied, closed her eyes, and soon went to sleep, unaware of the man beside her bed, watching her for a long, long time.

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