The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 39.1

Chapter 39 Part 1

Shiyi drew a picture of a display shelf on the paper. The length of the shelf occupied the entire wall. In this way, when you enter the door, you will see a whole display shelf with the goods placed on it. The display shelf was divided into layers, and each layer was separated into three pieces. By doing this, different items can be arranged orderly, so that people can see what they are looking for at a glance. It was simple yet eye-catching.

The shelf Shiyi drew was different from the rows of shelves in the supermarket. She plans to put only one shelf next to the wall. Due to the lack of monitoring device or alarms in this period, it is impossible for people here to buy and pay for their things independently; just like what they had in the modern world/end times. Without those devices, it was inevitable that things would be stolen by people with dirty hands and feet when they don’t pay attention. So the only way is for them (Shiyi and others) to get the items for the guests themselves.

After drawing the display shelf, Shiyi drew a counter, which is similar to the counter of the shop who did business here. The difference between the counters of this era and hers was, that her design also had frames and cabinets, so that goods could be put in them and used as a warehouse; Another thing that Shiyi designed for the counter was a door with a lock. If you want to go somewhere, you can lock it and other people won’t be able to enter. 

After drawing, Shiyi handed the two drawings to Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng took the drawings and looked at it carefully. He hadn’t looked up for a long time and was already engrossed in these drawings.

Shiyi didn’t rush him either. When he finally moved his eyes, she came closer, pointed to some special places on the drawing that were not easy to understand, and explained them to him. Shiyi carefully explained the use of each place. Yang Shifeng listened very carefully and nodded when he understood it.

Drawing the display shelf and counter and explaining it to Yang Shifeng almost took them half an afternoon. Neither of them was aware of the flow of time. When Grandpa Yang saw that the sun was almost going down, and the two still didn’t move, he became worried about them.

“What are you two looking at? Why are you so fascinated by that? “

When Shiyi saw Grandpa Yang come in, she pointed to the drawings on Yang Shifeng’s hand, and instructed Shifeng to explain it to Grandpa Yang about their intention to open a grocery store. Opening a grocery store can be considered a big event for this family, so Grandpa Yang needs to know about it.

“Grandpa, come in and sit down. We have something to discuss with you.” Yang Shifeng waved to Grandpa Yang and asked him to come in. After Grandpa Yang sat down, Shifeng handed him the paper with the drawing in his hand.

Grandpa Yang was also an old carpenter. He is very sensitive to these things. As soon as he took a glance at it, he narrowed his eyes immediately, took it in his hand, and looked carefully. The more he looked, the more absorbed he became, and muttered, “That’s good, good.”

When Grandpa Yang had completely examined it, he looked up at the two people. “What you showed me is the shelf and counter, which is similar to that in the shop in town? But it’s much more beautiful and impressive than those in the shops in town. “

Shiyi nodded. “This is really a display shelf and counter. I want Yang Shifeng to make it according to this drawing.”

Grandpa Yang looked at Shiyi and Yang Shifeng and asked, “What are you two up to? Why are you doing this?”

This time, Shiyi didn’t want to say anything. Yang Shifeng took the initiative and said, “Grandpa, I want to open a grocery store in our house, focusing on selling things to the people in this entire village. From now on, I will stop going to mountains to hunt.”

Grandpa Yang was not surprised when he heard Shifeng’s speech. He just didn’t expect his grandson to think of this idea. He had never thought of it even after living for a long time, but this idea was unexpectedly good. There are many families here in the village. Each family has to make a long trip to town every few days to buy things needed by the family, because they don’t have them in the mountain village. If there are shops here, why go to the town?

After hearing this, Grandpa Yang’s heart wasn’t opposed or worried, instead, he was more supportive of them. He thought this idea was very good. What’s better is that his grandson doesn’t have to go hunting in the mountains, and he can have a job that is easy and profitable in the future. How can it not be good?

Grandpa Yang nodded, “I think it’s okay.”

Yang Shifeng smiled and said, “Sir, I’ll go to the town to look for a donkey tomorrow. If I see the right one, I’ll buy one back, and then make the cart. It will also be convenient for us when we buy goods in the future. Then, after making the cart, I’ll make the cabinet and shelf, and buy the goods after. “

Although Shiyi came up with the idea, Yang Shifeng was obviously more attentive and responsible than Shiyi. He was concerned about all the aspects that needed to be taken care of and planned it carefully. Yang Shifeng wants to do it well, because it is what Shiyi wants to do, and it is done with Shiyi’s money. He doesn’t want it to fail.

Grandpa Yang was also a serious person. After agreeing to this, he immediately took it seriously and said, “Yes, you go to the town and see. Grandpa will also help with the matter of making things. Tomorrow, Grandpa will use the wood in the yard to make a shelf. When you come back, we will build it together, in a few days, we will be able to finish building it.”

Yang Shifeng nodded and looked at the sun setting outside. He stood up and said, “I’ll make dinner.”

When Yang Shifeng left, Grandpa Yang looked at Shiyi with gratitude in his eyes and said, “Girl, thank you.” [1]“丫头” Yātou – The pet name given by the elders to the younger women. Nowadays, “girl” is often used to express the nicknames parents give to their daughters and … Continue reading

This was the first-time Grandpa Yang called her “girl”. Shiyi heard intimacy and love from it. It’s different from the previous polite and courteous way of calling her. Grandpa Yang really came to treat her as his own child. This time, Grandpa Yang saw a trace of sincerity from Shiyi.

Shiyi pursed her lips and said nothing. She took out a piece of paper and wrote on it. She also desired to take an active role in this matter, rather than simply standing by as an outsider.

Shiyi began to consider what to purchase in town, beginning with basics, such as firewood, rice, oil, salt, and sugar; then some materials such as cloth and needle and thread that women needed to use every day; and finally some snacks that children enjoy, such as cakes, sugar gourds, melon seeds, and candy. People in the mountain village were not willing to spend money, but they were not afraid of selling children’s food. Maybe children’s things would become the best sellers.

Grandpa Yang watched Shiyi, who was thinking seriously on the side. He smiled happily. Grandfather Yang felt that his grandson might be really lucky this time. The silly thought in his heart might really be realized. The child will also have a good life.

Grandpa Yang didn’t go out at all. He sat next to Shiyi and helped her think. After thinking for a long time, he said, “You can also buy some dry cigarettes that men love to smoke. Instead of buying other goods, you can buy some dry cigarettes, many people here in the villagers were willing to buy them. The old men in the village don’t like anything, they only like to smoke some dry cigarettes. They will buy one in the town several times a year. This thing can be sold. “

Shiyi also thought this was right and wrote it down on paper.

Grandpa Yang was interested and thought about it: “Sell some things that people in the village can use for farming, like straw hats, sickles, and ropes, which people usually buy in town.”

Shiyi recorded these one by one.

Then Shiyi remembered the pots and pans, which she originally had no understanding of the concept of, but after living with Yang Shifeng for some time, she understood all the basic things they needed to live. Whether poor or rich, these basic pots and pans can’t be missed. So no one can live without it, so the money will not be saved for buying these pots and pans. Selling these things was also okay.

Shiyi brushed down the paper and recorded it.

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1 “丫头” Yātou – The pet name given by the elders to the younger women. Nowadays, “girl” is often used to express the nicknames parents give to their daughters and boyfriends to their girlfriends. Girls called “girls” are generally younger and have more cute and cute characters.


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