The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 50.2

Chapter 50 Part 2

Knowing that Shiyi was going to marry Yang Shifeng, the happiest person was Grandpa Yang. The old man laughed so hard that he immediately took out his calendar and chose a good day.

Yang Shifeng also attached great importance to it. He chose the day with Grandpa Yang and worked very hard on every detail.

Shiyi pursed her lips, which became swollen from someone’s gnawing, and let her arrange everything.

After a while, Grandpa Yang finally chose three days, which were good days for marriage. One is in the middle of December a month later, one is the first day of the first month after the Chinese New Year, and another is more than half a year away from now.

Grandpa Yang asked Yang Shifeng and Shiyi to choose one by themselves.

Yang Shifeng took Shiyi’s hand under the table, rubbed his thumb on the back of her hand, and asked tentatively, “Shiyi, I think mid-December is good. What do you think?”

Yang Shifeng probably didn’t know that his eyes at this moment almost said: “Please, please, let it be this date.

Shiyi almost couldn’t hold back her laughter. This nerd. Are you so eager to marry me? However, it is obvious that Shiyi was very happy that Yang Shifeng was so eager to marry her, so Shiyi simply agreed.

Yang Shifeng smiled just like a fool.

Grandpa Yang was a bit skeptical and said, “A month is too fast. We won’t have much time to prepare. There are so many things to prepare for the wedding. It won’t be easy.”

Yang Shifeng immediately said, “it’s all right. You can tell me what I need to prepare. I’ll buy it in the town tomorrow. One month is definitely enough.”

Grandpa Yang was helpless when he saw that his grandson wanted to get married immediately. “Forget it, since you don’t mind rushing it, let’s choose this day. I’ll think about what to prepare, and you’ll prepare it for me tomorrow. “

Yang Shifeng nodded. His eyes were full of a smile. His entire body seemed to be glowing.

Shiyi couldn’t help but smile along with him.

The next day, before dawn, the family was still sleeping, but Yang Shifeng was already awake and rode away with his donkey cart, disappearing. Grandpa Yang couldn’t cry or laugh. Can’t this smelly boy be a little promising! Look at his eccentricity! It’s embarrassing for this old man!

Grandpa Yang couldn’t help muttering to the little boss, Xiao Shitou, while Shiyi was away: “In the future, you can’t learn from your brother Shifeng. You’ll be so worthless that you’ll be pressed over by your wife all your life. Do you want your wife to know what “husbands’ class is not strong” means? ” [1]In ancient times, there were three guides and five constants: the ruler guided the minister, the father guided the son, and the husband guided the wife. The latter must listen to the former, and if … Continue reading

Xiao Shitou didn’t understand what Grandpa Yang meant by being pressed by a wife, and didn’t know what “the husband’s class is not strong” meant, but he still looked forward to it and said, “Sister Shiyi is very good, I want to marry a wife like Sister Shiyi in the future.”

Grandpa Yang patted his forehead reluctantly and felt that he had said it for nothing. This little guy was also in danger. It can be guessed that he will also be a wife slave when he grows up.

Alas, I could only worry….

Xiao Shitou looked at Grandpa Yang, who was sighing. He stretched out his small hand and patted Grandpa Yang’s big hand to comfort him. “Grandpa, don’t worry, I will be as powerful as Brother Shifeng in the future, and I will find a wife like Sister Shiyi. Don’t worry.”

Grandpa Yang almost choked and couldn’t recover.

Fortunately, someone entered the house at that time, which saved Grandpa Yang’s, injured old heart.

The visitor is from the Liang family, followed by the Liang family’s second son and second daughter-in-law.

Uncle Liang said, “Old Yang, we came here today to thank Doctor Shiyi. If it weren’t for her last time, my family’s second son would probably be dead, but now he is completely healed. “

As soon as Grandpa Yang heard this, he quickly moved the stool for them to sit on and said to Xiao Shitou, “Xiao Shitou, go and call your sister.”

Xiao Shitou immediately climbed down from his chair, and with his short legs, he went to the medical room to find Shiyi.

Uncle Liang looked at Xiao Shitou’s bouncy face and smiled, “Old Yang, Xiao Shitou was well raised by you. He used to be so thin that when the wind blew he would fall down. Now his cheeks are full of meat. Your family will be rewarded for your kindness.”

Grandpa Yang waved his hand and said, “Don’t talk about this. What about good or bad rewards? The child is pitiful. There are not many people in our family. We can still afford to raise a child. Moreover, Xiao Shitou is very lively. He can’t stay idle at home for a moment. When he is free, he will help me do things and talk with me. With him, my day is much more fun. “

Uncle Liang smiled and nodded, “Yes, the house will be lively when you have a child at home. In the future, Shifeng will add some great-grandchildren to you, which will make your home even livelier by that time. “

Grandpa Yang laughed, and his eyes narrowed. “It’s good to have more children while I can still move my old bones and bring him around.”

Seeing Grandpa Yang’s appearance, Uncle Liang felt that there was a deeper meaning in his words and asked. “Is Shifeng going to settle down?”

Grandpa Yang also wanted to tell people the good news, so he didn’t hide it. “Shifeng and Shiyi are going to get married. On the 15th of next month, all of you must come to drink a cup of wedding wine, ah.”

“Oh, that’s great news. Congratulations. We’ll all have a cup of wedding wine at that time. “

The Liang family is really happy. Yang Shifeng is a good young man. Everyone likes him very much, and they all know that he likes Doctor Shiyi. Now that the two are going to get married, it is naturally a happy event, but the most gratifying thing is that once Shiyi marries Yang Shifeng, she will naturally take root in her and never leave this village again. In other words, they will really have a long-term miracle doctor in the mountains!

That’s great.

When Shiyi was pulled out by Xiao Shitou, the Liang family said congratulations to her one after another. Even the words of giving birth to a noble son came out, which left her quite at a loss and didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, the Liang family came here today mainly to thank her. After saying congratulations, they gave Shiyi all the things they brought. They brought not only a hen but also a basket of eggs.

These gifts are really a little heavy in this rural area. Shiyi doesn’t want them. She doesn’t need them at all.

But the Liang family had to give something. So, Uncle Liang said, “Doctor Shiyi, don’t refuse. You may not know, but, I really felt that I was going to die at that time. One foot had stepped into the gate of hell, and suddenly you pulled me back. My wounds were beginning to rot, but now they are growing well, and there are no scars. Doctor Shiyi, we really don’t know how to thank you. “

The Liang family also had mixed emotions. At that time, they were scared to death when they saw Shiyi take out the needle and thread to sew his wound. They were really uneasy in their hearts, and they were deeply afraid of what might happen. As a result, the wound gradually healed. Not only did he no longer have a fever, but the thread on the wound gradually disappeared. Now they can’t see the scar at all, and he turned out completely fine. So, they must give this gift.

Shiyi couldn’t get rid of the Liang family’s kindness, in the end, so she had to accept the things they brought over. At this time, she truly felt the simplicity and charm of this mountain.

It’s really nice to live here.


1 In ancient times, there were three guides and five constants: the ruler guided the minister, the father guided the son, and the husband guided the wife. The latter must listen to the former, and if the husband’s position is weak, it means that the wife will not obey the husband’s words, and the husband’s position will not be buoyed up.


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