The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 50.1

Chapter 50 Part 1

The expression on Yang Shifeng’s face changed. A sense of panic swept through his system.

Was Shiyi angry because she didn’t get to hear his explanation? Is that why she left? Or was it because she disliked him again for going to the village head’s house and acting like a rottenly good guy again?

I thought she said she would never leave again. He hadn’t even told her what was in his heart yet, so how could she leave again?

“Shiyi!!!” Yang Shifeng’s forehead was dripping with sweat, it even slipped into his eyes, causing them to hurt. But he didn’t bother to wipe them off. He ran out of the house in a panic. He wanted to find Shiyi.

Grandpa Yang, who was coming in through the door, collided with Yang Shifeng. Looking at how panicked his grandson was, he immediately asked, “What’s going on? What are you running for? “

“Grandpa, Shiyi is missing, I have to go find her.”

Yang Shifeng rushed out of the house before he could say more. However, Grandpa Yang quickly went to catch up with him and scolded, “What are you panicking for? If Shiyi’s not at home, maybe she just went out. She won’t leave without saying a word. Don’t scare yourself! “

Grandpa Yang patted his forehead with a headache. He was helpless when it came to how his grandson would always lose his mind when it came to Shiyi. People who love too much are often too fragile and are unable to withstand loss.

Although Shiyi had been back for so many days, he knew that his grandson’s heart was still hanging in the air.

Yang Shifeng gasped and gradually calmed down. He also knew that Grandpa was right. He reluctantly stretched out his hand to wipe the sweat on his face and pulled away from Grandpa Yang’s grip. “I know, I’ll go to the village to find her.”

Grandpa Yang nodded and said, “Xiao Shitou is not at home, isn’t he? I guess that the two have gone to play.”

Yang Shifeng gave a low “um” sound and searched along the village path. It took him a quarter of an hour to finally find Xiao Shitou. He saw him standing under the persimmon tree at the end of the village. The little guy was looking up at the tree and almost drooling.

And the person in the tree… who will it be if it is not Shiyi?

Yang Shifeng breathed a long sigh of relief and remained silent for a long time. He waited until the expression on his face returned to normal before he stepped forward and touched Xiao Shitou’s head, “Xiao Shitou, why are you here?”

When Xiao Shitou found out that Yang Shifeng had come, his eyes lit up immediately. “Brother, are you back? My sister and I are picking persimmons, but the persimmons are so high that I can’t reach them. My sister climbed up. Sister Shiyi was so powerful that I didn’t see her clearly how she climbed up the tree. My sister is in the tree. ” Xiao Shitou’s eyes were full of worship for Shiyi. He was like a typical little fanboy.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t cry or laugh. He looked up at Shiyi, who was flexibly squatting on the tree to pick persimmons. However, Shiyi only became aware of his presence when she saw him in the gap between the persimmons she was picking.

But Shiyi wrinkled her nose and ignored him, continuing to pick persimmons.

Yang Shifeng touched his nose and shouted. “Shiyi, come down and I’ll pick it up for you.”

Shiyi ignored him and picked up a few more. After seeing that the basket was full, she came down from the tree and showed the basket to Xiao Shitou, “Look, it’s full!”

Xiao Shitou’s eyes were glowing, “Sister, you’re great!”

“Come on, let’s go back! Let’s wash and eat it!” Shiyi rubbed Xiao Shitou’s little head and took him home without paying any attention to Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng’s eyes flashed with helplessness. He silently followed them home until they entered the house. The moment they entered the house, he suddenly took Shiyi’s arm and led her to the room, “Shiyi, I have something to tell you.”

“What are you doing? I have nothing to tell you. I’m going to eat persimmons. ” Shiyi struggled. She just didn’t want to go with him. He didn’t say anything when she gave him the chance to. Now, she doesn’t want to listen to him.

Shiyi’s strength was very strong. If she really doesn’t want to go, Yang Shifeng can’t force her at all. This made Yang Shifeng very helpless. Finally, he could only let go of her hand. He bent down, one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back like a groom carrying his bride. In a flash, he entered the room and locked the door.

Xiao Shitou was stunned and looked at Grandpa Yang with worry. His small face was tangled, “Grandpa, did my brother quarrel with my sister? Did my brother want to beat my sister? “

Grandpa Yang laughed and patted Xiao Shitou’s head. “No, they are not fighting. Your brother wanted to talk to your sister. Your brother won’t beat up your sister. ” Your sister beating your brother would be more possible.

Xiao Shitou was half-convinced, but his eyes still glanced at Shiyi’s room from time to time.

In the room, as soon as Shiyi was put down by Yang Shifeng, she punched Yang Shifeng in the chest. Her strength was not small, but Yang Shifeng didn’t say a word and let her beat him. Only when Shiyi felt relieved did Yang Shifeng embrace her in his arms, without leaving any space between them. “Shiyi, I’m sorry. Can you listen to me explain everything?”

Shiyi looked away.

“I apologize for not making it clear to you. It’s all my fault. It was my fault last night. I shouldn’t have run away. I was just too excited and didn’t know what to do, so I ran away like a fool. You can hit me as much as you want, just don’t be angry with me.”

Shiyi”…….” I only kissed you a couple of times and confessed to you? This big fool!

“I was wrong for going to the village head’s house. I will not care about anyone’s business anymore and I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. I’ll leave the final decision to you. I will never be a rottenly good guy anymore, okay?”

I didn’t say anything about stopping you from being a good guy. Shiyi muttered in her heart. Finally, she raised her eyelids and looked at him, “What else?”

When Yang Shifeng saw that she had finally spoken, he breathed a sigh of relief. Under her gaze, he lowered his head and placed a tender kiss on her forehead: “I— How can I not like you? You obviously know how much I like you, and yet you still always bully me with words. You always make me feel anxious and panicked. How can you be so bad?”

If I don’t like you, I won’t decorate the house the way you wanted it to look, and I won’t foolishly wait for you to return.

If I don’t like you, I won’t refuse other girls.

If I don’t like you, I won’t let you enter my life again to control my joys and sorrows.

And I want to be with you; my feelings for you were more than just “like”. 

I love you to the point that you are the only one that I want to hold dear in my heart, for a lifetime. Be with you in your joys and sorrow, or in happiness and anger.

Shiyi sniffed. She closed her little sour eyes, opened her eyes, and muttered. “Then, when I came back, why didn’t you take the initiative to be good to me? I am the one who needs to be blamed. Are you angry with me? “

Yang Shifeng sighed and gently caressed the top of Shiyi’s hair. He said this in a helpless and heartbroken voice. “How can I be angry with you? Never. I just thought I would never see you again in my life, but you came back. I really can’t believe it. I always thought I was having a long dream and that when I awoke, you would be gone. After all, how can someone like you, still look at someone like me? Shiyi, I don’t deserve you. “

This made Shiyi feel uncomfortable. She always thought he was angry with her, but it turned out that Yang Shifeng was afraid. Why is this man so stupid?

“Fool, I’m really back. I’m back because of you. I won’t leave you all my life. You’re not dreaming. Can you hear me clearly now!”

Yang Shifeng smiled. This smile contained a heavy feeling that was being lifted, and his heart was completely opened again. He cupped Shiyi’s face; they looked at each other; their eyes sparkled like stars. “I can hear you clearly, I won’t doubt it in the future. Shiyi, shall we get married? “

Perhaps his smile was too intoxicating. Shiyi was strangely not surprised and overwhelmed by the “marriage”. The first thought in her mind was that the proposal was very good.

Shiyi thought that she had really fallen in love with this big fool, but her eyes were not very good. But what can I do? If there’s no cure for having a bad eye, then so be it.

Shiyi stood on tiptoe and kissed Yang Shifeng’s lips, whispering between each other’s lips and teeth: “Okay, let’s get married.”

Yang Shifeng’s heart was drunk, and in the next second, he turned passive into active. He held Shiyi’s face and pushed his tongue into her mouth, entwining it with the utmost care.

He thought that today was probably the happiest day of his life. Today, he had the whole world in his palm.


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