The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 49.2

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TW!!! Mention of $u!c!de present in this chapter. 

Chapter 49 Part 2

Grandpa Yang’s expression was too anxious. It could be seen that the matter was important. Yang Shifeng had to swallow the explanation he wanted to tell Shiyi and asked, “Grandpa, what’s the matter? What happened to the village head’s family? “

Grandpa Yang patted his thigh. “Oh, it’s Cuilan from the village head’s house who wants to commit suic!de. Now she’s holding a knife around her neck. She was making trouble to see you, or else she’d die. The village head and his wife came and begged you to go. Go and have a look. Don’t let her really kill herself.”

As soon as Grandpa Yang’s voice fell, the village head’s wife rushed in. When she saw Yang Shifeng, she grabbed his arm tightly and said, in a trembling voice, “Shifeng, go and have a look. Cuilan is not okay! She won’t let us close now. She just wants to see you. Help us persuade her. “

Yang Shifeng frowned and looked at Shiyi hesitantly.

Shiyi now doesn’t know what expression to use. She chuckled inwardly. It’s strange today. Something is happening every time she tries to talk to Yang Shifeng! She almost forced his words out.

Seeing that Yang Shifeng didn’t move, the village head wife burst into tears. She immediately knelt down on the ground and begged, “Shifeng, please help Auntie. Cuilan grew up with you, at least. Do you not even have the heart to care if she lives or not? “

Grandpa Yang couldn’t bear to see such an elder kneeling here, so he said to Yang Shifeng, “Shifeng, go and try your best.”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips, looked at Shiyi, and said, “Can I have a look?”

Can I say no at this time? Shiyi waved at him without any expression and told him to hurry away. Lest they blame Yang Shifeng when she really died.

Yang Shifeng moved his lips, “Shiyi, wait until I come back.” After that, he was dragged away by the village head’s wife, and Grandpa Yang followed them.

The kitchen was suddenly empty. Shiyi flattened her mouth and sat on the bench, only to feel annoyed. What’s all this fuss all about? She and Yang Shifeng have not gotten to the point yet. It’s really annoying.

At this time, something soft touched her forehead, Shiyi was shocked, and turned her head to see that Xiao Shitou had come in some time ago. He was using his small hand to stroke her forehead, and softly said: “Sister, don’t be angry.”

“Xiao Shitou, didn’t you go out?” Shiyi puts the little one between his legs and pinches his mouth.

Xiao Shitou grinned and shook his head. “I won’t go. I’ll stay at home with you. “

“Ah, you are the sweetest and cutest.” Shiyi could not help rubbing Xiao Shitou’s face and turned his face into a small steamed stuffed bun. He looked so funny that it made Shiyi laugh. Xiao Shitou also giggled along.

Her depression just now has disappeared.

Xiao Shitou was afraid that Shiyi was unhappy, so he racked his brains to make her happy, so he said, “Sister, let’s go and play together.” They can have fun together.

“Well, what do you want to play?”

Xiao Shitou thought for a moment. Suddenly, his eyes brightened and he said, “Sister, I know! There is a persimmon tree in the village. The persimmons on it are very red. Let’s pick the persimmons so that my brother and grandpa can eat together with us when they come back. ” At first, Xiao Shitou would look at the persimmons on the tree and drool every year, but he was too small to reach them, so he could only look at them, and in his heart, it was a special pleasure to be able to pick them.

Persimmon? Shiyi hasn’t eaten it yet, but she knows it’s a kind of fruit. How could Shiyi not be interested? She immediately brought a basket from home and took Xiao Shitou to the persimmon tree in the village.


On the other hand, when Yang Shifeng arrived at the village head’s house, the village head’s house had been surrounded by villagers, and everyone was talking. The village head was standing at the door of the room, with a sad face, advising the people inside.

The village head’s wife immediately pushed Yang Shifeng to the door and shouted to Song Cuilan in the room, “Cuilan, look, Shifeng is here. Put down the knife and don’t do anything stupid! “

Song Cuilan was holding a knife to her neck. There is a little blood on it. Her face was full of tears. When she saw that Yang Shifeng really came, her eyes flashed with brilliance, “Brother Shifeng, you really came, you finally came!”

Yang Shifeng advised Song Cuilan, who was very unstable, “if you have anything to say, put down the knife.”

Song Cuilan looked sad and even hated, “I won’t let go! You know, my parents want to sell me to the bastard in town just to redeem that beast, Song Dawei. For him, they don’t care about my life or death. I don’t want to marry that kind of person! “

The village head covered his face and sobbed powerlessly. The village head’s wife was also full of tears and explained: “Cuilan, that’s your brother. If we don’t redeem him, he’ll die. You have to save your brother, and our family will have money. They promised me to let you live a good life. “

Song Cuilan became angrier and shouted even more, “He’s not my brother, he’s a beast! If you want to control him, go ahead and do it. Why do you have to sacrifice me? I hate you all! “

The village head’s voice was choked with a thick sob, “Girl, we’re sorry for you. Dad doesn’t want you to marry. Let’s think of a new way to earn money. Put down the knife, ah ~”

“I don’t believe you. Don’t think I don’t know you’re trying to lock me up again. ” Song Cuilan roared with a hoarse voice, and finally cast her eyes on Yang Shifeng. Tears flowed down again, “Brother Shifeng, please help me. Help me.”

Yang Shifeng tried his best to appease her, “Put down the knife. Your parents won’t force you anymore. All the people in our village can testify for you. They won’t dare to do it. Put down the knife. “

Song Cuilan didn’t put down her knife, but looked straight at Yang Shifeng with a plea in her eyes: “Brother Shifeng, my parents won’t care about me. Will you marry me? If you marry me, they won’t be able to exchange me for money. Marry me. “

There was an uproar around them. Everyone was surprised by Song Cuilan’s words, and the village head reluctantly closed his eyes.

Yang Shifeng shook his head after a few moments of silence, “Cuilan, I can’t marry you. I have someone I like and want to marry. You will also meet someone who will be sincere to you in the future, so don’t waste your life. “

Song Cuilan’s expression suddenly became fierce. She drew the knife closer to her neck, and the blood immediately flowed out. People around her couldn’t help but close their eyes, which made the village head and his wife sit on the ground.

“Where is she better than me? She is not sincere to you at all. Why can’t you see the truth? I’m the only one who truly loves you! Why don’t you marry me! Huh?”

The village head’s wife was so frightened by her madness that she was at a loss for words. She was really afraid that her daughter would really die today, and immediately grabbed Yang Shifeng’s pants and pleaded, “Shifeng, please promise her first. Don’t let anything happen to her.

The village head also begged and said, “Shifeng, good boy, please help us. Cuilan can’t be hurt. “

Yang Shifeng hadn’t spoken yet. He knew that if he promised to marry her in front of the whole village. Even if it was to save her, he would not be able to get rid of her. What if she forced him to marry her again by killing herself again? Does he really have to marry her?

“Song Cuilan, your life is yours. You shouldn’t threaten me to marry you. I won’t marry you. If you don’t take your life seriously, there’s nothing I can do. ” After Yang Shifeng finished talking, he turned and left.

When Song Cuilan saw him leave like that, she immediately shouted frantically, “Don’t go! Don’t go! If you leave again, I will die for you! “

Unfortunately, Yang Shifeng really didn’t look back and didn’t care whether she died or not.

Song Cuilan was stunned and watched Yang Shifeng disappear, but she couldn’t stab herself.

She thought he would promise to marry her.

“Ha ha…” Song Cuilan threw away her knife and burst into tears, desperate and helpless.

The village head and his wife hurried forward to take the knife away. They took Song Cuilan into their arms and cried.

Yang Shifeng didn’t know what was going on behind him. He doesn’t want to know. He just wants to go home to see Shiyi and explain everything to her, but his home is empty and there is no sign of Shiyi anywhere.

Yang Shifeng’s face changed instantly.

T/N: I feel bad for Cuilan, but at the same time, I am glad that Yang Shifeng didn’t promise to marry Cuilan under pressure.  

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  1. Mai Lee has spoken 10 months ago

    I forgot to mention this in the previous chapter but when shiyi (I think?) mentioned how cuilan constantly “lowered” her standards just to marry ML I had to roll my eyes. Because cuilan didn’t lower her standards because she loved him. She lowered her standards because his situation got better. I bet if his situation hadn’t changed, she would’ve just kept on insisting on the same terms.

  2. GiL has spoken 2 years ago

    Girl, you can’t force someone to love you. It’s not worth it. The outcome by insisting what you want is disastrous. You’ll not going to be happy. Learn to love yourself and move on. Someday you’ll find someone that will also love you back. Thanks for the chapter

  3. daedae has spoken 2 years ago

    i hate this type of person. someone i know gone through a toxic relationship and everytime they tried to break up with their now ex, the ex always use suicide to stop said break up. i am so grateful that they got out of that situation but i have grown to hate emotional manipulators like cuilan.


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