The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 49.1

Chapter 49 Part 1

Shiyi slept for a night and didn’t forget what happened last night. The first thing she did was go to Yang Shifeng to settle the score. She had to ask this man what he thought. How dare he run away after she kissed and confessed her love.

She didn’t know that several people were shopping early in the morning. They didn’t plan to leave after they bought something, instead, they started chattering in front of the counter.

Shiyi thought that their shop had another function, that is, as a place to gossip. When people buy things together, they will talk for a long time on the counter before coming back to their homes.

Grandpa Yang was a kind man. Seeing that they were all from the same village, he brought several stools along with the table for everyone to sit down on and some water to drink. Several women were not polite. They sat down and chatted with Grandpa Yang.

Shiyi couldn’t settle accounts with Yang Shifeng in front of so many people. She just pointed out her finger and showed her teeth at him.

Yang Shifeng did not dodge this time, he looked straight back at her. His eyes seemed to have a lot to say.

The two looked at each other silently.

Fortunately, several people who were sitting at the table were gossiping about this and that and that and didn’t pay attention to what they were doing. Otherwise, they would be teased by them.

“The village head’s wife now talks every day about how her family’s Cuilan found a good mother-in-law. She was really proud. “

“It’s no wonder she talks about it every day, I heard that the man’s family is a businessman in town, the family’s yard was said to be large. When they went out, they ride carriages. Such good conditions, if it were me, I would also brag about it.”

“I don’t know how they liked her Cuilan. Although Cuilan looks good, she was also a village girl. Why don’t people find a girl that lives in town, the one who can be worthy of their family? “

Grandpa Yang didn’t expect them to talk about this, and he couldn’t interfere with this topic, so he just kept quiet on the side.

An aunt who lives next to the village head’s house cleared her throat at this time. She lowered her voice and said, “Let me tell you, in fact, things are not like what the village head’s wife said. The man wasn’t able to find a wife in the town at all. He can only find his wife in the village. The man Cuilan was about to marry was someone my man who works in the town knew. He is a man who likes drinking and wandering in flower buildings [1]brothel all day. He also likes to beat his wife. It seems that he has beaten away his two previous wives. “

The people who didn’t know were surprised by the ins and outs of the situation and stunned. “Seriously? Why did the village head and his wife allow Cuilan to marry such a man? They usually love Cuilan, don’t they? Didn’t they plan to recruit a son-in-law for Cuilan before? “

The aunt who lives next to the village head’s house waved her hand and continued to press her voice: “The village head and his wife love Cuilan very much, but Song Dawei is the one they love the most. The reason why they told Cuilan to marry this man was that Song Dawei made a mess outside and slept with a married woman. He was caught by that woman’s husband. He was detained and beaten half to death. Now he hasn’t released it yet. They said that if they wanted to redeem him, they must give him 50 taels of silver. “

“50 taels of silver! How can you take out so much money? “

“Song Dawei did this? No wonder I haven’t seen his figure in the village these days. It turned out that he was detained.”

“According to you, the village head and his wife married Cuilan to that family just to ask for money to redeem Song Dawei?”

The aunt who lives next to the village head’s house nodded, “That’s right. I live next door to their house. I can hear anything they say in their house. That girl, Cuilan, doesn’t want to be married to him at all. She causes trouble at home every day. Now she is locked up by the village head and his wife. They really won’t let her come out.”

“There’s still this thing. I thought that the girl, Cuilan, really found a good home. What kind of home is this? Isn’t it just pushing her into the fire pit? “

“The village head and his wife loved their son so much that they made a pit for their daughter in his place. Isn’t this a sin? The village head’s wife was just too much. She even bragged about such things. If I was in her shoes, I would be embarrassed to even raise my head. “

“No! I think the most scumbag is Song Dawei, this little punk! If he goes on like this, the whole family will be destroyed by him. “

Shiyi heard everyone talking in all directions, and Shiyi heard all of this while she was staring at Yang Shifeng. She was speechless for a moment. Yesterday, she really thought Song Cuilan had found a good home. She didn’t realize it was like this.

No wonder she hasn’t seen Song Dawei, that obscene man, since she came back. It turned out that he was being detained. To be honest, she felt pretty good about it.

Zhu Laosan happened to be taking his wife to get acupuncture at this time. Shiyi saw that the group of chatting people didn’t intend to leave for the moment, so she had to take Zhu Laosan and his wire to the medical room for treatment first. Anyway, there was plenty of time to settle accounts with Yang Shifeng.

By the time she gave Zhu Laosan’s wife acupuncture, it was noon, and there was no one at home. Grandpa Yang looked at the shop. Xiao Shitou was rubbing the counter with a rag, and Yang Shifeng was cooking in the kitchen.

Shiyi rolled her eyes and slipped quietly into the kitchen.

The tall figure was standing in front of the stove with his back facing her. Yang Shifeng was cooking seriously. Even the way he cooked looked very manly.

Shiyi couldn’t help but sneak over, put her arms around his waist from behind him, and pressed her face against his back.

This move successfully made Yang Shifeng tremble. His hand holding the spatula didn’t know how to move. His voice was slightly hoarse, “Shiyi, I’m cooking.”

Shiyi rubbed his back and said roguishly. “You do you. I am just behind you and not bothering you. “

“…….” Yang Shifeng had to ignore the soft person behind him and put up with it before the dishes were burnt. Then he held Shiyi’s hand on his abdomen, gently pulled it away, and turned to look at her, “Shiyi…….”

Shiyi stood on tiptoe, wrapped her hands around his neck, looked into his eyes, and began to calculate, “Did you hear what I said last night?”

Yang Shifeng blinked and nodded.

Shiyi immediately puffed up her lips and looked ferocious. “If you heard it. What are you running for? What do you mean? “

Yang Shifeng lowered his eyes, and his ears were a little red. After a long time, he whispered, “I am sorry.” First, he was kissed twice by her, and then she said such a dreamy promise. Last night, he really couldn’t stand it. His heart was about to jump out. If he didn’t go away, he didn’t know what he could do.

I am sorry. Just three words? Shiyi waited for a long time, and she only waited for these three words? She didn’t want to hear these words. My lungs were going to explode because of him. With this stuffy gourd, it’s hard to get a word out of his mouth without giving him a lesson.

Shiyi’s mouth was closed with a smile and she took back her arms that were originally wrapped around Yang Shifeng’s neck. She made her face look cold and deliberately bullied him with words. “Sorry for what? You should understand what I meant when I said that. Did you ran away because you didn’t like me? You must have been scared away because you didn’t like me, right? If you don’t like me, just say it. Why are you saying sorry? It’s not like I’m stuck on you. “

Yang Shifeng’s expression changed because of Shiyi’s words. He immediately looked up at her and shook his head anxiously, “Shiyi, no, no, that’s not what I meant when I apologized, I was—”

However, before Yang Shifeng finished his urgent words, he was interrupted by Grandpa Yang who rushed in, “Shifeng, something big has happened. Go to the village head’s house quickly! “

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