The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 48.2

Chapter 48 Part 2 

Yang Shifeng did his own thing silently without any reaction. He didn’t pay attention to their side until the village head’s wife said she wanted to buy 2 cattys of meat and 1 catty of sugar. He weighed one catty of sugar from the shelf and cut two cattys from the pork. “Aunt, it’s a total of 25 wen.”

The village head’s wife smiled and slowly took out 25 wen from her pocket and handed it to Yang Shifeng. After giving the money, she didn’t quickly leave. Instead, she said, in a homely way: “Shifeng, if my Cuilan gets married, I’ll invite you to have a wedding wine at that time. After all, we are all from the same village.”

Yang Shifeng nodded, “OK, Aunt. When that time comes, Grandpa and I will go there. I’ll congratulate my aunt first.”

Looking at Yang Shifeng’s indifferent face. The village head’s wife felt he was so boring, so she cast her glances at Doctor Shiyi. “Isn’t Dr. Shiyi younger than my Cuilan? She’s really old. It’s time to get married. Even though she was beautiful and old, it was difficult to find a partner for this girl. Why doesn’t Aunt ask my In-Laws to pay attention to unmarried men in the town? You look so good and have medical skills. I think the elderly in the town can afford it. The men in the village can’t afford you.”

The village head’s wife’s words were so harsh that Yang Shifeng’s lips tightened in an instant.

When the village head’s wife finally saw the change in Yang Shifeng’s expression, she was relieved. She now felt that most of her anger was vented out. Before Shiyi could speak, she left with a basket and walked faster than anyone else. Don’t mention how happy he was. When Shiyi left, her family Cuilan begged her father to intercede with Yang Shifeng every day and wanted him to marry her daughter, but this man refused, again and again, breaking her family Cuilan’s heart and stepping on her old man’s face on the ground. Isn’t he a poor boy? Who gave him such a big face? Did he really think Cuilan couldn’t find a good one without him? Doesn’t he like Doctor Shiyi. She wants to see if a woman like Dr. Shiyi will be willing to marry a country boy like him! When that moment comes, don’t let me see your wasted effort!

The village head’s wife left proudly. Yang Shifeng bowed his head and continued to do his work.

Although there was nothing unusual about his performance, Shiyi pulled his sleeve and whispered, “Don’t listen to that woman’s nonsense. She deliberately stabbed you. “

Yang Shifeng paused, whispered, “Hmm” and went to the kitchen to cook.

Xiao Shitou didn’t see the conspiracies between the adults, and when Grandpa Yang came back, he immediately went up and took his hand and told him, “Grandpa, two grandmothers just came to buy something.”

“Oh? What did the two grannies buy? “

The little one just observed carefully and answered immediately, “The first one is Grandma Wang. She bought soy sauce, and the second one is the village head’s wife. She bought meat and sugar.”

“Xiao Shitou is so powerful.” Grandpa Yang touched his head and praised him.

The little guy happily bit his lower lip and smiled secretly. He was a little shy.

Grandpa Yang looked at Shiyi and asked, “Did the village head say anything when she came? She never came to our house.” Why did she suddenly come to buy something?

Shiyi didn’t hide it either. She told the whole story about the village head’s wife. Finally, she said, “So this was the case. A man with a backbone won’t be willing to be a door-to-door son-in-law for others. Understandably, Yang Shifeng refused. Why are they so offended when Yang Shifeng refuses to marry their daughter? “

Grandpa Yang waved his hand, and decided to tell Shiyi the truth: “Shifeng’s unwillingness to become their in-house son-in-law would not have made her so angry. There were other reasons. After you left, Cuilan’s daughter was willing to marry into Shifeng’s family and did not force him to become her parents’ in-house son-in-law. She also said that she would not even want the bride price. As long as Shifeng marries her, the village head and his wife will agree. The village head came to see Shifeng several times, but Shifeng refused, so Cuilan’s mother was very angry. It really hurt people’s faces. ” Now that they have found such a good son-in-law, they want to stab someone.

Shiyi then understood why the village head wife spoke with so many thorns. It turned out that there was still this thing. It seems that Song Cuilan really liked Yang Shifeng very much. Her requirements decreased again and again in order to marry Yang Shifeng. Her feelings for Yang Shifeng were really not shallow.

Another woman was thinking about Yang Shifeng, and that made Shiyi feel very uncomfortable, but fortunately, Yang Shifeng had no interest in other girls. Now that she’s found a good path, she won’t bother to care about it.


In the evening, Shiyi began to teach Yang Shifeng the Three Character Classic, placing the book between them, pointing to the first column of words on the first page, and reciting, “At the beginning of man, nature is good.”

Yang Shifeng read after her and then wrote down the writing method of each word. After remembering it, Shiyi gave him a piece of paper and a pen and asked him to write on the paper, while she watched silently next to him without feeling bored at all. Unconsciously, she watched him for almost an hour. At this time, the whole village has fallen into silence. Only the sound of crickets outside can be heard occasionally.

Yang Shifeng wrote down these six words, put away the paper, stood up, and said, “Go to bed quickly. It’s getting late. “

Shiyi grabbed his sleeve to stop him from leaving, and blinked at him, “You learned so well tonight, don’t you want a reward?”

Yang Shifeng turned his head and didn’t look at Shiyi. He didn’t say anything.

“TSK!” Shiyi was really going to be defeated by the man’s awkward strength now. With a strong force, she pulled the man back and let him sit on the chair, while she sat directly across his thighs, her hands firmly wrapped around his neck. Face to face with his eyes.

In such an ambiguous posture, Yang Shifeng’s expressionless face suddenly broke. He grabbed Shiyi’s arm and pulled her down, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing. I just want to give you a reward. ” After Shiyi said that, she leaned directly on Yang Shifeng’s lips and gave him a not-so-soft kiss. This time, she directly made Yang Shifeng stiffen with the kiss.

“Do you like this reward?” Shiyi asked, then leaned up and left a second kiss on his lips.

Now, Yang Shifeng couldn’t even shake his eyelashes.

Shiyi smiled, buried her face in his neck, and whispered in his ear, “Yang Shifeng, don’t worry or be afraid. In the future, I won’t go, and I will stay here forever. ” She could see that he was acting very unusually today. It can be seen that he took the words of the village head’s wife to heart. The reason why he was worried was that he didn’t have confidence in her. He would still be afraid of her leaving this place.

Yang Shifeng’s eyelashes suddenly vibrated violently, and then his whole body trembled. The next second, he suddenly stood up, took Shiyi off his body, and rushed out of Shiyi’s room. The door of the next room made a “banging” sound.

Shiyi:”…….” Didn’t you understand her?

Shiyi sighed silently, but she didn’t know that in the next room, Yang Shifeng was red all over as he leaned against the door for a long time. His whole being melted into the darkness until dawn.

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