The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 48.1

Chapter 48 Part 1

Xiao Shitou was a bit badly injured, and temporarily, he couldn’t get out of bed, so, Shiyi took a book to Yang Shifeng’s room to pass the time. She was sitting on the edge of the bed while reading and kept Xiao Shitou company. The little guy was very happy and kept his eyes open to watch Shiyi read a book. His little hand tightly clung to a corner of Shiyi’s clothes. He was not bored at all, instead, he enjoyed it with interest.

Shiyi was a bit amused by his big, slithering eyes staring unblinkingly, so she simply turned reading the book in her mind into reading the book out loud, and took the little one along with her as he listened to her.

The little guy has never heard the story. He was attracted to the plot of the story at once. He forgot to blink when he was listening to Shiyi. When he came to the wonderful part of the story, he would open his mouth foolishly and forget to breathe. He looked forward to the next scene nervously.

Shiyi was amused to death by his little expressions. She couldn’t help laughing, which made the little guy laugh. Grandpa Yang and Yang Shifeng, who were busy outside, also couldn’t help laughing.

When the little guy came to their house, it seemed like their house became lively at once.

Xiao Shitou has been lying in bed for more than ten days. His pale little face finally recovered a little. Because he can eat well, there is a little more meat on his face that was originally just skin and bones. He looked much cuter, that Shiyi can’t help herself from pinching his little face from time to time.

As soon as the little guy was allowed to get out of bed, he couldn’t help but want to help. The first thing the little guy did was pick up the broom in the corner and start sweeping the floor at home. The little man was not much taller than the broom, but he swept the floor very seriously. A pair of small hands worked very hard to sweep the floor clean, which is much better than Shiyi when she was sweeping the floor.

Grandpa Yang was distressed. “Xiao Shitou, Grandpa is the one who sweeps the floor of our family. You’re still young. You don’t need to sweep the floor. Go to the yard and play on a swing with your Sister Shiyi.”

Xiao Shitou looked at the swing in the yard and wanted to play on it, but then, he looked at the broom in his hand and shook his head. “Xiao Shitou can sweep the floor. I can do much more. ” He won’t eat for nothing. He’s very useful.

It’s not like Grandpa Yang couldn’t see Xiao Shitou’s intention. He could only feel pity in his heart. He knew that he would feel uneasy if they didn’t let him work, so he said, “Then don’t sweep the floor. Go behind the counter and help Grandpa look after the store. As long as someone comes to buy something, call Grandpa. Grandpa is tired and wants to have a rest.”

This is a very important task. Xiao Shitou immediately stood in readiness, nodded very seriously, put down his broom, and ran to the counter, but he was not as tall as the counter and couldn’t see whether anyone came. He scratched his head, ran out, dragged a chair in, and stood on the chair. Finally, his small head was exposed from behind the counter.

He waved his small hand at Grandpa Yang and said, “Grandpa, go and have a rest. I’ll look at the shop.”

Seeing that he was so serious, Grandpa Yang smiled knowingly and went to the vegetable garden in the backyard to pick vegetables. He handed over such an important thing as the shop to the little boss.

The little boss was on full alert. He didn’t even look at all the kinds of delicious food with a strong aroma on the counter. He put his arm on the counter and looked at the door seriously, waiting for the customers to come.

When Yang Shifeng came in from the door, he saw a serious-looking little man on the counter looking at the door. He immediately smiled and asked Shiyi, “What is Xiao Shitou doing?”

“Look after the shop. It’s good to let him be the little boss. Even a fly flying in outside the door can’t escape my eyes. “

Xiao Shitou’s words immediately made him laugh. He shook his head reluctantly and took out a book from the things he brought back to her. “This is the Three Character Classic you want. I bought it back. “

Shiyi took it. The reason why she wanted Yang Shifeng to buy it was that she planned to use it to teach him to recognize characters. She learned the words from the Three Character Classic, which were basically the same.

During this time, because of Xiao Shitou’s situation, she didn’t have time to teach him to read. Now that Xiao Shitou is well, the previous plan of teaching Yang Shifeng to read can be carried out again.

Yang Shifeng can probably guess the use of this book. A smile flashed in his eyes. He took out an oil paper bag from the things he brought back. Before opening it, it sent out a strong aroma, “Here, you can eat it with Xiao Shitou.”

Shiyi opened the oil paper bag. There were pieces of brightly colored cakes in it. The red and green ones were very beautiful. She immediately put one in her mouth. The taste was really good.

Shiyi picked another piece and sent it to Yang Shifeng’s mouth, “You can try one too.”

Yang Shifeng looked at Xiao Shitou and found that the little guy was looking at them with his eyes open. He leaned down uneasily and stretched out his hand to pick them up, but Shiyi avoided him and said, “Open your mouth.”

Yang Shifeng had no choice but to quickly open his mouth and swallow the cakes Shiyi fed him. Before he could chew, he blushed and went into the main room without looking back, “I’ll go put the goods.”

Shiyi raised the corners of her mouth. She took the cake to the counter, picked a piece, and handed it to Xiao Shitou’s mouth, “Xiao Shitou, open your mouth.”

Xiao Shitou was much more straightforward. He immediately opened his mouth and swallowed the cake in his mouth. His small mouth was bulging and he chewed like a hamster.

“Is it delicious?”

Xiao Shitou nodded his small head, his cheeks bulging in his smallmouth. His voice was a little unclear as he answered his Sister Shiyi. “It’s really good.”

“Hoho, what’s Xiao Shitou eating?” A kind voice came from outside the door, Xiao Shitou raised his eyes and saw that it was Grandma Wang. Immediately, his eyes lit up and he shouted, “Grandma Wang!”

“Hey!” Grandma Wang came in and looked at Xiao Shitou and nodded, “It’s good.”You’ve grown flesh.”

Xiao Shitou was so happy that he patted his belly and said, “Grandma Wang, I ate a lot of delicious food every day.”

Grandma Wang was very pleased to know that Xiao Shitou was doing well. She looked at Shiyi and Yang Shifeng and said, “Shifeng, Doctor Shiyi, you are so kind to Xiao Shitou. Thank you.”

Yang Shifeng waved his hand, “Grandma Wang, there’s nothing to thank us for. Xiao Shitou is very good. We all like him very much. “

Xiao Shitou, who was listening, immediately grinned happily, revealing his white millet teeth.

“OK, OK.” Grandma Wang was relieved. Then she handed Yang Shifeng the soy sauce jar in her hand: “Shi Feng, there is no soy sauce in my house. Please give me a jar.”

Yang Shifeng took over and filled Grandma Wang’s jar of soy sauce. Grandma Wang handed the money to Yang Shifeng and was about to leave with the soy sauce. Coincidentally, someone came in again. When someone saw Grandma Wang, they said hello, “Grandma Wang, did you go to buy something too?”

Grandma Wang smiled, “Oh, it’s from the village head’s wife, Yes. Are you here to buy something? “

The person who came was the village head’s wife. She smiled and glanced at Yang Shifeng and said, “It’s because of my Cuilan’s wedding. I wanted to thank matchmaker Sun. That’s why I am here to buy something for her. Thank her for looking for a good marriage partner for my Cuilan. “

“Oh, your Cuilan has a marriage partner? Which one is it?”

The village head’s wife immediately beamed. She glanced at Yang Shifeng and said, “My Cuilan wasn’t going to marry someone in the village, but someone in the town. He was the only son in their family. They usually go in and out with carriages. They came to like our Cuilan. It was not yet settled, so they bought our Cuilan a set of headdresses and made her a lot of clothes. They said they wanted our Cuilan to marry their son early.”

How could Grandma Wang not see the smugness coming out of the village head’s wife? She smiled and said, “That’s a good thing. Cuilan is a blessed child. “

“Aiyaa, you praised her too much. What kind of luck did she get? This marriage was destined by heaven. If it’s not the right person, it can’t be done. ” As the village head’s wife said these, she looked at Yang Shifeng for the third time and, incidentally, also gave Shiyi a glance.

Shiyi was speechless. The woman was too obvious. Was she here to show off? Is it something difficult to achieve? Was it because her daughter likes Yang Shifeng, but Yang Shifeng doesn’t like her daughter, so she hates her?


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