The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 47.2

Chapter 47 Part 2

Shiyi has given Xiao Shitou a needle to stop the blood and is now applying medicine and bandaging to him. “I have stopped the blood after losing too much blood, but I need to keep it well next, otherwise…”

Before Shiyi finished, Yang Shifeng understood that Xiao Shitou would not live long if he was not taken care of. However, in this family, how can Xiao Shitou take good care of himself?

Not only did Yang Shifeng understand Xiao Shitou’s condition, but everyone also understood. They all looked at Xiao Shitou with pity. The child’s life is miserable, with such a father and stepmother.

The vicious stepmother was greatly relieved to see that Shiyi saved the child. Now she was not afraid and his attitude became arrogant again. “Don’t talk nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with the child. Everyone has nothing better to do huh? Go mind your own business! Go away and don’t stand in my yard.”

(T/N: Please allow me to rename her “vicious stepmother” just once.)

The people were angry with the woman, but there was nothing they could do. They were driven out and had to go out.

“Wait! ” Shiyi took Xiao Shitou’s limp body to Yang Shifeng’s arms and asked him to hold it. He looked at the woman. “I said before that if you move Xiao Shitou again, I won’t do anything if something happens to your family. It seems that you didn’t pay attention to my words. Well, I’ll make it clear today. From now on, no one in your family will be allowed to come to me if any one is ill, except Xiao Shitou, and my shop won’t sell things to your family. Remember this! “

“You… you…” The Dazhu’s wife panicked. Dong Dazhu, Xiao Shitou’s father, who had been squatting on one side without talking, also raised his head and looked frightened.

“Dr. Shiyi, I didn’t mean it. He didn’t give Xiao Huzi food and beat Xiao Huzi. I was so angry that I could not help but do it, I did not want to do anything to him. Don’t ignore us. I won’t do it next time.”

Despite the woman’s pleading, Shiyi doesn’t want to hear it. Shiyi said, in front of the crowd. “Didn’t you say that if anyone who wants to raise Xiao Shitou, they can take him back? From today on, Xiao Shitou will be raised by me. He has nothing to do with you anymore. If you dare to make trouble, then you can try.”

With that, Shiyi directly commanded Yang Shifeng to walk away with Xiao Shitou in his arms, while Dong Dazhu and the woman dared not speak at all.

Yang Shifeng held Xiao Shitou in his arms and was a little surprised. “Shiyi, do you really want to raise Xiao Shitou?” It’s no wonder Yang Shifeng doubted her actions. After all, Shiyi had never meddled in someone else’s business before, let alone raising a child. How could she take the initiative to care about someone’s affair this time?

Shiyi asked, “Don’t you want to raise him?” Don’t think she didn’t see the struggle in his eyes. Obviously, he wanted to take care of Xiao Shitou’s business, but he just kept silent. He might look like he didn’t feel uncomfortable, but she felt uncomfortable for him. Besides, she also likes this little cute one. Might as well take him back and raise him. Anyway, she can afford it. She will be more entertained in the future.

Yang Shifeng scratched his head. When he saw Xiao Shitou in the Dong family, he felt guilty and angry. He really wanted to take Xiao Shitou home, but raising a child was not a small matter. He was afraid that Shiyi would dislike him and call him a  rottenly good guy, so he held it back. Unexpectedly, Shiyi took the initiative to speak.

Grandpa Yang said to one side, “Well, our family is now living well, raising a child is not a problem. Xiao Shitou is a pitiful child. If we still let him stay in the Dong family, he will die sooner or later. Let’s raise him. It’s good to accumulate virtue. “

Well, everyone agreed.

Yang Shifeng carried the little guy directly into his room, “Xiao Shitou will be sleeping with me from now on.”

Just when he put the little child’s head on the pillow, the little child opened his eyes. The little child saw who was in front of him, and his mouth moved, “Brother… Sister…”

“He’s awake!” Yang Shifeng hurried up to Xiao Shitou, “Xiao Shitou, how are you feeling now? Does your head hurt? “

The little child’s eyes turned and looked at his hands. They were empty. His eyes turned red and his mouth shriveled wrongfully. “Tanghulu and the candies are gone.” It was the first time he got such delicious food, so he was reluctant to eat it and wanted to save it for his sister, Shiyi, but he was robbed.

Yang Shifeng immediately understood what he meant and quickly comforted: “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Brother Shifeng has a lot at home. I’ll get it for you now. Don’t cry.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t get the chance to see it because Shiyi had already brought it. She shook a bunch of candied haws in front of the little guy. “Take it. Don’t cry.”

The little guy immediately blinked hard and blinked away the tears in his eyes, “I didn’t cry.” A man cannot cry, or he will be ashamed.

Shiyi nodded with satisfaction, stuffed the tanghulu into his small hand, and let him hold it, “This time you can’t be robbed again.”

The little guy clutched it very tightly and swore, “Well, it won’t be robbed away.” No one can take it away.

Yang Shifeng touched his little head and asked, “Xiao Shitou, you will live at brother Shifeng’s house and won’t go back there in the future, is that okay?”

Xiao Shitou was stunned, and his face was frozen. He didn’t seem to understand what his Brother Shifeng said.

Yang Shifeng smiled, pinched his little face, and explained, “Brother Shifeng and Sister Shiyi will be your brother and sister in the future. We will raise you. You don’t have to go back to your old house in the future. This will be your home. Do you want to?”

It took a long time for the child to understand what had happened. His eyes suddenly turned red and his mouth shriveled again. He tried to control himself not to cry, but he failed to control it this time. Finally, his tears fell down with a little milk voice mixed with a thick sob, “I… I’d like to… Thank you… Thank you… I’ll do more work… i’ll help you sweep the floor… Wash clothes… and feed the chickens. I can… I can also go up the mountain to collect firewood. “

He hoped for someone to take him away countless times, and he had looked forward to it for a long time, and now, it had finally come true. He was so happy. In the future, he will repay brother Shifeng, sister Shiyi, and grandfather Yang.

Looking at the child trying to prove his worth, Grandpa Yang rubbed his eyes at the beginning, sighed deeply, and walked out the door, “What a sin… Such a good child.”

Shiyi also felt strange in her heart, and inexplicably wanted to treat the child even better. It’s strange. In the past, she never cared if it didn’t have anything to do with herself. Is it possible that she is now really infected by Yang Shifeng’s heart and has become good? Shiyi thinks it’s really possible, but forget it, there’s no problem being kind.

Shiyi prepared herbal medicine for the child and cooked a bowl for him to drink. Yang Shifeng was afraid that the medicine would be bitter and the child would not be able to drink it. Who knows that he drank it all with one gulp. He didn’t want anyone to coax him at all. After drinking, he looked at Shiyi with his big black eyes.

Shiyi always felt that the child’s expression was like a little milk dog asking for praise. She couldn’t help rubbing his little head and praising him, “You’re really powerful.”

The child immediately bit his lips. He wanted to laugh, but at the same time, he was embarrassed to laugh. His shy little appearance was also cute. Seeing his cute appearance, Shiyi could not help but hold his small cheeks again.

The child giggled in happiness.

Yang Shifeng took Shiyi’s hand and stopped her. He fed a spoonful of soup into the little guy’s mouth. “Well, drink a bowl of soup first, and then sleep well. When you wake up, you’ll be well. “

The soup today was a meat broth. There is a lot of meat in it. When the child saw the meat inside, he blinked and looked at Yang Shifeng and Shiyi indefinitely. His eyes are both eager and afraid.

“Drink it. Come on, open your mouth. ” Yang Shifeng knew that the child wasn’t able to eat good things at home, and now that it was suddenly in front of him, he didn’t dare eat these good things.

The child was coaxed to open his mouth and drink the broth. His face immediately brightened up, and his eyes narrowed in satisfaction. He looked like a little mouse stealing food. It almost looked exactly like the same expression as when Shiyi first came to this world to eat good food. Watching his expression, Yang Shifeng could not help but laugh out loud. He glanced at Shiyi, who was beside him. It’s a bit saddening that Shiyi rarely eats with such a rich expression nowadays.

After drinking the broth, the child burped contentedly, and soon fell asleep, but the corners of his mouth were raised even when he was asleep. 

T/N: I really like how Shiyi changed little by little. At first, she thought being kind was not a good thing, but now, she thinks there’s no problem with being kind. She grew up so fast. T__T

BTW! I’m almost done translating this novel, 6 more chapters and I am done. I will finally be able to make a schedule for the updates. Join the discord for more updates about this novel!


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