The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 47.1

Chapter 47 Part 1

Many people were standing at the entrance, and all of them were talking in front of the counter, telling Yang Shifeng, who was cutting meat with a knife what they wanted to buy.

“Shifeng, give me a pound, I want the fats, not the lean meat.”

“Shifeng, give me the meat from this part, I don’t want it from anywhere else.”

“Shifeng, give me half a pound. I’m in a hurry to go home with the kids.”


Most of the women in the lobby are scrambling for meat. It seems that they are rushing to grab it, for fear that the meat would be gone and there would be no meat for them to buy.

Shiyi took a rough look. There were almost ten people. Usually, everyone comes in a scattered manner. They come one or two at a time. She hasn’t seen so many people come together except on the day of their opening.

Shiyi came forward and asked Grandpa Yang, who was standing on the side collecting the money: “Are they all here to buy meat?”

Grandpa Yang smiled. “It’s not that everyone knows that we are selling meat in our shop starting today. Since they haven’t been able to go to town to buy some meat for a long time, these people want to buy meat to bring back to their homes. I only told them that we only have 20 cattys of meat to sell today, and once we sell all 20 catties, there will be no more meat for us to sell today. That’s why they all came here. “

Shiyi was surprised. She thought meat could not be sold. After all, meat is expensive. People in the village were generally reluctant to eat meat. What she thought was that if meat could not be sold, they would eat it in their own home. How could she know that it sold so well? Less than half of the 20 kilograms of meat brought by Zhu Laosan were now left. It is estimated that there will be nothing left for their families after selling it to these people.

Are the villagers willing to eat meat?

Seeing Shiyi’s bewilderment, Grandpa Yang said with a smile: “People in the village usually don’t want to eat meat. They don’t want to eat meat every day, but they can afford to eat it once in a while. But the distance from here to the town was too far. Even if they wanted to eat meat, they couldn’t. However, now that someone is selling meat in the village, everyone must want to taste the meat. It’s good enough for them to cut half a kilo of meat and go back to taste the meat. “

So, this is the case. It seems that meat could be sold in the future. After all, people from this village came today. When the news spread, people from other villages were expected to come here to buy some meat. In this way, it is estimated that twenty kilograms won’t be enough.

When it was almost noon, the result was as Shiyi expected. Today’s 20 kilograms of pork were sold out. Finally, two or three people weren’t able to buy it, and they were very disappointed as they walked out of Yang Shifeng’s shop, but they were reassured by Yang Shifeng that there would be meat sold every day, so if they come back tomorrow, there will be meat to buy.

Shiyi looked at the empty hook and sighed. It seems that she can’t eat meat.

Yang Shifeng glanced at Shiyi and suddenly took something from under the counter and flashed it in front of her. Shiyi saw that it was a piece of meat.

“Is that meat? Isn’t it gone? “

“I left it for my family.” How can he let Shiyi not eat meat?

Seeing that her meat came back, Shiyi couldn’t help but wink at him happily and whisper, “Thank you boss for keeping the meat.”

Yang Shifeng:”…..” He silently picked up the meat and went to the kitchen to cook their lunch.

Shiyi smiled quietly.

Yang Shifeng moved quickly and prepared the food in a short time. The smell was very strong. The most fragrant dish was the steamed meat made of meat. Shiyi’s mouth drooled even before she could eat it. She had never eaten this dish before and had never eaten it during her time in the city.

Shiyi took a piece and put it in her mouth. Suddenly, her mouth was full of its delicious taste. She hurriedly took another piece and puffed up her cheeks. “This is delicious.”

Seeing that she had regained the small expression of enjoyment when she ate delicious food before, Yang Shifeng’s heart was instantly infused with a pot of honey, and the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were all smiling.

That’s nice.

Shiyi was about to take a big bowl when a man rushed in from outside the door, looking for Shiyi as soon as he came in, “Doctor Shiyi, go and see Xiao Shitou. That child’s head was broken by the Dazhu family, and now he’s unconscious, I think he’s going to die.”

“What?” Yang Shifeng immediately stood up and asked anxiously, “What happened? Did she dare to hit Xiao Shitou?”

The visitor can’t tell exactly what happened. He only knew that Xiao Shitou’s head hit a tree and shed blood all over the ground. He doesn’t know anything else.

Grandpa Yang was also as anxious as Yang Shifeng. He was very sympathetic to the child which was similar to Yang Shifeng when his grandson was that child’s age. Grandpa Yang immediately said, “Let’s go and take a look. Don’t let the child be in critical condition. Shiyi, take your medical box and save that child. “

Shiyi went to her medicine room without saying a word and went out with her medicine box. Her face was unusually cold.

When the three arrived at Xiao Shitou’s yard, the yard had been surrounded by the villagers, and the villagers came to watch the excitement after hearing the news.

When everyone saw Shiyi coming, they immediately opened the way and let her in. They said, “Doctor Shiyi, look at Xiao Shitou. He shed too much blood. The child can’t wake up.”

Several other women were scolding the Dazhu family, “You heartless woman! You did such a thing with a five-year-old child! You will get retribution sooner or later.”

The woman’s face was a little pale at the moment, and she was also guilty. She was just too angry. That’s why she did it. She just wanted to teach him a lesson. Who would have thought she would accidentally push him into a tree and hit him so badly? If he really died, she wouldn’t go to jail, right?

” I’m not to blame. It was him, who beat his brother and made my Xiao Huzi cry. Can’t I discipline such a bad child as a mother? Who knows he couldn’t stand steadily and hit a tree?”

Grandma Wang, who lives next door, glared at her immediately when she saw that she was still pushing the blame away. “Bah! How can we not know? Xiao Shitou won’t beat your Xiao Huzi at all. Only your Xiao Huzi will beat Xiao Shitou. Tell me, why did Xiao Shitou beat your Xiao Huzi?”

The woman hesitated for a long time and said, “He just likes to bully his brother. There’s no reason. “

The fat child standing next to her, Xiao Huzi, looked at everyone standing on Xiao Shitou’s side. He was unconvinced and shouted, “I don’t know where he stole such delicious food, but he ate it alone and didn’t give it to me. I want to eat it. He dared to beat me. He did it first. ” All the delicious food should be his. It’s not his fault that this bitch dared not give it to him.

The crowd looked at the candied haws and candy held by Xiao Huzi in his hand and realized in an instant that they didn’t know where Xiao Shitou got the delicious food. Xiao Huzi saw it, and the two quarreled, and then the Dazhu family’s wife beat Xiao Shitou.

At this time, everyone blamed Xiao Huzi, and the woman was also demolished by her own son.

When Yang Shifeng heard them, he fully understood what had happened. He looked at the candied haws and candy and clenched his fists. He gave these to Xiao Shitou. Unexpectedly, it brought him such a disaster. If he hadn’t given them to him, he wouldn’t be like this now. Now he can only hope that Shiyi can cure Xiao Shitou.

“Shiyi, is Xiao Shitou okay?”


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