The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 46.2

Chapter 46 Part 2

Shiyi took the apple into the kitchen, cut off the rotten part with a knife, peeled the remaining good part, and took a bite first. It was sour and rough. Some places were a little bitter. It wasn’t very delicious, but she didn’t intend to throw it away.

Yang Shifeng saw Shiyi gnawing an apple in her hand, so he wondered, “Where did the apple come from?” They didn’t buy an apple at home.

Shiyi took another bite and raised the corner of her mouth. “It’s from the little cutie.”

Cutie? Yang Shifeng’s mouth sank, and his eyes stared at the apple in her hand. He couldn’t help but ask, “Who gave it to you?”

“Why? You want to eat too? I’ll give you a bite. ” Shiyi thought he was also interested in apples, so she simply brought the sparse apple she had bitten to Yang Shifeng’s mouth.

Yang Shifeng’s head immediately turned away and didn’t want to touch the apple.

“Dislike me? Forget it. I won’t give it to you. ” Tut Tut, dare to dislike her! Shiyi was so upset that she simply turned her back and chewed it herself instead of giving it to him. He even disliked her saliva. Will he dislike it if she kisses him in the future? She promised that if he dared to dislike her kiss, she would kill him.

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and asked again, without giving up: “Who gave it to you? You can’t eat what others give you. If you want to eat it, I’ll buy it for you in the town. ” Don’t eat the food of other men.

An apple is a precious thing. Few people in the village were willing to buy it. Even if they buy it, women will not be willing to give it to others to eat. It’s too impossible to leave it to the children at home. Only men are willing to give it away, because…

A sour taste filled Yang Shifeng’s heart, and his heart became uncomfortable. He really wanted to rush up and throw the apple in Shiyi’s hand.

Shiyi turned her back on the body and took a bite, “I certainly do not eat things given by others, but this is a piece of goodwill from the child’s heart. He gave it to me despite the fact that he wanted to eat it. How can I throw it away.”

“Child?” Not from a man?

“Yes, it’s from Xiao Shitou, who we saved. The child is really sensible. He was given an apple, but he didn’t want to eat it. He came to give it to me instead and said, thank you.”

Yang Shifeng blinked, a sense of embarrassment rose, and the bitterness subsided at once. He really thought it was from a man. So, it was from Xiao Shitou.

“Oh, so that’s it. Then you can eat it.”

Shiyi rolled her eyes. Now she finally understood what was going on with this man. As soon as she heard that it was sent by Xiao Shitou, she could eat it. At first, he must have thought it was sent by another man.

Hump, this vinegar jar.

Yang Shifeng scratched his head. He hadn’t eaten her apple a while ago, and it’s not like he disliked her saliva. How could he know? In order to make up for his mistake, Yang Shifeng quickly pulled her clothes and pleaded in a low voice, “Shiyi, I want to eat it too. Give me a bite. “

Shiyi deliberately ignored him. “You didn’t want to eat it when I offered it to you a while ago, I won’t give it to you now.”

Yang Shifeng was anxious and hurriedly said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it just now. I didn’t dislike you, really! “

Shiyi hummed.

Seeing that there would be no more apples, Yang Shifeng couldn’t care about anything else. He went around Shiyi, grabbed her hand, took a big bite of the apple, and said, “delicious.”

It was so sour, but it was delicious? Shiyi simply put the apple in her hand with a bad heart and said, “I’ll give you all the delicious food and you’ll finish it for me.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t feel the sourness of the apple. He opened his mouth and ate it quickly. After eating it clean, he showed the core to Shiyi, “I finished it.”

Shiyi held back her smile, went into the room, took a bottle of ointment, came out and handed it to him, “This is the ointment for curing the injury. Go and give it to Xiao Shitou and help him with some medicine. He is injured.”

Seeing that she was not angry, Yang Shifeng breathed a sigh of relief and took the ointment. Before leaving, he took a string of sugar gourd and some candy from the shelf. “Xiao Shitou must have never eaten this. I’ll bring it to him. ” The child’s life is more pitiful than when he was young. When he was young, he was very eager to eat a string of sugar gourds and candy. In the eyes of the child, these things are the most attractive things. Xiao Shitou will be happy to death if he eats it.

Yang Shifeng wrapped it up with oil paper and said, “This thing can’t be seen by other people in Xiao Shitou’s family, otherwise it won’t get into Xiao Shitou’s mouth in the end, so I can only give it secretly.” In the past, many people in the village pitied Xiao Shitou and gave him something to eat, but in the end, most of them couldn’t get into Xiao Shitou’s mouth, and finally, the villagers stopped giving him something to eat.

Do you have to be sneaky when giving food? Shiyi can’t help herself from frowning. Are they afraid of that woman? Maybe, but Shiyi can also understand that they might not be afraid of the woman, but of what Xiao Shitou has to face behind closed doors. They, as an outsider, can’t stare at him all the time, and the final pain will still fall on Xiao Shitou.

Yang Shifeng saw Shiyi frown, rubbed her hair, and comforted her: “It’s all right. You’ve let it go, Xiao Shitou’s stepmother doesn’t dare to bully him so blatantly anymore, I’ll go see Xiao Shitou more often. She won’t do anything.”

That’s the only way.


The next morning, a donkey cart stopped at the door of the Yang family’s house. Zhu Laosan got down from the donkey cart and was followed by his wife, who was behind him. They carried 20 kilograms of pork brought to Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng took the pork and gave the money according to the agreed price. Then he hung the pork in the air on the prepared hook, so that the guests could see the meat as soon as they entered the door.

Shiyi immediately took Zhu Laosan’s wife into the medical room and asked her to take off her clothes and lie in bed.

Zhu Laosan’s wife was very nervous. She held the sheet tightly in her fingers and asked nervously, “Doctor Shiyi, can you really cure this? Can I still have a baby? “

She married her husband at the age of 17. His husband loved her like a pearl and treasure. She thought she would soon have two children. Who knew that she hadn’t been pregnant for so many years? When she went to s doctor, she found out that it was her body that was sick. It was said that it was inborn and it was difficult for her to have children in her life. At that time, she just felt that the sky was fell and she wanted to die in the face of her mother-in-law’s white eyes, but her husband still treated her like a pearl and treasure, He also said that if she left him, he would go with her, which made her never give up.

Now Doctor Shiyi is her life-saving straw. If it doesn’t work this time, she believes she won’t be able to leave any blood for her husband in her life.

Shiyi said while disinfecting the silver needle, “I dare not say when it will be good, but what I can say is that it will be cured. Just keep your mind in your stomach. “

These words stabilized her heart. As soon as Zhu Laosan’s wife heard it, her eyes brightened. Her whole being was no longer tense. “Doctor Shiyi, my heart will be stable if I can hear you say that. As long as I have the chance to be a mother in my life, I will wait as long as I can. “

“Don’t worry, it’s hard for you not to be a mother after my treatment.” With that, Shiyi directly inserted the silver needle into the acupoint. Zhu Laosan’s wife immediately hummed with pain and clenched her teeth tightly.

Shiyi glanced at her and didn’t stop because she felt pain. The fallopian tube was seriously blocked, and it was not easy to open the way. The pain is inevitable, even if she can’t take the pain.

Fortunately, the woman who looked weak and pliant had a strong temperament and endured the whole process. She didn’t cry until Shiyi removed the needle. This made Shiyi admire her a little.

After the injection, Shiyi gave another prescription and sent the couple away.

When Shiyi went out of the medicine room, she was startled by the lively atmosphere in the lobby.


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