The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 46.1

Chapter 46 Part 1

Grandpa Yang was very happy to know that their pork business had been completed. He couldn’t help sighing: “If pork is delivered in the future, we can sell it to the people in the village. In this way, anyone who wants to eat some meat doesn’t have to go to town. I think these twenty kilograms can be sold. “

Then Grandpa Yang waved to Yang Shifeng and said, “Shifeng, come and look at the shop. I’ll go outside and tell the villagers that our family will sell meat tomorrow. Let them buy whatever they want because otherwise, they won’t know we’ll be selling it.”

Grandpa Yang was still so impatient that he left in a twinkling of an eye. But it’s good. Everyone can know the news, but no one will buy it when they sell it tomorrow.

Shiyi went into the room, took out the account book, wrote down the things sold this morning one by one, and marked the date at the bottom so that the account would clear at a glance.

Yang Shifeng counted the goods sold today and reported them to her.

After recording, Shiyi didn’t put away the account book, but put it in Yang Shifeng’s hand and started the teaching mode, “Look, can you understand what I’ve written in the account book?”

Yang Shifeng shook his head in shame. So far, he has only learned one thing, and it’s his name. He hasn’t learned anything else, so he doesn’t know anything written on the paper.

Shiyi pointed to the number on the paper and asked him to look, “What do you think this is?”

Yang Shifeng observed carefully, “This…this is a number?” He was not sure, but he could guess that it was a number, because it didn’t look like a (Chinese) character. It was very strange. He had never seen it before.

In fact, every time Shiyi keeps accounts, she writes them in Arabic numerals. Arabic numerals are simple and convenient to write. Of course, it is simpler than how people here write it in Chinese characters. Shiyi wants to teach him to recognize Arabic numerals and the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of arithmetic.

“It is indeed a number, but no one else knows it. It is a unique number called “the Arabic number.” [1]T/N: Arabic numerals are the ten numerical digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. In case you’re not familiar with it

“Arabic numerals?” What a strange name.

“This kind of number is very simple to remember. Don’t you think it’s easier to calculate every transaction? “

Yang Shifeng looked carefully and found that these figures were indeed very simple. They were sketched out in one stroke. They took up a small space, so it was really easy to write.

Shiyi re-wrote the ten Arabic numerals from one to ten on the paper and pointed them towards Yang Shifeng. “Come on, these ten numbers are the writing method of one to ten. Recognize them and write them down. “

Yang Shifeng has no objection. He was already used to Shiyi having to teach him something from time to time. He just had to remember it carefully and work hard to learn it, and when he learned it well, she would be very happy. So right now, he pointed his finger at the numbers above, followed by a silent recitation, and then wrote down in his head how to write each number.

Shiyi was not worried about whether Yang Shifeng could learn it. His memory was so good that even if he memorizes by rote, his speed is much faster than that of normal people. These ten numbers are not a problem for him at all. Sure enough, a quarter of an hour later, Yang Shifeng looked up and said, “OK.”

“Are you done writing it down?”


Shiyi raised her eyebrows, put away the paper and gave him another one, “Let me recite it for you and you write it. First, how do you write four?”

Yang Shifeng drew the number “4” on the paper with his brush. Shiyi looked at it. Although it looked strange, it was completely correct.

“Again, how to write eight?”

Yang Shifeng drew another “8”, which is completely correct.

Shiyi’s mouth was hooked up, and the ten numbers were disordered several times, but he was not stumped at all. The error rate was zero.

Once he learned the numbers one to ten, then the ones above ten were no problem, and Yang Shifeng quickly mastered them as well. If every student could be as smart as Yang Shifeng, teachers all over the world would wake up laughing in their dreams. Now, this smart student is hers.

Such a clever student should be rewarded.

Shiyi smiled at Yang Shifeng and winked at him, “Do you want a reward?”

Yang Shifeng’s face turned red. He couldn’t help thinking of the reward kiss in his mind. He didn’t dare to look at Shiyi even once.

Seeing that his ears were red, Shiyi held back her smile and was very happy. She always felt that he looked pitiful now, as if he had been bullied by her. However, does not shaking your head mean you want it?

Shiyi was about to go up and give him another kiss when she noticed a little head poking around outside the door, and that little head was quite familiar.

Shiyi was not interested in performing kisses in front of a small child, so she had to regretfully give up her reward to Yang Shifeng. She cleared her throat and said, “Since you’re being quiet, it must mean that you don’t want the reward, so forget it. I’ll go outside and bask in the sun.”

Yang Shifeng opened his mouth and his lips squirmed several times without being able to speak. He watched Shiyi go out, and his eyes darkened in an instant.


Shiyi went outside the door, her head suddenly poked out, and she suddenly caught the little guy who was poking his head through the gate. “Hey! What are you doing here, little guy?”

Xiao Shitou was startled by Shiyi’s sudden appearance. His big black eyes were rounded like a frightened rabbit.

Shiyi squatted in front of him and looked at him. “Are you looking for me?”

Xiao Shitou scratched his head and nodded his head again. A trace of shyness flashed in his eyes. He slowly took out the small hands behind him. In those thin and scarred hands, there was a half-rotten apple, but he held it carefully, saying, “Here you are, eat.”

The little guy’s eyes were like they were offering a treasure. Shiyi couldn’t help pursing his lips and asked, “Is the apple for me?”

The little guy nodded hard.

“Where did you get it from?”

“It’s from Grandma Wang next door. It’s for you. ” The little guy sent the apple to Shiyi again and hoped she would accept it.

Shiyi blinked and lowered her voice unconsciously. “Why give it to me? Don’t you want to eat it yourself? “

The little guy swallowed his saliva, looked longingly at the apple in his hand, and then shook his head immediately, “I don’t want to eat. I’ll give it to you. Thank you. “

So, he wanted to thank her for helping him. What a grateful child. Shiyi didn’t know why, but she, who doesn’t like children very much, liked this child very much. Whether it’s his wolf-like defiance when he’s being bullied, or his gratitude when he’s helped, it was all very much to her liking.

This child is really nice.

Although the rotten apple was nothing to Shiyi, it is the best thing the child has now. His treasured apple was given to her, so, she doesn’t want to treat it in light. So Shiyi solemnly took it with both hands and patted his little head. “The apple must be delicious. Thank you. “

The child smiled at once, revealing his white millet teeth. He was so thin that he didn’t have any excess fat, but you can see a bit of loveliness on his little face. The kid was happy and shy. Then he twisted his clothes, turned his head, and ran with his short legs. You can see the red blush on the tip of his ears from far away.

Shiyi couldn’t help but smile. This is what makes a child so cute.


1 T/N: Arabic numerals are the ten numerical digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. In case you’re not familiar with it


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