The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 45.2

Chapter 45 Part 2

When the owner of the family saw Yang Shfeng come in, he asked suspiciously, “Who are you? What can I do for you?”

Yang Shifeng greeted the family politely first and then told them who he was before telling them his intention.

The owner of the house looked fierce, big, and strong with a face full of flesh. He looked like a mountain as he was standing there, and he looked scary at first glance. Everyone calls him Zhu Laosan. At that moment, after hearing Yang Shifeng’s intention, he frowned and waved his hand, “That’s no good. My pigs are sold to the pork stall in the town. I don’t sell them to the people in the village. You’re only buying a small amount. I can’t sell them to you. You can go. “

Yang Shifeng tried to persuade: “Brother Zhu, I know you don’t sell retail, but you can see that it’s not easy to go to the town because we are in a remote area. It’s hard for anyone in the village to buy meat. I won’t hide it from you. My family has opened a shop and sells what the villagers need. I also think that if I can get some meat from you, the villagers won’t have to buy it in the town in the future. It’s convenient for everyone. Can you help me and give me some meat every day? “

Zhu Laosan hesitated for a moment, but still shook his head and refused, “Don’t talk about it anymore. I want to sell all my meat to the town. If I sell it to the villagers, won’t I bring the business of the town down? I can’t do this. You go.” Moreover, with such a small amount every day, he can’t make any money by selling it to him. He doesn’t want to do business with Yang Shifeng.

Seeing that he was really unwilling, Yang Shifeng was disappointed, but he couldn’t force it. He had to turn around and leave. He thought that he would go to the town to buy more meat in the future so that Shiyi could eat meat.

Shiyi actually heard what was said inside. When he saw Yang Shifeng coming out, she smiled at him, jumped out of the cart, and said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s not a big deal if they don’t want to sell meat from us. We’ll go to the town and buy it ourselves. “

Yang Shifeng was infected by her smile. He smiled at Shiyi and nodded, “OK, I’ll buy it in town.”

“Hey, third brother, look at that woman!” In the yard, a younger man just turned his head and saw Shiyi coming out of the car. He immediately screamed and shook Zhu Laosan’s arm for him to see.

Zhu Laosan looked at it from her peripheral vision and saw Shiyi. In his heart, he only felt that the woman was really good-looking, but he didn’t think much about anything else. He couldn’t help scolding impatiently: “What are you looking at? You’re married to your wife. Don’t look at the beautiful woman and be stunned! “

“Oh no, big brother. I’m not talking about this, I’m saying that the woman outside seems to be the miracle doctor, the female miracle doctor, who is rumored to be a god in Baiyun Village! I saw it once last time. That’s right. “

“What?” Zhu Laosan immediately cast his eyes on Shiyi again. Seeing that Yang Shifeng and Shiyi were ready to go in the donkey cart, he hurried out of the door in three steps and two steps, “Wait a minute!”

Yang Shifeng asked suspiciously, “What’s wrong? What’s the matter? “

Zhu Laosan looked at Shiyi and asked, “Are you the miracle doctor in Baiyun Village?”

Shiyi looked at the man carefully. “Why are you asking this?”

Zhu Laosan was so anxious that he rolled his hair and immediately faced Yang Shifeng and said, “Don’t you want to buy my meat? As long as she is the miracle doctor, I will agree with you. “

Yang Shifeng frowned slightly. He was uncomfortable with the other party’s obvious intention towards Shiyi. He didn’t want to ask others to agree to anything because of Shiyi, so he had to refuse, “Let’s not—”

“I am!” Before Yang Shifeng finished speaking, he was interrupted by Shiyi. Shiyi held his hand and pinched it, winking at him. Yang Shifeng could only swallow the words in his mouth.

Shiyi was satisfied and said to Zhu Laosan, “I’m the doctor in Baiyun Village. If you have something to say, don’t beat around the bush. “

Zhu Laosan became overly excited after Shiyi admitted that she was the miracle doctor.He immediately became polite and said repeatedly, “You don’t have to rush. You two, go into the house and have a cup of tea. Let’s sit down and talk slowly. “

Shiyi can’t help but be happy. It seems that her identity is good. This tea can be drunk today. So Shiyi dragged Yang Shifeng out of the cart. Yang Shifeng had to follow her, but looking at the shirtless men in the yard, she couldn’t help saying, “Put on your clothes first, so we can talk.”

The men were stunned at first, then looked at Shiyi. They suddenly understood, so they hurried into the house, put on their clothes, and came out.

Shiyi’s eyes were full of smiles. If there is no one now, she would kiss him. This man is so cute.

After entering the house, Shiyi said straight to the point: “Well, do you have something to say?” Don’t delay them from eating their meals in their house.

Zhu Laosan rubbed his hands together and said, “Then I’ll be frank. I want you to help me cure my wife. As long as you can cure my wife, I’ll pack all the meat you want. The price is the same as that of the meat stall in the town. How about it?” He has long heard of the reputation of a miracle doctor. Recently, he planned to take his wife to find the miracle doctor. Unexpectedly, he met her today.

The same price as the one in the meat stall in town? Then they can earn a lot of profit. Shiyi was moved and asked, What happened to your wife? I have to see the patient first. “

Zhu Laosan asked everyone else to go out, leaving him alone. He then said to Shiyi: “Well, I’ve been married to my wife for seven or eight years, but we don’t have a child, and my wife was also anxious. We’ve all gone to see many doctors in the town and have been to the city. No one knows how much medicine we drank, but it didn’t have any effect at all. They said that you have good medical skills and can cure any disease. Can you help my wife? “

So, they can’t conceive a child? Shiyi said, “Well, call out your wife now and I’ll take her pulse.”

Zhu Laosan immediately got up and ran to the backyard. After a while, he brought back a woman. Shiyi couldn’t help being a little silly. This Zhu Laosan, who looked like a fierce, big, and strong man, has a delicate, weak and good-looking wife. The couple perfectly showed what beauty and beast looked like. It’s strange and interesting.

Zhu Laosan helped his wife out and sat down after she sat down. He nervously said, “Doctor, please check my wife.”

Zhu Laosan’s wife smiled at Shiyi and nodded, “Please, doctor.”

Shiyi smiled in her heart. She stretched out her hand and put her finger on the woman’s wrist. Shiyi took back her hand after taking the pulse for a while. She already knew what was going on.

Zhu Laosan couldn’t wait to ask, “How is it doctor? Can my wife be cured? “

Zhu Laosan’s wife hit him on the arm and said, “Don’t rush. The doctor hasn’t spoken yet. What are you urging for!”

Zhu Laosan was said to have had no temper at all, but he was a bit of a wimp. “Good, good, I’m not in a hurry.”

It’s fun for such a big and thick man to be so gentle and caring about his wife. Shiyi smiled in her eyes and said, ” You have a blocked fallopian tube. Thus, it’s not easy for you to conceive a child. “

“What does “Blocked Fallopian Tubes” mean?” Zhu Laosan and his wife didn’t understand these words, and the doctors in the town and the city didn’t say a word about them. They only said that it was an inborne disease, so it was not easy for her to conceive children, and it couldn’t be cured.

Shiyi knew that people here didn’t quite understand these words. After thinking about it, she explained the simplest meaning: “It means that the place where you can have a child is blocked. If the child can’t form, you can’t have a child. If you want to have a child, you must pass this tube first.”

Zhu Laosan couple now understands it. It’s no surprise they can’t have a child because the passageway was blocked. A miracle doctor is a miracle doctor. She can see it all at once, but none of the doctors in the city can see it.

Zhu Laosan said eagerly, “Doctor, can you treat it?”

Shiyi nodded and said, “of course, this can be cured, but it takes time. I need to give your wife an acupuncture treatment to unblock her fallopian tube. Your wife should go to me every three days to get acupuncture until she is cured. If you think it’s OK, I’ll treat her. “

Zhu Laosan nodded without saying anything. “OK! Let’s go! We’ll all go! Thank you very much, Doctor. Don’t worry, I’ll pack your meat. I’ll send someone to send it to you every day. Just say how much meat you want. “

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng said, “For the time being, we need 20 kilograms of meat a day.”

“OK, no problem. I’ll deliver it on time. “

The matter was settled in this way. Zhu Laosan and his wife thanked Shiyi and Yang Shifeng and stuffed a large piece of meat into Yang Shifeng’s hand. “Brother, this is today’s thank-you gift. You take it home first and eat it. Tomorrow’s meat will be delivered by me and my wife in person. “

Seeing that Yang Shifeng wanted to refuse, Zhu Laosan directly stuffed the meat into the carriage, “Don’t be polite to us. We have too much meat in our family. Just take this. “

Zhu Laosan’s wife also advised, “This is a little token of our appreciation, so don’t refuse.”

Shiyi grabbed Yang Shifeng’s arm. “OK, let’s take it. There will be more opportunities to deal with them in the future.” Sometimes patients feel uneasy when they don’t accept their gifts.

Yang Shifeng nodded and took Shiyi home.


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