The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 45.1

Chapter 45 Part 1

Shiyi deliberately asked the woman: “He ate his own family’s things and you call it stealing? Can it still be called stealing if your own child eats it?”

The woman subconsciously replied, “How can I call it stealing if my child eats it?” Then she realized that she shouldn’t have said this. Her face immediately changed and she said, “Anyway, eating without my consent means stealing.”

“Heh.” Shiyi sneered, “Then I’d like to ask everyone if your children at home eat the food at home, does it mean they stole it from you? Are you going to beat them to death? “

Because of the commotion just now, many people have come out of their houses to watch the excitement. Everyone knows what’s going on. Hearing Shiyi’s words, they said one after another: ” Children ate the food from their family, how can it be called stealing? This woman’s heart is too dark.”

A woman who couldn’t bear it stood up and pointed at the woman and said angrily, “Dazhu family, you’re so vicious. How old is Xiao Shitou? Are you not afraid of retribution if you abuse him like this?! Will a child look for something to eat if he’s not very hungry? Oh, what a sin!”

Dazhu’s family was so embarrassed by the accusations, that she said, “Why do you care about my own family’s affairs? If you don’t like how I take care of my family’s affair, then take him home and raise him, and I’ll make sure I won’t beat him again! “

This person’s words were quite rogue, but they were useful. When she said it, the people around him became dumbfounded. This is really someone else’s business. Even if they can’t bear to see it, what can they do? It’s difficult for everyone these days. Can they take a kid from someone else’s family home to raise him? Impossible.

When the woman from the Dazhu family saw that everyone was silent, she hummed proudly, got up from the ground, and dragged Xiao Shitou, “Come home with me!” We’ll go home, and I’ll clean you up afterward.

Shiyi clasped her grasping hand and squeezed it hard. The woman from the Dazhu family’s family immediately screamed in pain, “What are you doing? Let go!”

Shiyi didn’t let go of her and said coldly, “I don’t like you bullying a child who doesn’t have the power to bind chickens. If you have the ability, you can do it with someone who can resist you! If you dare to bully him today, listen carefully. In the future, if there is any disease in your family, I will never cure it. I, Shiyi, will do what I say.”

After Shiyi said, she exerted her strength on her hand. The woman immediately bounced out and fell to the ground again. But this time, she didn’t dare to scold again, and she didn’t dare come forward to catch people, because what Shiyi said really stabbed her life. No one in this Shiliba didn’t know that Shiyi was a miracle doctor. If there is any disease, it can be cured by her. Someone with a brain will absolutely be afraid of offending Shiyi.

The Dazhu family dared not offend Shiyi. If Shiyi really doesn’t want to treat anyone in her family in the future, it will be over if something happens.

Dazhu’s heart was afraid. He didn’t dare challenge Shiyi at all. Her eyes turned red. She got up and ran home. “I don’t care,” she said, full of rage. The child can do whatever he wants. If you do something sneaky in the future, don’t blame me for not teaching him well, hmp!”

Seeing that the woman who has always been arrogant was so disciplined at the moment, everyone feels relieved and praised Shiyi again and again.

Shiyi squatted down, looked at the little child, and said to him, “Well, she won’t dare bully you again in the future. If she still bullies you, come to me and I’ll decide for you. “

The child closed his lips tightly, tears swirling in his eyes, but they never fell down. After a long time, he said in a choked voice, “Thank you, sister, thank brother Shifeng.”

Shiyi patted his head, stood up, and looked at Yang Shifeng, “Let’s go. We still have to go to Changhe Village. “

Yang Shifeng nodded and touched Xiao Shitou’s head with pity. He took Shiyi to the donkey cart and left. The people who were watching the excitement also dispersed.

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng’s face and sighed. He had a hard time when he was a child. Maybe when he saw the child, he thought of himself, so he was feeling so uncomfortable right now.

“What about the child’s father? His stepmother treated him like this, it’s impossible for the father to be unaware of it. ” Shiyi felt strange about this. That woman is not his biological mother. She could understand it if she was doing it, Dad loves their child, right? He can’t watch his child being abused, can he?

“His father knows, but he doesn’t care.”

“Ah? He deliberately ignored it?”

“Xiao Shitou’s mother ran away with a salesman shortly after he was born. Shitou’s father was angry and embarrassed about it. He didn’t like Xiao Shitou and even suspected that Xiao Shitou wasn’t his own. Later, he married this one and turned a blind eye to the woman’s behavior. Otherwise, do you think that woman would dare to abuse her child so openly? “

It turned out to be so. No wonder the woman was so brazen and didn’t feel guilty when she was seen. It turned out that her husband didn’t want to take care of it at all.

Tsk Tsk. There are such men. Shiyi didn’t know what to say.

“Does everyone in the village not care? Does the village head care? “

Yang Shifeng shook his head and said in a low voice, “At first, some villagers couldn’t stand it and would say something, but that woman was not afraid. If someone calls her out, she will scold them for being nosy. She also told others that if they wanted to be nosy, they should take Xiao Shitou home and raise him. In this way, no one would care about it anymore. The village head also took care of it, and he couldn’t watch the woman treat Xiao Shitou badly. Unfortunately, he could only control the family by not throwing away or selling Xiao Shitou. “

Shiyi frowned. It’s really helpless. It’s really someone’s affair. Even if you don’t want to see your family treat him like this, there really is no good way to solve this matter for a while.

Both of them were thinking about things and didn’t say anything along the way. Half an hour later, they arrived at Changhe village and inquired about butcher Zhu’s house all the way. A row of pig houses has been built in front of the house, in which there are about ten or more pigs. They can smell it even if they are a long-distance away.

When Yang Shifeng took Shiyi in, there was a newly killed pig lying on the ground in the yard, and several men were treating the pig shirtless. Yang Shifeng’s eyes flashed and he immediately turned back to cover Shiyi’s eyes. “It’s inconvenient for you to go in. I’ll just go in. Go into the cart and wait. “

Shiyi’s eyes were great. In fact, she had just seen the shirtless man inside. She knew why Yang Shifeng said so, and she laughed in her heart.

This vinegar jar.

“OK, I’ll wait for you in the carriage.” Since he doesn’t want her to see it, she won’t. Although she has seen even more exaggerated scenes, this is just a trivial thought in her mind.

Yang Shifeng sent Shiyi into the door of the cart and then entered the yard of the Zhu family.


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