The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 44.2

Chapter 44 Part 2

The next day, as soon as Shiyi came out of the door, he saw Yang Shifeng also walking out of his. He also saw Shiyi, but he immediately looked away and walked faster.

Shiyi won’t let him go. “Yang Shifeng, what are you doing?” 

Yang Shifeng paused, looked outside the door, and said, “I’m busy today. I’ll go to the pig house in Changhe village.”

When Shiyi heard what he said, she quickly walked to his side. “I’ll go too. Take me with you. “

“The road is a little far away. You can have a rest at home. I’ll go alone. “

“No, I’m going.”

Yang Shifeng had no choice but to compromise. He went to the kitchen and brought her two steamed buns. “Then you can eat in the car.”

Shiyi happily picked up the steamed bun and followed him into the donkey cart. However, she didn’t enter the carriage. Instead, she sat in front with him, eating the steamed bread in her hand and watching the scenery on the roadside.

“Have you eaten yet?” Shiyi asked.

Yang Shifeng looked at the road ahead and said, “I’ve eaten.”

Shiyi nodded, pulled a piece down and fed it to his mouth, “Then take another bite.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t open his mouth. He didn’t squint as he refused: “I’m full. Eat it by yourself. “

Shiyi didn’t take the steamed bread away, but moved it closer to his lips. “Then try eating mine. Maybe it’s better than what you’ve eaten.”

Yang Shifeng”……” The steamed buns were all in the same pot.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t resist Shiyi, so he had to open his mouth reluctantly, eat the steamed bread and chew it.

Shiyi looked at him with a smile and asked, “What do you think about my steamed bun?”

Yang Shifeng was silent and looked at the road very seriously.

Shiyi hummed in her heart and happily continued to eat her own steamed bun.

Yang Shifeng breathed out secretly.

“You little bastard, how dare you to steal something to eat? I’ll kill you today! I will save myself from raising a white-eyed wolf.” [1]White eyed-wolf means ingrate; ungrateful person

A rude female voice suddenly came to their ears, accompanied by the sound of a slap coming from a rope hitting the skin and flesh. It was painful to hear. Shiyi looked at the source of the sound and saw an open yard. A little boy of about five- or six-years-old whose body was being pulled hard by a woman. The woman had a big arms and a round waist, holding a thick rope for binding things, smoking and cursing at the same time.

The child bit down on the pressure and his face was full of hate. He didn’t wail when he was beaten. He pushed the woman hard, and when he found the opportunity, he grabbed the opportunity to run outside the gate.

The woman behind her shouted: “bitch” and caught up with him. Her face was fierce and frightening.

Yang Shifeng subconsciously stopped the donkey and looked into the yard. Suddenly, he remembered what Shiyi had said and immediately started the donkey cart without saying anything.

At that time, the child who was running suddenly rushed to their donkey cart. The child wanted to avoid it, but the donkey cart just ran up and collided with the child’s figure.

Yang Shifeng was surprised and immediately went to pull the reins. Shiyi also grabbed the reins and pulled hard. The donkey was stopped and held his head high. The child also fell to the ground in fear and was dragged by the woman, who caught him up rudely by the collar.

“You dead bitch, who told you to run! You still want to run?!” While dragging the child to the ground, the woman kicked the child hard, and the child groaned in pain.

Yang Shifeng clenched his fist tightly but did not move.

Shiyi suddenly felt a little bad in her heart. Yang Shifeng was not like this before. If he had faced this situation in the past, he would have come down from the donkey cart to stop the woman and protect the child, but now he stubbornly wanted to pretend that he would ignore it.

Shiyi didn’t have to think hard about a reason for his actions. She suddenly regretted it. She shouldn’t have said that he was rottenly a good guy. He’s a big fool. That’s what he is. Isn’t that what she liked about him?

“Stop!” Shiyi shouted loudly. She jumped down from the donkey cart, grabbed the woman’s hand and shook it away, and pulled the child up. At first, she felt that the child was as light as if he had no weight. Shiyi guessed that his whole body was all skin and bones.

The woman was thrown by Shiyi and fell to the ground. Her ass was almost broken. The woman cried out in pain and wanted to swear. She looked at Shiyi, swallowed the dirty words in her mouth, and said with a bad face: “What are you doing? I’m his mother. I’ll teach him a lesson when he makes a mistake. There’s no need for outsiders to intervene, right? “

Shiyi hummed, pulled the child with skin and bones, and passed the child to Yang Shifeng. Shiyi asked him to protect the child before she faced the woman. She looked at her coldly, “Are you his mother? Are you going to kill the child? I think you’re his stepmother. “

The woman looked stiff and her eyes flickered.

As soon as Shiyi saw her acting like this, she turned and asked Yang Shifeng, “Is she really his stepmother?”

Yang Shifeng checked the child’s wounds and nodded to Shiyi, “She is Xiao Shitou’s stepmother.”

Shiyi didn’t expect that she would hit the nail. No wonder she laid her poisonous hand on the child. It looks like she was about to beat him to death. If he was her own child, she couldn’t do it.

Even at the end of the world, people are unpredictable and lack compassion, but no one has laid such a poisonous hand on such a young child. No matter what, children are also on the vulnerable side. It is understandable if they don’t want to protect them in the end times, but they won’t be treated like this.

Looking at Shiyi’s disdainful look, the woman argued: “Whether I’m his mother or stepmother, I’m the one who is raising him. If he did something bad, I should discipline him. It’s a matter of course! “

Shiyi asked, “Tell me, what did this little child do that made him deserving of being beaten to death?”

The woman said confidently, “He stole the steamed bread in the pot. He was still a child, but he had learned to steal. Can’t I take care of him? “

The child who kept his head down and didn’t speak, raised his head angrily and stared at the woman, “You’re talking nonsense. I’m not stealing! If you don’t give me food every day, I’ll eat the steamed bun. How can I steal it!”

The woman pointed to the child and scolded, “Did I say it’s for you to eat? If I didn’t tell you that it was for you to eat, then it means you stole it! Is that white flour steamed bun also worthy of you, a cheap bastard? “

The child shook his fist angrily, and his eyes turned red.

Shiyi clicked her tongue twice. She can almost understand the situation. It’s just the trick of this vicious woman to abuse her stepson.

Shiyi felt that she had to take care of this matter today. She had to break Yang Shifeng’s back again.

T/N: I really hate this evil stepmother and the useless father


1 White eyed-wolf means ingrate; ungrateful person


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    I find difficult to read about child abuse😖these abusive people should be imprisoned and never come out again so they don’t do more harm to the innocent😤


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