The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 44.1

Chapter 44 Part 1

In the evening, Shiyi sat at the table in her room and calculated today’s transaction with the use of the candle to see in the dark, while Yang Shifeng was dictating it from the side.

“We sold 15 pounds of soy sauce, 20 candles, 13 blades of straw paper, 5 pounds of vinegar…”

Shiyi wrote down what Yang Shifeng said and calculated the profit of every item behind the paper. When she had written down all the things sold, she added all the profits and earned a total of 3300 wen, that is, 3 taels of silver and 300 wen!

Shiyi was quite satisfied. In this place, they can earn more than 3 taels of silver a day, which can be considered a large amount. Some people can’t even save less than 3 taels of silver in a year.

Shiyi showed the account book to Yang Shifeng, and said: “Today, you made a lot of money. It’s more than what you earn from hunting. “

Yang Shifeng only looked at it and shook his head. “Today is the first day of operations. Everyone has come to join in the fun. Buy a little from the East and a little from the West, so there are more sales in total. There must not be so many sales at ordinary times. “

Shiyi agreed, “It’s true, but even if there aren’t so many people coming, as long as 10 people come into our store in a day, you can earn more money than those men going out to work hard labor.”

Yang Shifeng nodded. Indeed, just like his second uncle, when he is free, he goes to the town to carry bags for people, and he will earn more than 20 Wen a day, which is still high. Even if no one comes to open this shop, the daily income will be more than 20 wen.

“By the way, is there anything else that people wanted to buy but our store didn’t have?

“Yes, many people wanted to buy some pork, but we didn’t have it.”

“Pork? Ah, pork!” Shiyi suddenly remembered it. How could she forget such an important thing as pork? The family can’t eat vegetables every day. Meat is a must. In the past, there was meat in every meal because Yang Shifeng often went hunting in the mountains, so she could often eat wild animals. Pork can only be bought in the town occasionally. But now Yang Shifeng no longer goes hunting in the mountains, so she naturally can’t eat meat. If she wants to eat meat in the future, she will have to buy pork in the town.

Can she only wait to buy pork in the town every other time before she can taste meat at home?

Shiyi thought she couldn’t stand such a day without meat. “Yang Shifeng, what meat will our family eat in the future?”

Yang Shifeng paused and remembered this thing. When he stopped hunting in the future, his family naturally had no meat to eat. He didn’t go to town to buy goods every day, he only went there once every ten days or every half month. Can his family eat meat once every ten days to a half month? Even if he and grandpa can stand it, Shiyi can’t stand it.

He can’t let Shiyi live such a hard life.

“You mean our family will sell pork in the future?”

Shiyi nodded and said, “if people in the village want to eat meat, or if there are guests at home, they have to go all the way to the town to buy some pork. Our store doesn’t have it, so, they still have to go to the town to buy meat. If we also sell some pork, we don’t have to go to the town ourselves. The most important thing is that our family should eat meat. “

Yang Shifeng frowned and thought about this problem.

Shiyi added: “Although pork can’t be stored, we can buy less every day. If we can’t sell it, we’ll eat it at home. If there’s more left, we’ll eat more. If there’s less left, we’ll eat less. Anyway, we can eat at home.”

Yang Shifeng said, “I’m not thinking about whether I’ll lose money, but where to get pork. I can’t buy pork in town every day. I don’t have that time, and it’s not cost-effective. “

Shiyi, of course, knew this, and asked, “No pig meat in this village is sold to the town?” Pigs weren’t raised only in the town, right? 

Yang Shifeng thought about it and replied: “in Changhe village, two villages away from our village, there is a family that specializes in raising pigs. All his pigs were sold to town, so he doesn’t sell them to the villagers, but I don’t know whether he will be willing to sell them to us. After all, we won’t buy much every day.”

This is a problem. If they don’t want to sell it, they can’t be forced to. “Let’s ask first. If they really don’t want to sell it to us, we won’t buy it. It’s not a big deal to buy meat in the town. “

Yang Shifeng nodded.

After saying this, Shiyi took a stack of paper and put it in front of Yang Shifeng, and gave him a brush alone, “Well, from now on, I’ll teach you to read.”

Yang Shifeng became silent, but reached out for the brush. He adjusted his posture according to Shiyi’s posture while holding a pen. Shifeng didn’t look at Shiyi until he felt that his posture was right.

Shiyi nodded to indicate that he was right. Then, Shiyi wrote “Yang Shifeng” on the paper in front of them. She pointed to the three words and said, “This is your name. You should know your name first, and then write it.”

Yang Shifeng looked at the three big characters lying on the paper very seriously. He looked at every stroke very carefully. He never knew that his name looked like this.

Shiyi looked at the way. Yang Shifeng looked at the words carefully, the corners of her lips, and said softly, “You can write it the way I wrote it. If you start to write a few more times, you will be able to learn it. “

Yang Shifeng held the pen tightly and traced the font on the paper with a slight tremor. He was very cautious when writing every stroke of the character. However, he had never held a brush or written any characters. The strokes were written askew, and most of the strokes were in the wrong order.

Shiyi saw this and leaned close to him. When he didn’t respond, she reached out to hold his big hand and grabbed the pen holder with her hand. “You’re wrong. Come on, I’ll take you to write it again. “

When his hands were gripped by her warm and soft hands, Yang Shifeng’s fingers suddenly froze while holding the pen.

Shiyi pretended not to notice his abnormality, using her own force to carry his hand around. Her raised hand came up to her ear and said, “When you are writing, the strokes are very important. Look, you have to write this horizontally, then vertically, and then an apostrophe like this…….”

Yang Shifeng’s hand was dragged away by Shiyi. Her crisp voice, the tip of her nose, and the fragrance on her body were in his ears. Yang Shifeng didn’t know what Shiyi was talking about or how her hand was moving.

“Well, that’s it. Do you remember? ” Shiyi let go of his hand and stepped back and asked him.

Yang Shifeng regained his senses and lowered his head. He hadn’t heard anything just now.

Shiyi didn’t notice that he was just distracted. There was a smile in her eyes, but her mouth was very strict. “Write it yourself. If you write it wrong, I’ll really hit you with this stick. “

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and carefully recalled in his mind how Shiyi had just written it, but he couldn’t remember it very much. He could only harden his head and write on the paper according to his intuition.

“Wrong! The strokes are wrong. ” Shiyi said after Yang Shifeng finished writing.  He worked very hard to put on the face of a strict teacher. “I even guided you, but you can’t do it. You’re not taking it seriously. You must not have listened carefully just now, right? Put out your hand and I’ll hit it with my stick. “

Yang Shifeng’s ears were imperceptibly red. He looked up at Shiyi with uncertainty in his eyes.

Do you really want to hit my hand?

“I said I would hit it. Will you not stretch out your hand?”

Seeing that she was serious about it, Yang Shifeng paused for a moment, endured the embarrassment, and slowly stretched out his hand in front of Shiyi.

Shiyi’s eyes smiled even more, but she didn’t let him see it. Her left hand held his fingertip and her right hand slapped three times on his palm. The sound was quite loud. Then she said, “Well, I’ll hit you again if you don’t do it seriously.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t expect that it would be over. He didn’t feel the pain at all. He could only feel the soft touch of her skin. So, this is how she hits…

He slowly retracted his hand, and Yang Shifeng subtly raised the corner of his mouth. He looked at the big words on the paper again and said, “Write it on the paper again and show it to me. I will remember this time. “

Shiyi didn’t continue teasing him, so this time, she carefully wrote three characters on the paper slowly for him to see.

Yang Shifeng saw clearly this time, silently picked up the pen, and wrote on the paper, stroke by stroke, without a single mistake. The order of the strokes was exactly the same as Shiyi’s, and he didn’t even look at Shiyi’s characters to imitate them, he wrote them completely by himself.

Shiyi was stunned. She knew that Yang Shifeng had a good memory, but she didn’t expect it to be this good. Yang Shifeng didn’t know any of these three characters before. He held the pen for the first time. Now he can do it as long as she writes it once. If that was her, she probably couldn’t do it by herself.

“Yang Shifeng, you’re really awesome! If you write something wrong, you’ll be punished, and if you write it correctly, you’ll be rewarded! ” Shiyi smiled at Yang Shifeng and said.

Yang Shifeng looked at her suspiciously, “What—”

Before the voice fell, Shiyi kissed him on the cheek at a surprising speed and said in a loud voice, “This is a reward, OK?”

Yang Shifeng’s whole body froze, and his face turned red at lightning speed. In the next second, he stood up and went straight out. The chair made a harsh sound and it almost fell to the ground. “It’s getting late. I’m going to bed. ” As soon as the voice fell, there was no shadow, and the door of the next room made a loud noise.

Shiyi blinked, and suddenly burst out laughing, “Hahaha! This big fool, isn’t it just a kiss on his face? As for this, if you do something unsuitable for children, he…” Shiyi remembered some pictures in her mind and couldn’t help laughing.


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