The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 43.2

Chapter 43 Part 2

“Shiyi, how are you?” Yang Shifeng’s voice was trembling. He picked up Shiyi and ran out. He didn’t put the person down until he ran to the vegetable garden. However, he hugged her tightly and didn’t put her down. His eyes wandered around her worriedly, in fear that she might be hurt. “Are you hurt somewhere?”

Shiyi felt that Yang Shifeng was frightened, so she quickly said to him. “I’m okay, it’s okay, I’m not hurt, but there’s smoke in the kitchen and I choked on it.” At this point, Shiyi was a little embarrassed. She touched her nose and whispered, “I almost set the kitchen on fire.”

Alas, it’s rare for her to want to cook a meal, and she didn’t expect that this would happen. She noticed that Yang Shifeng usually cooks very easily. He cuts vegetables and washes vegetables while burning a fire, not delaying in either place. Yang Shifeng was very comfortable and looked very relaxed. So, she thought it was very easy. Who knew she just cooked rice and this would happen?

What’s wrong with her?

After Yang Shifeng confirmed that Shiyi wasn’t hurt, his heart in his chest fell to the ground. Yang Shifeng didn’t care if the kitchen caught fire. God knows that he was scared to death when he saw her in the kitchen. Up to now, his back is still cold from sweating.

If anything happens to her… He— Yang Shifeng closed his eyes and asked. “Why are you in the kitchen?”

Shiyi didn’t mean to look at Yang Shifeng. She looked away, focused her eyes on other places, and replied, “I thought you were so busy. Thinking that I was not doing anything, I went to cook some rice. I’m cooking rice, but I don’t know why there’s no fire in the stove. It all turned into smoke. “

Yang Shifeng knows the reason as soon as he hears it. There must be too much firewood. There is no gap. If there’s no fire, it will all turn into smoke. But Yang Shifeng didn’t want to explain this to her. He doesn’t want her to cook again. It’s too dangerous.

“Cooking is very difficult. Some people just can’t do it well. It’s easy to burn the kitchen, and people will be in danger, so don’t cook in the future. I’ll do it. I’m used to it. If you’re hungry, call me, OK?”

Shiyi was still a little worried inside. She is not afraid of endangering herself, she’s afraid that she will burn the Yang family’s kitchen. How can she face Grandpa Yang? After this time, Shiyi also realized that cooking is not as easy as she thought. Maybe it’s really like what Yang Shifeng said. She is the one who is doomed to make bad meals. It seems that she should not try this in the future.

Shiyi touched her nose and said decisively, “I won’t do it next time. You’d do it in the future.”

Yang Shifeng nodded and reached out to wipe the tears still hanging on Shiyi’s cheeks. Looking at her now, he really doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh. At that time, Shiyi’s face was black and gray, her hair was messy, and there were traces of tears on her face, which was no different from beggars in the street. However, this has diluted the fear in Yang Shifeng’s heart.

Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to her room, put her on a chair, went into the bathroom, took a basin of water, and wiped her face with a towel. Shiyi looked at the black dust on the towel and could imagine how crazy she looked, but she didn’t move. She just raised her face and asked him to wipe it. Anyway, it’s her own person. What are you afraid of?

“Are you still busy outside? Can Grandpa Yang be busy alone? “

“There are no more people. Everyone has gone home for lunch. Grandpa can handle it. Are you hungry? “

Shiyi nodded honestly, “Hungry.”

Yang Shifeng carefully wiped the ash from Shiyi’s face, cut her hair, took the towel and basin into the bathroom, and said, after coming out: “I’ll cook right away. Don’t go out. Take a rest in the room. I’ll call you when the meal is ready.”

Shiyi nodded, mainly thinking of what the kitchen looked like now, and didn’t have the heart to go and have a look with him.

The smoke in the kitchen has almost dispersed, and you can see the surroundings clearly. Yang Shifeng went to the stove and saw that it was full of firewood. It would be strange if it didn’t burn. Yang Shifeng shook his head, took out all the firewood with a fire stick, and then opened the pot containing rice. Suddenly, a burning smell came out. The bottom layer of the rice in the pot had been pasted, but there was still raw rice on it. There was no way to save the pot.

Yang Shifeng took the spatula and brought out the rice in the pot. At this time, Grandpa Yang came in and saw the appearance of the kitchen. He was surprised and said, “I was wondering why there was so much noise just now. What did Shiyi do?”

“She wanted to cook some food, but there was too much firewood.”

“Then, she wasn’t hurt, right?”

“She’s all right. She was choked by the smoke.”

Grandpa Yang was relieved, but he was a little distressed to see so much white rice wasted, but he also knew that Shiyi didn’t do this deliberately. She cooked with goodf intention, and he didn’t scold her much for it. He just said: “The girl probably hasn’t done this before. It’s inevitable for her first time. You can teach her more in the future and do it more often. “

Yang Shifeng put the rice back into the pot and sat under the stove to light the fire. “I don’t have to teach her this. I’ll do it myself. “

Grandpa Yang frowned and said, “Isn’t it difficult for you to cook all your life in the future? How can a woman not cook? Even though you know how much of a coward your second uncle is, in his family, your second aunt is the one who cooks. How can a man stay in the kitchen all his life? “

Grandpa Yang’s thinking is the same as everyone else’s. He thinks that housework, including cooking, should be done by women. It’s natural for men to be the masters outside or inside the house. If a man has a wife and stays in the kitchen all his life, he will be laughed at. Before, he had no choice, so he could only let Yang Shifeng cook for so many years. If he married a wife in the future, where would he cook by himself?

Shiyi didn’t like Yang Shifeng before. So, Grandpa Yang only regarded Shiyi as a guest and didn’t let Shiyi do anything, but now the situation is different. Shiyi obviously wants to stay. In the future, when two people get married, it will be difficult for a big man to do the cooking, right? No one has done this thing.

Grandpa Yang was really afraid that his grandson would be like his second uncle, so he said earnestly, “Shifeng, you are a big man. If you have a wife, what will it look like if you still turn around the stove? Are you not afraid of the villagers’ laughing at you?! I am telling you, you can’t follow your second uncle’s example.”

Yang Shifeng finished burning the firewood and began to cut vegetables. While cutting, he said, “Grandpa, who said that if you cook, you will be laughed at? No one stipulates that men can’t cook. Shiyi can’t cook at all. She almost got hurt today. What if she gets herself injured from cooking?

Grandpa Yang said “Hey” and shook his head when he looked at his eldest grandson’s painful strength. “I haven’t seen anyone in my life who won’t let women do it because they are afraid of women cooking. She hasn’t become your wife yet. What if you spoiled her so much? What would happen in the future? Look at your second aunt, it’s caused by your second uncle’s indulgence. “

Yang Shifeng said lightly, “Grandpa, don’t compare Shiyi with your second aunt. Shiyi is not like that. She is very sensible.”

Very sensible? Grandpa Yang can see that you don’t want your wife to be told off. This is the strength of a wife who is loved dearly. But on second thought, Shiyi’s is also different from ordinary village women. She has great skills. Grandpa Yang can’t imagine that she will become the same as those ordinary women. It’s already lucky that Shiyi was willing to come back for his grandson. If the girl doesn’t like him and leaves again, her eldest grandson may not be able to live.

Anyway, in the future, the young couple will live by themselves. They can live as they like. The most important thing is that they are happy. Why would he care about trivial things when he is so old?

Grandpa Yang is a kind-hearted old man. After thinking about it, he stopped worrying about losing his grandson’s face. Instead, he pointed to him and said, “You showed too much love for her in front of me. You cherished her in your heart, right? But, why do you look like a gourd with a sawed mouth when you’re in front of Shiyi? If you like her, say it!” [1]A gourd with a sawed mouth—a metaphor for being silent.

Yang Shifeng’s eyes flickered and he stopped talking, while lowering down his head and became silent.


1 A gourd with a sawed mouth—a metaphor for being silent.


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  1. Drayal has spoken 8 months ago

    Sigh.. Grandpa once bitten twice shy. It’s Shiyi that should confess now not Shifeng.

  2. Aikun has spoken 8 months ago

    Because he already did but Shiyi ruthlessly rejected him so he’s afraid of being rejected again if he confessed again. Oh my poor Shifeng!


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