The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 43.1

Chapter 43 Part 1

A small part of the main room was filled with large and small bags. Inside the bags were the items they planned to sell in their grocery store. All they had to do was organize everything. However, arranging these items will take a day.

Grandpa Yang simply said, “I think it will take a day to arrange all of the items. I think we can officially open our shop the day after tomorrow, right?”

Shiyi knows that there are no grocery stores in this village, which is to say, their family will be the only ones who have them. But currently, only those people in their village know about the opening of their store. Few people from other villages knew about their grocery store. If they want their business to have a good start, it is certainly not enough to rely on the people in this village alone, and the people in other villages have to know the news. So Shiyi thought for a moment and asked. “Is there anyone in our village who is familiar with people from other villages, and can talk really well?”

Grandpa Yang didn’t understand, “Why are you asking this?”

“I think our store must be popular on their opening day. It’s not good if the people from our village are the only ones who go to our store. It’s better for people from other villages to know the news. We can pay someone who can talk about our store in other villages, so everyone will come to our store. “

“This is good. It would be nice if people from other villages came to our grocery store. I didn’t consider this.” Grandpa Yang thought it was a great idea. He really thought of a person who could do this, so he said to Shiyi: ” Huang Ergou, a member of our village, runs around the Shiliba Village every day. He can talk to anyone, and his mouth is like a bighorn. Huang Ergou is the right person for this task. “

Such a person is indeed the right person to do this task. If you give him some money, he will happily do it. Grandpa Yang immediately took the money to find Huang Ergou. True to what Grandpa Yang said, this man’s ability was really not small. When they opened their grocery store, many people came. Most of them were from outside the village, and a lot of people also carried their own baskets in their hands. It can be seen that they especially came here to buy things.

Yang Shifeng tied the firecracker to a long bamboo pole and lit it as soon as the time came. It crackled in an instant and was very lively.

When the firecrackers burned out, Grandpa Yang came out with a winnowing basket full of candies. He said to a large crowd at the front of their house: “Folks, we all know that our Shiliba village was placed on this mountain. It’s not easy to go out and buy things in the town, and you will surely suffer if you buy something from the town. I think every one must be tired of it. My family has opened this grocery store, which sells some of the things we usually need. You can come and buy them as long as you walk a little. And you can rest assured that the price will never be higher than that in the town. So feel at ease when buying something here.”

A loud noise broke out in the crowd, and everyone immediately started to talk about the grocery store.

Grandpa Yang added: “Today is the first day of operating our shop. In order to celebrate the opening, we have a discount today. As long as the total amount of what you bought exceeds 30 wen, we will give you a bag of salt for free today! ” Shiyi also thought of giving freebies. The purpose of this was to promote popularity and add goodwill to everyone, so they can often come to buy things from their shop in the future.

Everyone was delighted to hear the news. At first, they thought it was a good idea to open a grocery store in the village. In the future, they wouldn’t have to go all the way to the town to buy things. Who knows, that there would a surprise. On their first day, there was a discount. A bag of salt was worth 2 or 3 wen. That’s not a small amount for them.

Everyone cheered, and the happy children clapped their hands and screamed.

Grandpa Yang was also very happy to see the lively scene. He reached out and grabbed a handful of candies and threw them out. “Today, I’ll give you some candy!”

“Waah—” the crowd suddenly burst into a loud cry. Candy was a good thing. If you can grab it for free, how can you not be excited? Everyone bent down and began to grab it. One by one, they were faster than the others. When they got it, they were flushed with joy and hid it in their pockets.

When the candies were scattered and the scene returned to normal again, Grandpa Yang opened the gate to welcome everyone into the house. Suddenly, the spacious room seemed crowded.

Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang both stood at the counter and began to sell things to the people who came in.

“Give me two kilograms of white flour.”

“I want a pot of soy sauce and a pot of wine.”

“Give me a papyrus and two candles.”

“I want…”

There were too many buyers. Everyone crowded in front of the counter and talked about what they wanted to buy. When Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang heard this person talking, they couldn’t hear the other person talking. When they finished taking things for this person, they didn’t have time to give them to that person. Their four hands were not enough.

Shiyi saw this and patted the counter hard. The voice was so loud that it aroused everyone’s attention. “There are too many people today. It’s easy to make mistakes, and the speed is slow. Let’s line up. Line up in two lines, one by one. It will be much faster.”

Everyone knows Shiyi and knows that she is the famous miracle doctor. Many of them have also looked for Shiyi to save their lives. They are naturally convinced of her words. Even those who are not convinced, dare not show it openly. They are afraid that they will not be treated by a miracle doctor in the future. As soon as Shiyi’s voice fell, everyone consciously lined up and said what they wanted to buy one by one.

This is indeed more effective. Not only was it faster, but they also did not make many mistakes. The accounts would be clear. Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang are relieved.

However, there are still too many people. It’s almost noon, but there are still many people waiting in line to buy things. Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang couldn’t even rest for a while.

Shiyi touched her hungry stomach and guessed that Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang should be hungrier than her. She didn’t know how long she would wait for Yang Shifeng to be free to cook. By that time, she would be too hungry and feel weak.

Shiyi thought about it and thought she could go to the kitchen and cook something to eat. Anyway, she wasn’t so busy.

True to her thoughts. Shiyi went to the kitchen, rolled up her sleeves, and went into the kitchen. Although she hasn’t cooked in her life, it’s not like she hasn’t eaten pork or hasn’t seen a pig run. I’ve been here for so long and watched Yang Shifeng cook countless times. If she follows Yang Shifeng’s example, she should be able to do it, right?

Shiyi first followed the way Yang Shifeng usually cooked. Shiyi scooped two cups of rice from the box that contains rice and put it in the pot. She added water to wash the rice in the pot and removed it afterward. Shiyi hesitated for a moment. She didn’t know how much water she needed to put in. Shiyi wanted to ask Yang Shifeng, but seeing that he was busy and couldn’t be disturbed, she simply estimated the amount of water she put in. Anyway, it almost looks like what Yang Shifeng did.

Sitting under the stove, Shiyi first lit a handful of grass with a fire fold and stuffed it in according to Yang Shifeng’s usual steps, and then stuffed the firewood into the stove. The fire in the stove was successfully ignited. Shiyi’s mouth tilted up and she was a little satisfied. It turned out that cooking was not so difficult.

Firewood can be burned for a long time. Shiyi let the fire burn. She ran to the vegetable garden in the backyard and picked a handful of cabbage and two eggplants. Shiyi planned to make fried cabbage and fried eggplant at noon. These two are the simplest and easiest to make. As a result, before she took the food into the kitchen, she saw thick smoke coming out of the room. Shiyi was surprised. She couldn’t care less about the food. She hurried in and was choked immediately. There was thick smoke in the kitchen, and she couldn’t see anything because of the smoke.

Shiyi coughed twice and hurriedly ran in with her mouth and nose covered. As soon as she ran to the stove, the fire in it was gone and turned into thick smoke. Shiyi was really afraid of burning the kitchen. Immediately, she took a basin of water and poured it in. After the “Zizi” sound, the thick smoke inside it gradually stopped coming out.

“Cough, cough…” Shiyi coughed again. Her eyes were so smoked that she couldn’t open them, and tears came out of her eyes. The smoke in the kitchen hasn’t dissipated yet. If she waits any longer, she will be choked to death. Shiyi can’t take care of the rice in the pot. She hurried out and ran into a wide embrace as soon as she reached the door of the kitchen.


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