The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 42.2

Chapter 42 Part 2

Shiyi took Uncle Liang home. “I’ll get my medicine box. Now tell me what’s going on. Well, why did he have a fever? “

Uncle Liang wiped the sweat on his head and explained everything to Shiyi: “Some time ago, my second son accidentally cut his thigh with a sickle when he went to the field. The wound was deep and he shed a lot of blood. It was the time when Doctor Shiyi was away. There’s nothing we could do. We used tufangzi [1]Traditional Chinese Medicine to stop the blood a little and then sent him to the town to find a doctor for treatment. But after he came back, he always had a fever. At first, my son’s fever was not too serious. When he had a fever, it would soon be gone, so, we didn’t pay attention to it. We decocted medicine for him, but after drinking the medicine, he didn’t get better. Until late last night, he suddenly had a high fever and his temperature wasn’t going down. We knew you were back, so we came to you quickly. “

Shiyi didn’t speak. She fastened her pace and went into the house to get the medicine box. Before she could explain to Grandpa Yang, she followed Uncle Liang to his house.

When he arrived at Uncle Liang’s house, his second daughter-in-law greeted them anxiously and said with a sob, “Dad, Doctor Shiyi, you’ve finally come. He’s burning up even more. He’s asleep now, I can’t even wake him up.”

Uncle Liang’s face immediately changed and his voice trembled. “Doctor Shiyi, look at my son.”

Shiyi went to the second house of the Liang family, and there was a smell of medicine. The man on the bed had his eyes closed and his face was burning red. It was obvious that he had fallen into a coma.

Shiyi looked into his eyes, gave him a pulse, and then said, “Show me his wound.”

Liang’s second wife immediately came forward, rolled up Liang’s trouser legs, and exposed the previously injured part, “It’s right here. He was hurt deeply last time, and the wound has been too painful for him ever since. “

The wound was also wrapped in gauze. Shiyi took the scissors from the medicine box and directly cut the gauze to expose the wound inside. At this point, Shiyi also knows why he had a fever.

The wound is really grave. It’s almost as long as a palm, and it’s very deep. The skin and flesh were turned over. The wound hasn’t healed for such a long time, but it’s very red and swollen. It’s obviously inflamed, and there are even signs of ulceration on the edge. If it’s not handled in time now, it may really fester.

Such a wound must be sutured, otherwise, it will not be easy to heal, but there is no suture here. Not only is the wound not sutured, but even the disinfection care also was not done, and it will inevitably become like this.

The urgent task now is to deal with the wound. They can’t delay it any longer.

Shiyi immediately ordered: “Prepare me a jar of white wine, I need to use it for treatment. And also, boil some and get me some candles. “

Uncle Liang immediately ordered his family to do it, and then asked anxiously, “Doctor Shiyi, what else do you need us to do? Just say it.”

Shiyi looked at the people of the Liang family, and Uncle Liang’s three big sons were enough, so she said, “Help me hold him. It will hurt him when I start to disinfect his wound later. Don’t let him move. “

Hearing Shiyi’s words, the other two sons of the Liang family immediately came forward and firmly pressed their second brother.

Shiyi disinfected her hands first, then cleaned the wound with boiling water, and then disinfected the wound with white wine. Wine disinfection was really painful. Uncle Liang’s second son struggled violently in a coma just after his wounds came into contact with the white wine. Fortunately, the other two sons of the Liang family had great strength and they pressed him down firmly, which didn’t delay Shiyi’s disinfection.

Shiyi cleaned the wound neatly, then took out the anesthetic she made herself and applied it directly around the wound. After waiting for almost half a quarter, his violent struggle stopped because the wound could no longer feel pain.

The Liang family was amazed.

“Well, you can let go of him.”

After Shiyi finished the procedure, she took out the needle and thread to sew the wound, disinfected it carefully, came close to the wound, and started sewing it.

The Liang family was shocked and turned pale. Clothes can be sewn, but they haven’t seen how people’s skin and flesh can be sewn like clothes. It’s not sewn badly, right?

Aunt Liang couldn’t bear to look at it and asked cautiously, “Doctor Shiyi, are you going to sew it up with a needle? Is this safe? “

Shiyi knew that people here had never seen sutures and didn’t explain much. She just said, “This is my exclusive treatment. It works very well. Don’t worry.”

When the Liang family heard her words of reassurance. Although they were still worried, they didn’t question anything anymore. After all, they knew Shiyi’s medical skills.

Shiyi really started to sew, and they watched the thin needle get inside the flesh. People nearby felt the pain and couldn’t help biting their teeth. Wouldn’t it hurt to death?

But strangely, Second Brother Liang, who was lying on the bed, didn’t respond at all, like his flesh was not being stitched.

What’s going on?

The Liang family couldn’t help thinking of the thing Shiyi had just smeared on the wound. After that, Second Brother Liang immediately stopped struggling. They thought that this thing was also the reason why he couldn’t feel the pain. With this in mind, everyone admired Shiyi even more.

Shiyi quickly stitched up the wound, applied a layer of self-made golden sore medicine to the wound, and then wrapped the wound layer by layer with gauze.

Because he still continued to have a high fever, it would be dangerous if this continued. Shiyi took out a silver needle and poked Second Brother Liang with the needle. After the needles were withdrawn, Shiyi did not rush to leave and stayed by the bedside to observe until Second Brother Liang’s fever gradually subsided and his temperature became normal. She got up and handed a new bottle of golden sore medicine to the Liang family, then said, “The fever has subsided, so you don’t have to worry about it. From now on, apply this medicine to the wound once a day, and wrap it in gauze. Stop him from moving his wounded leg, and don’t let him walk until the wound heals. “

After Aunt Liang took the medicine, Shiyi continued to say. “Later, ask someone to go home with me to get the medicine. In the future, you will decoct medicine for the patient to drink. Let him drink it twice a day; in the morning and evening, for half a month. “

The Liang family nodded again and again. Uncle Liang said gratefully, “Thank you very much, Doctor Shiyi. if it weren’t for you, my son would be in danger. How much do you think it will cost to treat my son? “

Shiyi didn’t intend to cure someone without them paying. Although she didn’t lack this money, she couldn’t become a living Bodhisattva to save the world. How she collected money in the past and how she will collect money in the future will be the same. “Give me a hundred wen.”

Without saying anything, Uncle Liang quickly took out a hundred wen and handed it to Shiyi. Seeing that such a busy meal had passed in the afternoon, Uncle Liang was embarrassed and said, “Doctor Shiyi, it’s afternoon. Are you hungry? We are going to cook now. You can have a meal at my house before you leave.”

Shiyi picked up her medicine box and carried it on her back. She shook her head and said, “No, I’m used to eating at home.”

Shiyi’s character is almost known in the village. Hearing her say so, the Liang family didn’t do much to force her to stay, so they had to thank her again and send the third daughter-in-law of the Liang family to go back with Shiyi to get the medicine.

As soon as Shiyi went out, she saw Yang Shifeng standing outside Liang’s house, sweating all over.

“Why are you back so soon?” Shiyi was surprised and thought he was going to come back late in the evening.

Yang Shifeng took the medicine box from Shiyi’s hand and carried it on his back. He nodded to the third daughter-in-law of the Liang family. Then he said to Shiyi, “it’s fast to drive back and forth, and it’s even faster to buy things.”

Shiyi doesn’t believe what he said. He had to buy many things. How could he do it so quickly? This man must be worried about her because he was in a hurry to get back. The weather was cold, and his clothes were even wet. However, she felt sweet in her heart for a while. She didn’t expose the awkward man around her and went home with him with a smile.

T/N: Sometimes I forget that this novel is from the ancient era and not the 70s. I think I should pick up some novels with a modern tag.

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1 Traditional Chinese Medicine


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