The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 60.1

Chapter 60 Part 1

Lian Yue was summoned to the capital to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday. He knew that his parents had deliberately done this, and their purpose was to distance him from Shiyi. He didn’t want him to be too obsessed with Shiyi and make his fiancee unhappy. But even though he knew, he couldn’t resist them. So, he had to obey his parents. He originally thought that, after his grandfather’s birthday banquet, he would come back immediately, and Shiyi was probably still there by that time. After all, his grandmother still needed Shiyi’s medical treatment. But who would have thought that, he would be delayed by various things in the capital and that, when he came back, Shiyi had left a long time ago?

Knowing that Shiyi had left, his heart was like being burned on a fire. He asked everyone about Shiyi’s whereabouts, but no one told him where Shiyi had gone. Everyone just shook their heads and said they didn’t know. Even his two friends couldn’t find anything about Shiyi.

All this was arranged by his parents. They didn’t want him to have anything to do with Shiyi. They stopped all the news and made him unable to come back to the capital on time.

Lian Yue smiled bitterly. He may appear, bright, neat, handsome, and enviable, but the truth is, he couldn’t even decide on his own marriage. Not only was he forced to marry someone he didn’t like, but his beloved person couldn’t even stay with him.

However, ever since he was young and even now, he has always followed his parents’ arrangements for him. Lian Yue never let them down, and they never took the initiative to ask for anything. But this time, he didn’t want to follow their arrangements at all. He wanted to live according to his own heart. No matter what they say, he wants to keep his beloved girl around all his life.

So, he quarreled with his parents. Despite their obstruction, he sent people everywhere to ask for information about Shiyi. He never let go of any clues. Lian Yue also invested a large amount of manpower in the town where he met Shiyi for the first time. After looking for her for a whole month, he finally found out where Shiyi was. 

The moment he got the news, he was ecstatic. He couldn’t close his eyes for a moment, didn’t drink a mouthful of water, and didn’t touch a mouthful of food. He rushed over day and night to meet his beloved girl, but he saw her. His beloved girl had a big belly and was happily talking and laughing with another man.

She’s pregnant!

Lian Yue couldn’t accept what he saw. His mind became empty. The next second, he felt that the earth was spinning, and fell into darkness.

When he woke up again, Lian Yue saw himself lying on a bed with white sheets, and was surrounded by the smell of herbs. The shelves that were not far away from his bed were full of herbs.

Where is he?

“Young master! Young master, you are awake!” A surprised cry pulled Lian Yue from his thoughts.

Lian Yue looked at his servant. “Where am I?”

The young man’s eyes flickered and he said cautiously, “Young master, we are in Doctor Shiyi’s house. You just fainted. We have no choice but to ask Doctor Shiyi to have a look at you. Then, after that, she asked us to bring you here.”

Hearing that Shiyi saved him, Lian Yue felt a sense of joy in his heart. However, it didn’t last long. Thinking of Shiyi’s stomach, Lian Yue’s heart became bitter again. He couldn’t help but confirm with the boy around him, “Shiyi… Is she pregnant?”

The little servant bowed his head and couldn’t bear to sprinkle salt on his young master’s wound. As a close friend who has followed the young master since childhood, he knows how much the young master likes Doctor Shiyi. This news was too cruel to his young master. His beloved has married someone else and is pregnant. 

Lian Yue smiled bitterly, he was sad but didn’t cry. The next second, he got out of bed regardless of his servant’s obstruction.

“Young master, what are you doing? You are too weak now. You should have a good rest for two days. Don’t move. “

Lian Yue stretched out his hand to block his servant’s obstruction. “Get out of the way. I want to see her. I want to ask her why!”

“Young Master, you’d better have a rest first. Your health is very important.”

“Go away, don’t stop me.”

Just as the two were pushing and pulling, Shiyi came in and asked, “You. What do you want to ask me?”

Lian Yue’s movements froze, and his whole body seemed to have been cursed and could no longer move.

Shiyi put down the medicine soup in her hand on the table. Seeing that he didn’t open his mouth, she talked to Lian Yue’s servant, “This is your young master’s medicine. Let him drink it and leave as soon as he finished drinking. “

The servant mumbled “yes,” but he didn’t dare to look at his young master’s face.

Seeing that Shiyi was about to leave, Lian Yue finally couldn’t help shouting, “Shiyi! Don’t go! “

Shiyi raised her eyebrows. “Is there something wrong?”

Lianyue’s eyes once again turned to Shiyi’s protruding stomach and said, “You… Are you married? “

Shiyi straightened her stomach and said faintly, “Didn’t you see this? How can I get pregnant without being married?

Lian Yue’s heart suddenly felt like eating Huanglian; his chest was so stuffy that he couldn’t breathe. She is really married and pregnant. What is the use of his persistence and searching for her whereabouts for so long?! [1]Huanglian – Derived from the rhizome of the perennial herb Coptis Chinensis, Huang Lian is used in traditional Chinese medicine for diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal fullness, jaundice, high fever … Continue reading

“Why did you leave in the first place? I rushed back from the capital, and when I returned, you were no longer there. I inquired about you everywhere, and I finally found out that you lived here. I—”

Shiyi frowned and interrupted, “Why can’t I go? I can go wherever I want. Do I still need your permission? What’s my relationship with you? “

Shiyi’s merciless words were like a knife in Lian Yue’s heart, which made him unable to deceive himself and others. Shiyi never paid any attention to him. In her heart, they had nothing to do with each other. He was just a passer-by in her eyes.

Lian Yue covered his eyes to block the redness forming in his eyes. However, he is still unwilling. Even if a woman like Shiyi wants to marry someone, she can only marry someone better than him. How can she marry a countryman and live in such a poor place?! This shouldn’t be Shiyi’s life.

This unwillingness made Lian Yue lose his composure, and his words were also offensive. “Based on your appearance and skills, no matter what kind of man you were looking for, how could you not find him? Why did you marry a village man and live in such a remote place? What can that village man give you? He can’t give you anything. Shiyi, he is not worthy of you! Wake up!”


1 Huanglian – Derived from the rhizome of the perennial herb Coptis Chinensis, Huang Lian is used in traditional Chinese medicine for diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal fullness, jaundice, high fever coma, toothache, diabetes, and eczema.


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  1. archer emiya has spoken 3 months ago

    Despite his pitifulness and Shiyi’s brashness, this guy’s intention isn’t exactly good either. Imagine if Shiyi is a weak woman with the same personality and falls in love with him the life of a concubine with no support family in the olden days is literally a death sentence for her

  2. Diair has spoken 4 months ago

    Honestly, Shiyi is lucky that the Lian family didn’t do more than this to prevent Lian Yue from finding her. Given how little the wealthy thought about peasants back then, there was a distinct possibility they’d just have her murdered in order to avoid any further mishaps. I guess the only thing that kept them honest when dealing with her is that she was well liked by the old matriarch.

    Not that they’d be able to easily hurt Shiyu, of course, but it would probably make it really difficult for her to reunite with Yang Shenfeng.

  3. GiL has spoken 2 years ago

    Hey! That’s discrimination and also judgemental.
    Anyway, thanks for the chapter


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