The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 60.2

Chapter 60 Part 2

Originally, Shiyi didn’t intend to pay attention to Lian Yue and just wanted him to wake up and leave quickly. However, she didn’t expect this person to say such unbearable words about Yang Shifeng, which made Shiyi’s face darken and her voice becomes cold, “What do you think? The things that my husband can give to me, do you think you can give them to me?”

Lian Yue immediately opened his mouth: “Of course, I can! I can give you a life full of fine clothes and jade food. You don’t have to worry about anything, and you don’t have to work hard to make money for others. Can he do it? “

“Ha!” Shiyi sneered, “But did I say I wanted fine clothes and food? Do you think I can’t make that much money with my ability? Do I still need someone else to give me rich clothes and food? “

Lian Yue was choked by Shiyi’s question. Indeed, with Shiyi’s superb medical skills, it would be easy to treat a wealthy official and gentleman for a lot of money. If she wanted to live a good life, she didn’t need a man at all.

Shiyi went on without mercy. “You said you liked me, didn’t you? You were sincere to me? Well, I want someone good to me wholeheartedly. Only me. I am the only person he will love all his life. Can you do it?” 

Lian Yue opened his mouth and was speechless. He could only be the woman he loved, but he couldn’t have “only her” as his woman.

Shiyi smiled sarcastically, “You can’t do it! But my husband can. I will be the only one he will love all his life and he takes me as his priority. But what about you? Your so-called kindness is to let me be a concubine with no status to speak of, share my husband with others, and then put up with it under your main wife. You also said that I, Shiyi, can find anyone. Even if I didn’t find my current husband, why should I find someone like you? Sorry, you don’t deserve me. “

Shiyi’s words were heartbreaking. Lian Yue’s heart was stabbed— drenched with blood, but he could not refute her words, because Shiyi couldn’t be the only one in his life, and his identity did not allow him to do so.

Lian Yue fell feebly onto the bed behind him, and his mind was blank.

Shiyi sneered at him, turned around, and walked away, but before she left, she said, “I’ll give you half a day to leave immediately, or don’t blame me for being rude!”

Shiyi didn’t expect to see Lian Yue again. She was shocked when she saw him appear. Of course, she knew that Lian Yue’ liked her, but Lian Yue didn’t mean anything to her. She didn’t care about him before, and she won’t care about him now. In Shiyi’s opinion, no matter what aspect, this man was no match for Yang Shifeng.

However, when she entered the main hall, she didn’t see Yang Shifeng.

Shiyi asked Xiao Shitou, “Where is your brother Shifeng?” Isn’t he still here?

Xiao Shitou pointed his finger in the direction of Shiyi and Yang Shifeng’s room and secretly told Shiyi, “My brother looked unhappy.”

Shiyi looked at the closed door, rubbed Xiao Shitou’s hair, walked slowly to the door of the room, stretched out her hand, and pushed it. The door opened and was not locked.

Yang Shifeng was sitting at the table, looking at the table motionless.

Shiyi walked over and touched his shoulder. “What are you doing, my husband?”

Yang Shifeng’s eyelashes moved, but he didn’t look at Shiyi. As if the table looked as beautiful as a flower.

Shiyi poked him on the cheek again. “Hey, my husband, what are you doing? Why are you ignoring your little wife? “

Yang Shifeng tilted his head and continued to be silent.

Shiyi was 100% sure that this man was angry. As for why he is angry, it must be because of Lian Yue.

Shiyi sighed secretly. She sat down on Yang Shifeng’s lap, put her hand around his neck, and shook him coquettishly, “Brother Shifeng, what’s wrong with you? Are you mad at me?”

This is the first time Shiyi has called Yang Shifeng like this. The word “brother Shifeng” sounded so sweet and greasy that it made anyone who heard it feel numb. However, when Yang Shifeng thought of the man outside, who looked like a prince, his heart was choked. Even the fool could see what he meant when he looked at Shiyi.

The thought of someone coveting his Shiyi made him want to kill.

Shiyi saw that Yang Shifeng was still cold and silent, thinking that he was angry, so she had to kiss his lips several times in a coquettish way, and coaxed him: “Don’t be angry. I don’t know that person well, I only treated his grandmother, and there was nothing else. Who knew he would come here? Don’t worry, I just told him to leave quickly. “

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips. After a long time, he said in a low voice, “He likes you.”

Shiyi said, “So what? I don’t like him. I like you. “

This sentence is like a piece of sugar, which made Yang Shifeng’s uncomfortable heart feel sweet. He reached out his hand, wrapped one hand around her waist, and gently touched her cheek with the other hand.

Shiyi kissed him on the corner of his mouth again. “You’re not angry now?”

Yang Shifeng shook his head, “Not angry.” He was just worried that his Shiyi would be robbed. The thought of it made him unhappy, like a child who was making a fuss.

How can Shiyi not know what Yang Shifeng thinks? She cares about his mood and knows him better than anyone else.

Shiyi took Yang Shifeng’s big hand and put it on her stomach. Then she said: “Look, we have a child. If he finds out that his father and mother are at odds, he will be unhappy. When he comes out, he will be angry with you. “

Yang Shifeng was amused by Shiyi’s words and rubbed her stomach with his big hand. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be unhappy. I know what you feel towards me.”

Shiyi touched his face. “Don’t think too much. The man outside is a stranger to me. I can’t control what he thinks, but he can’t affect us at all. “

Yang Shifeng nodded. He lowered his head and pressed a kiss on the corner of Shiyi’s mouth. He whispered, “I know.” His Shiyi always dares to love and hate. If she chooses him, her mind will be clearer than anything else, and no one can shake her decision.

“Shiyi, let me talk to him.” Yang Shifeng thought this is a matter between men, and he always has to come forward to solve it.

Shiyi pressed her lips together and shook her head. “Don’t go. He’s just an insignificant person. There’s no need to talk to him. He’s not worth it.”

Yang Shifeng kept silent for a moment, then agreed.

Shiyi rubbed Yang Shifeng’s head as she did with Xiao Shitou. While she was relieved, she also made up her mind to let the group outside go quickly.

However, in the evening, Lian Yue’s servant came to tell Shiyi that his young master had a high fever because of his long journey. He still needs to live here for a while. He can’t leave until the fever subsides, or there will be a danger.

Shiyi wasn’t reluctant at all to let them leave immediately, but Lian Yue’s servant knelt down directly to her, begging her to let his young master get rid of the fever first, before going back.

Shiyi didn’t feel honored to be kowtowed to by someone. However, Lian Yue wasn’t pretending to be ill, he was indeed having a high fever, and he was still talking nonsense in a coma. Shiyi knew that if he drove them away now, there might be an accident on the way. Shiyi didn’t care about Lian Yue, but she remembered Lian Yue’s family background. If something happened, the village would not be peaceful in the future. Their family would not feel better.

She didn’t want the calm days to be broken. So Shiyi kept her anger and let them live here for a while. She threw a handful of herbs for reducing fever and gave all of it to Lian Yue’s servant.

Two days later, Lian Yue’s fever finally subsided and she woke up. Shiyi asked them to leave again.

Lian Yue’s face was pale. With the help of his servant, he stood up. Looking at Shiyi, his eyes were dark and his voice was hoarse. “Shiyi, if I don’t marry anyone else, and marry you and be the only woman for the rest of my life. You are the only one. Can you marry me?”

Shiyi raised her eyebrows and simply shook her head, “No. because I don’t like you, I only like my husband. Don’t worry about me anymore, and don’t come here in the future. “

For fear that Lian Yue might come back later or use his family’s power to make trouble, Shiyi had to warn, “I know that your family’s background is extraordinary and It’s easy for your family to do something, but I think you know my medical skills. My medical skills can cure or harm people. With my ability, it’s still no problem for a person to die without being aware of what the cause was. Therefore, I don’t want anyone to disturb my peaceful life.”

With such a direct warning or threat, how could Lian Yue not understand Shiyi’s meaning? His already desperate heart was trembling with pain again. In her heart, was he such a person who would use power to threaten and persecute others? Is that what she thinks of him?

Lian Yue bowed his head, and the smile on his lips was bitter and tragic. There was no ripple in his heart.

He thought he had lost. He lost before it even started, and he didn’t even have a chance to fight. If she liked him even a little, he would do anything to snatch her over. However, she didn’t even give him this opportunity. What could he do except give up? He didn’t want to be hated by her.

One second before boarding the carriage, Lian Yue finally looked back at Shiyi and murmured, “Shiyi, goodbye.”

After this, I will never see you again.

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  1. Diair has spoken 4 months ago

    Hmmm, well, I’d say he’s not all that bad compared to some ML’s I’ve seen in other novels. His biggest issue is the fact that he has no spine to stand up against his parents. Just the fact that he never even remotely tried to take advantage of his power and force Shiyi makes him pretty green in my book.

  2. Aikun has spoken 7 months ago

    You know I have been reading books since I learned how to read and I can say that Lian Yue is the worst second ML and the only second male lead I didn’t covet. Good riddance!

  3. ... has spoken 1 year ago

    He only care about his feeling. If he really do care her sincerely, surely he can see himself how she is happily married and pregnant with her husband?

  4. GiL has spoken 2 years ago

    Thanks for the chapter

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    He only appears imposing but he has no backbone.

  7. Maybelle Dee has spoken 2 years ago

    I honestly feel a little bad for him, but love cannot and should never be forced, so he’s better off giving up. Besides, asking a pregnant woman to leave her husband and marry you, despite also knowing how your parents would react, that’s low!

    Thank you so much for the translations Notlucia.

  8. nagini has spoken 2 years ago

    Pitiful, but he will never be able to make any woman happy, considering that he’s marrying for benefits and doesn’t mind having a concubine.

    • Kyoko Mogami has spoken 1 year ago

      Isso acontece por ser muito filial, ele não está casando porque quer, mas por ser obrigado pelos seus pais, não fosse isso, acredito que ele ficaria apenas com ela se tivesse a oportunidade, infelizmente ele tem muitas coisas contra ele, que mulher iria querer fazer parte de uma família onde a mãe do suposto futuro marido já mostrou que se acha muito melhor que você e que entrar pra família dela é uma honra muito grande?
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    LY’s seen too many Disney movies…some prince charming 😛


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