The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 61.1

Chapter 61 Part 1

After Lian Yue left, Yang Shifeng finally breathed a sigh of relief. He found it hard for him to watch a man who covets his own woman right in front of his eyes. However, he promised Shiyi that he wouldn’t do anything. This feeling of not being able to do anything was so painful that it burned his heart and lungs.

Yang Shifeng held Shiyi’s face in his hands and bit her cheek, then said viciously, “You are mine.”

Seeing his rare childish appearance, Shiyi wanted to laugh. Knowing that he had been oppressed these days, she kissed him repeatedly on his lips, “OK, I’m all yours.”

After being kissed by Shiyi, Yang Shifeng was immediately encouraged. He chased Shiyi with his lips. He had not touched Shiyi for a long time, and a few days ago, he was depressed because of Lian Yue’s affairs, and this was the only time he was able to relax. 

They kissed for a long time—until both of them were out of breath. Yang Shifeng’s breath touched Shiyi’s neck.

However, Yang Shifeng didn’t dare to move even further. He could only bury his face in Shiyi’s neck and gasp for breath. He put one hand on the bed to avoid pressing Shiyi’s stomach. No matter how excited he was, he still remembered Shiyi’s stomach.

Shiyi and Yang Shifeng are too familiar with each other now. Naturally, they know that Yang Shifeng wants it very much now. She could see how uncomfortable he was, how he dared not move and feel wronged on his own. Although the baby is important, the baby’s father was also very important.

Little brat, you should be good. You have to be obedient. Daddy has endured not eating meat for you for a long time, but alas. He’s too pitiful. For the sake of your father’s face, you at least have to give him some face.

Shiyi silently discussed it with her baby in her heart. Then she put her arms around Yang Shifeng’s head, kissed him in the ear, and whispered, “It’s okay now. The baby is three-months-old now and not so fragile.”

Yang Shifeng suddenly raised his head and looked at Shiyi with surprise, joy, and entanglement. “Really?”

Shiyi chuckled. She leaned close to Yang Shifeng’s lips and gave him an encouraging kiss. “Do it gently.”

Yang Shifeng immediately groaned, bowed his head, and kissed Shiyi. Although he was eager, he was still very gentle. He put his hands beside Shiyi and made sure he didn’t press on her. Shiyi became impatient and reached out to pull out his clothes.

Yang Shifeng smiled happily. He undressed his and Shiyi’s clothes—until both of them were naked, and trusted one another fully. However, Yang Shifeng was not in a hurry to take her. Instead, he looked at Shiyi’s bulging stomach carefully. His eyes were full of emotion. 

‘Here, is where their baby is, which Shiyi conceived for him. He is so small. He is staying in his mother’s belly obediently. ’ When Yang Shifeng thought that their baby will come out in just a few months, he was full of tenderness. He stepped back from Shiyi, put his ear on Shiyi’s stomach, and listened quietly. Of course, the child was so small that it is impossible to hear anything, but Yang Shifeng listened to the baby very carefully, looking like he could really hear something.

Shiyi looked at this scene and suddenly felt a sense of happiness in her heart. She just felt that what she had at present was what she wanted. There was nothing better than this. Shiyi couldn’t help but put her hand on Yang Shifeng’s head and gently rubbed it.

Yang Shifeng listened to the baby for a long time, then raised his head and smiled at Shiyi. He bowed his head and kissed her gently on the stomach. Yang Shifeng kissed every corner of her stomach again and again as if he were seriously greeting the baby in her stomach.

Shiyi was made helpless by her baby’s foolish father. She could only go along with him. The helpless feeling of being kissed by him just disappeared. Instead, Shiyi became drowsy and gradually closed her eyes.

Just as Shiyi was about to go to sleep, her body was suddenly filled up. She couldn’t help humming. She was so angry that she wanted to kick the man who suddenly attacked her. However, she had no strength to hit the beast.

After fooling around all night, Shiyi slept soundly, and by the time she woke up, Yang Shifeng had already disappeared.

At this time, Yang Shifeng, who was refreshed and energized, was busy with matters of the school. A few days ago, because Lian Yue was there, he stayed at home every day. Now he is back at work again.

Everyone in the village knows that Yang Shifeng’s home is the most beautiful in the whole village, which is no different from the restaurant in the town, and it is all decorated and created by Yang Shifeng himself. Therefore, those who build houses often come to ask Yang Shifeng for advice. They attach great importance to the school and hope to build it beautifully. Therefore, in every place and corner, they would come and ask for Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng plans to decorate the school according to the current decoration of his family’s house. He explained the requirements of each place to these people one by one and then decorated the room with them. A group of people worked hard for two months before finally finishing the beautification of the school.

At this time, the school is definitely an eye-catching existence. It is the most beautiful house in this entire village. It covers an area as large as five families’ households. There are all kinds of classrooms, houses, canteens, and dormitories. The walls are all made of expensive green bricks. The roofs were all made of polished tiles. The walls were white and bright, and the floors were all paved with bright floor tiles. The whole appearance of the school looks very beautiful, which makes it look better than the best school in town.

When did the villagers have ever seen such a beautiful house? All of them were amazed. As long as they had nothing to do, they would wander around outside the school. Even if they couldn’t get in, they would have a look outside the school. Now the subject of the children’s entertainment has become going to school together with their friends, each with a small head clinging to the door frame and refusing to leave.

On the day when the school was officially completed, Shiyi also went and looked at its appearance and was satisfied with its appearance of the school. She walked around twice with a big belly and immediately decided to have a celebration.

First, they set off a few strings of firecrackers for a while and then paid for a cook who specialized in making noodles to come to their house. They set the cooking location in the extraordinarily bright canteen kitchen of the school, and let the chef cook a rich meal to entertain those who have worked hard for the school for several months.

The chef’s craftsmanship was quite good. There are all kinds of chicken, duck, fish, and meat on the table. The smell was so fragrant that passers-by could not help themselves from sniffing more of it. Shiyi also specially provided more than a dozen jars of wine for them to enjoy. On one hand, it is to celebrate the completion of the school, and on the other hand, it is to thank these people for their contributions to the school.

The laborers were very happy. It was a good thing to have wine and meat. Naturally, they wanted to eat and drink as much as they could. Everyone opened their stomachs to eat and drink. You come and I’ll push the cup for another one. It was very lively for a while.


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  1. Diair has spoken 4 months ago

    I’m really not a fan of how intimate scenes are written in this…

    When Shiyi was the one who took initiative before the wedding, that was pretty good and made me have high hopes for their dynamic. But ever since then, every scene has had this annoying halfway rapey classic C-novel feel to it: It’s always been Shenfeng being an “aggressive wolf” and Shiyi just going along with it because he wants to do it. Never because she wants it herself. It’s even more annoying in this novel since Shiyi is supposed to be so strong. She can basically throw him off her at any time, so why the hell is it written in this way, as if she hates it and that it’s just a chore? And don’t get me started on the way she’s describes as being exhausted and in immense pain the day after. Just ick.


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