The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 61.2

Chapter 61 Part 2

After the celebration, Shiyi decided to open the school to the public for a few days, so that anyone who wants to visit can come in and have a look. The class will begin immediately after the Master is recruited.

When the villagers heard that they could visit the school, all of them became interested and brought their children to have a look. However, the people who came were not only from Yang Shifeng’s village, the people from other villages also went and joined the fun after hearing the news. 

When the villagers saw the layout of the school, they were almost unable to walk. They felt that it was so beautiful and magnificent that it was even better than the school in the town. If they could study here, they would have more face.

Many children are shaking their parents’ clothes to say they want to go to school, and many parents who did not plan to send their children to school were also shaken.

It was determined that many children would come to the school to study. Shiyi began to prepare for the matter of hiring a master of the school. After the school was built, it was time to invite the master.

Shiyi had planned to go with Yang Shifeng to invite Master Qiao, who they had inquired about last time, but Yang Shifeng strongly objected to Shiyi’s plan, “You are pregnant. Our child in your stomach has become bigger, and it will take you so long to arrive in town. How can your body stand the turbulence?! Be obedient, stay at home, and I will promise to invite him back.” 

Yang Shifeng didn’t agree with her, rushing to the town for how many hours with her five-month-old child in her stomach. Shiyi will definitely worry him to death

Shiyi pouted. “But I’m very flexible. I’m not so uncomfortable now. It’s not a problem for me to go to town at all. If I wait for another two months, I won’t be able to go.”

Yang Shifeng took his wife in his arms and patted her gently, and coaxed her: “Be good, the donkey cart will be bumpy as soon as it runs, and normal people can’t stand sitting on it. What’s more, you are still pregnant with a child. If you and the child are in any danger, do you want to take my life? “

Shiyi bowed her head and stopped talking. In fact, she also knew that her idea was a bit dangerous, but she just couldn’t help being wayward, and she didn’t know what was wrong. After pregnancy, she always gave Yang Shifeng problems, and then Yang Shifeng would try to coax herself.

Are pregnant women unreasonable?

“Well, go by yourself.” Shiyi compromised, but still looked at her stomach and sighed. She patted her extremely large stomach. “Look at you. It’s because of you. Mom can’t go out. Do you think I’m wrong? “

The child in the belly looked as if he understood his mother’s dislike towards him, and kicked Shiyi in the belly in response. Shiyi almost jumped up.

“You little boy, want to rebel? Be careful or I’ll beat you! ” Shiyi slapped the little guy in her belly again.

Yang Shifeng was startled. He quickly took Shiyi by the hand and stopped her from patting her stomach again. “Darling, please take it easy. How can you pat indiscriminately when you’re pregnant?

“But this guy is so disobedient, he would always rebel inside my stomach.”

As soon as Shiyi’s words fell, another bulge appeared on her belly—she had been severely kicked by her child.

Shiyi was so angry. She took Yang Shifeng’s hand and put it on her stomach and complained, “Look at him. He’s too much. He kicked me again. Now, I can’t even say a word. Am I still his mother? Does he want to rebel in the future? “

Yang Shifeng helplessly rubbed Shiyi’s hair and said, “Don’t be angry. He’s still young and not sensible. Shall I teach him a lesson when he comes out?”

Shiyi pressed her lips and decided to not quarrel with the little boy for the time being.

After successfully comforting Shiyi, the hard-working father squatted down and kissed Shiyi’s pregnant belly, and patiently communicated with the little guy inside, “Baby, be good. Don’t always kick your mother, or else she’ll be angry. You’re an obedient kid. When you come out, dad will take you on a big horse, okay? “

No one knew if he was comforted. The baby’s kick made a bulge in Shiyi’s belly. But this time, it was light and not so hard. It was just a response to his father.

Seeing this, Yang Shifeng happily kissed him at the place where the little baby kicked. “Baby, dad knows you are obedient.”

Shiyi rolled her eyes. What is this scene of a loving father and a filial son! Who on earth is his good baby? Can’t she compare with her son, who hasn’t even shown her face?

After Yang Shifeng comforted the little guy in Shiyi’s stomach, he picked up Shiyi and put her on the bed. “Lie down for a while, you shouldn’t keep standing all the time.”

Shiyi couldn’t really stand for a long time. After standing for a long time, she would feel uncomfortable all over her body, and her stomach felt like it was falling down.

Yang Shifeng touched Shiyi’s stomach, feeling happy and sad, saying, “Shiyi, how come other people’s five-month-old kids are not as big as ours? I think those women who are stronger than you and fatter than you don’t look as pregnant as you. “

Yang Shifeng was very concerned about Shiyi’s pregnancy. When he saw other pregnant women, he would always pay attention to them. He can’t help comparing them with Shiyi. Then he found out that those who were bigger than Shiyi in terms of build and the months they were carrying a baby, had smaller bellies than Shiyi. This information shocked him. He especially went to consult those very experienced people in the village, and everyone would have the same answer; Shiyi’s stomach is too big.

Shiyi patted her stomach without any concern. “That’s because everything I ate was absorbed by this little guy. He didn’t share it with me at all. “

It’s true. When other women are pregnant, they all grow fat. Shiyi was the only one who didn’t get fat. Instead, she gets thinner and thinner. Everything she eats is used to grow her stomach. That’s why it got this big.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t help but guess, “Shiyi, your stomach is too big. Do you think it’s a twin? I’ve heard that the stomach with two children inside was always very big.” Even Grandpa Yang whispered in private, asking if Shiyi was pregnant with two children, and he even asked Yang Shifeng to take Shiyi to the town to see a doctor.

Shiyi shook her head calmly. “I’m not having a twin, just one. I only have one child’s pulse in my stomach. ” She also knew that her stomach was too big, so she checked her pulse. However, there was only one child inside her womb, but this child could match the size of her belly carrying a twin. He was really domineering.

Yang Shifeng believes in Shiyi’s medical skills. So, it was really one child. However, Yang Shifeng became even more worried, “Shiyi, our child was only this old, but he was a lot bigger than other 5-month-old babies. Is it really okay?”

Yang Shifeng was actually worried. He is afraid that Shiyi’s childbirth will be difficult due to the child’s size. He would rather have the child thinner and take good care of him after he came out.

Shiyi sighed in silence, “But your baby is too greedy. He robbed me of all my food. I can’t help it if he wants to grow so fat. ” With that, Shiyi said affirmatively, “He’ll probably be a fat man when he comes out.”

Although Yang Shifeng was a bit embarrassed about his wife calling his child fat, he had to agree with Shiyi. The child is too greedy, and Shiyi doesn’t eat much every day and can still grow fat, but he can’t control him.

Seeing Yang Shifeng frowning, Shiyi could not help but caress his face. “Don’t worry. I know my body. It won’t be too difficult for the child to come out if I walk around. Besides, have you forgotten my skills? If the child is too fat to be delivered normally, I can open my stomach. In short, I’ll be with you all my life. Trust me. “

Yang Shifeng knew that Shiyi could open the belly of a pregnant woman to take out her child. Shiyi said it was called a cesarean section. There were two women in the village whose children were too big to be delivered normally. Later, Shiyi used this method to take out the children. Now the two women are fine, and the children are fine. This method can ensure that the pregnant woman can give birth to the children safely, even if they are too big.

However, other people are others. As long as Yang Shifeng thinks that Shiyi will painfully cut open her stomach or cut herself open, he can’t stand it. He was afraid of this danger.

“Shiyi, if you can, you’d better not use this method. There is some difference between opening someone else’s stomach and opening your own. There’s no other doctor here who can help you. We’d better move more and try to make the child smaller and let the child come out smoothly. “

In fact, normal delivery is better than a cesarean. Shiyi naturally knows this truth. She won’t choose to have a cesarean. So, she nodded and said, “Then I’ll move more and eat less so that the baby won’t grow so fat.”

Yang Shifeng replied, “I will accompany you on your walks around the village every day after dinner.”


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