The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 62.2

Chapter 62 Part 2

Yang Shifeng took Master Qiao’s expression into his eyes and continued to say quietly, “Also, I know it’s inconvenient for the village to go to the town, and it’s troublesome to buy anything. But now my family has opened a grocery store, and we have everything. You do not need to go to town to purchase anything. Now the villagers of Shiliba village come to my house to buy and sell things. Life is fairly convenient, and the master doesn’t have to worry about what he wants to buy. “

Master Qiao was surprised again. He even built a grocery store?

Yang Shifeng paused and said his last point: “Master, although the villagers don’t have much money, the children’s tuition will still be given. My family also has a child who will attend the class. My wife and I will pay one tael silver to the master every year. As for other children, each person will pay 300 wen a year. “

Master Qiao blinked and did a quick calculation in his mind: there are at least several hundred children in Shiliba Village, even if there are only 30 children. If a child studies, he can get at least 12 taels of silver a year. This figure shocked Master Qiao. In the town, he could earn at least 8 taels of silver every year, and he still has to spend a lot of money on everything in the town. Therefore, he wasn’t able to save much money from his salary.

But living in the village is different. There is a land in the village, and you can grow everything yourself. At that time, there will be fewer places to spend money, and more money will be saved. So, by the time his children were about to marry, they still had enough money for the bride price.

Now, Master Qiao is more excited than ever.

But it was a big deal. He couldn’t make a decision for a while. He had to discuss it with his wife and children.

“Little brother, this is not a trivial matter after all. I have to consider it. I can’t promise you for the time being. “

Yang Shifeng smiled and said, “Of course, such a big thing needs to be considered and discussed with your family. Well, I wonder if Master Qiao is interested in visiting the school in our village. Maybe the master can make a decision if he goes there. If the master is willing, this junior can come and pick you up tomorrow. “

Master Qiao raised his eyes and was very moved by the proposal. He wanted to see what the school looked like.

After thinking for a while, Master Qiao nodded, “I’ll go and have a look. Please come and pick me up tomorrow, little brother. “

“No trouble, that’s it. I’ll pick you up early tomorrow morning. “


By the time Yang Shifeng got home, it was already dark. Everyone had eaten dinner, washed, and was ready to go to bed.

The first thing Yang Shifeng did was go into his room to see Shiyi.

Shiyi was sitting at the table, playing with herbs with dim yellow candles. When she saw Yang Shifeng coming back, her eyes lit up, and she quickly stood up, “You finally came back? Why are you so late? “

Yang Shifeng supported Shiyi, held her up and let her sit on his lap, and tapped her forehead. “Why are you still packing herbs so late in the night? The candle is too dim. It’s bad for your eyes and for the child in your stomach. Don’t you want to go to bed early? You can’t stay up late now. “

When Shiyi saw that Yang Shifeng was nagging again. She stretched out her fingers and pinched his lips. “Well, don’t talk about me. I feel uneasy knowing that you haven’t come back yet. I can’t even sleep without you wrapping your arms around me. “

Yang Shifeng felt that Shiyi was becoming more and more capable of moving his heart. His heart could be softened by her casual words. He is no longer willing to say anything about her, but can only indulge and coax her.

“Hey, you’re asking for trouble.”

Shiyi smiled and kissed the corner of Yang Shifeng’s lip. She took his hand and put it on her stomach and said, “Your little boy hasn’t slept yet. He is very energetic every night. He may stay up late. Don’t worry about him. “

Yang Shifeng patted her ass, “It’s nonsense. The child must have fallen asleep. How late it is now. “

Seeing that he didn’t believe it, Shiyi pouted, patted her big belly, lowered her head to look at her stomach, and said, “Hey, little fat man, your father doesn’t believe you haven’t slept yet. Please say hello to your father, Let him not think that mother is talking nonsense.”

However, the big belly had no movement and no response at all. Where did his liveliness during daytime go?

Yang Shifeng placed his big hand on Shiyi’s stomach and looked at Shiyi’s funny face with a smile in his eyes. He was happy and worried at the same time. Shiyi was almost like his daughter now. Maybe she will cause more headaches than their child in the future. Can she take care of the child? He’d better raise the baby in the future, otherwise, he’s afraid of the mother and son fighting every day.

“Well, the baby must be asleep. Don’t poke him. “

Shiyi was dissatisfied and said, “I am telling the truth. The little fat man is pretending. He doesn’t go to bed so early at all. He would always kick me when I fall asleep. It’s impossible for him to sleep now.

Shiyi poked her belly again, “Little fatty, don’t pretend.”

Yang Shifeng can’t laugh or cry. Shiyi became like a child after the pregnancy. She became more and more childish and cute than before. But he loves her so much. He hopes that she will be like this all her life. He is willing to pamper her like this forever.

Yang Shifeng removed Shiyi’s hand that poked the little fat man, and gently stroked her stomach, “Okay, the baby must be tired from playing today, so he goes to bed earlier than usual, let’s let him sleep.”

Shiyi pouted and finally let the little fatty go.

However, when Yang Shifeng just took his hands off his stomach, his stomach suddenly bulged, and the little fat man inside was kicking again.

Shiyi shouted “ah” and looked at his stomach angrily. “As I said, he was pretending. He didn’t sleep at all. As soon as you took away your hand, he kicked me. This little fat man is so annoying.”

Yang Shifeng doesn’t know what to say at this time. The baby was really naughty, and he would play hide-and-seek with adults.

Just then, Shiyi was kicked again by the child in her womb, but this was stronger than the previous one, and Shiyi felt pain.

When Yang Shifeng saw this, he quickly put his hand on Shiyi’s stomach again and stroked it back and forth, gently comforting the child in Shiyi’s stomach: “OK, OK, baby, don’t make trouble. It’s time to go to bed. Don’t kick your mother. “

The child in the stomach seemed to hear the old father’s reassurance and gradually became obedient. He really didn’t kick again, and finally, let Shiyi go.

Shiyi rolled her eyes. She was so angry that she decided not to care about the little fat man in her stomach anymore. Instead, she asked about their business, “How did the matter in town go? What did Master Qiao say? “

“Master Qiao refused at the beginning, but then I explained all the benefits of our college to him.” Later, he was a little moved, so I invited him to visit our school tomorrow. He agreed, and I will pick him up tomorrow. ” With that, Yang Shifeng said with a little confidence: “I think he will be excited when he comes to visit our school.”

Shiyi also felt the same, “Although we are in a village and not as prosperous as the town, we have provided him with good conditions. It’s not bad at all, he definitely feels more comfortable living here than in the town, and his income is higher, most should be willing. Not to mention, this is his hometown, he always has a special feeling for his hometown.”

Yang Shifeng touched Shiyi’s face. “OK, I’ll solve this problem. Don’t worry. It’s late now. It’s time to go to bed. “

Shiyi yawned and felt sleepy. She put her arms around Yang Shifeng’s neck and gradually couldn’t open her eyes. “Then I’ll sleep.”

As soon as the words fell, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Yang Shifeng raised the corner of his lip, kissed Shiyi on her forehead, picked her up, and put her on the bed.

The next day, Yang Shifeng drove his donkey cart to the town again and picked up Master Qiao.

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