The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 63.1

Chapter 63 Part 1

Last night, Master Qiao told his wife and his children about what Yang Shifeng told him and asked for their opinions. At first, his family shook their heads and refused. They don’t want to return to the poor mountain village anymore. 

But when he said the various benefits that Yang Shifeng told him to his family, his family finally hesitated.

His eldest son is already 18 years old. Although his main priority now is to study, he can no longer delay his marriage at this age. It is time for him to marry a wife. However, there are only two rooms in the Qiao family. The sons live in one room. Is it possible to share the room where his brother sleeps, with his newly married wife?

This matter is like a thorn that pokes in everyone’s heart from time to time. When they heard that the school in the village has an independent yard for them to live in, which is tantamount to an attractive straw for their family. With this, it became difficult for their family to be indifferent. In the end, the family unanimously decided to come and have a look. 

Today, Master Qiao is accompanied by his eldest son. Originally, Master Qiao and his eldest son thought they would see a school similar to the thatched cottages in the village. At most, the house may look a bit newer. Contrary to what they expected, when the two saw the school, they were speechless. Unconsciously, they stopped in their tracks and stood there, staring blankly at the school in front of them.

Master Qiao stammered as he asked: “This… Is this the school you built?”

“Exactly.” Yang Shifeng’s eyes flashed with a smile, and he stretched out his hand to guide the two of them, “Master Qiao, Mr. Qiao, come in with me. I’ll introduce you to the layout of the school. “

Master Qiao and his son looked at each other, nodded at each other, and followed Yang Shifeng with full surprise. They listened to Yang Shifeng introduce every part of the school to them. This included classrooms, playgrounds, canteens, rest rooms, and dormitories.

The more they listened, the more they could not describe the shock they felt in their hearts. It was really beyond imagination. Who could have imagined that a school in the village was so beautiful and magnificent that, the schools in the town could not be compared with this school? The school where Master Qiao is now staying is even more incomparable than the one in front of him.

Master Qiao’s eldest son secretly pulled Master Qiao’s sleeve while Yang Shifeng was not paying attention, and whispered, “Father—”

Master Qiao looked at his son and saw excitement and a tempted expression in his son’s eyes. Without needing any words, he knew that his son wanted him to agree.

In fact, Master Qiao also felt the same. How can he be unmoved when he sees such a school? If a master could teach in such a school, his life would be worth it.

Yang Shifeng took the father and son to the front of the school, and then took them to the backyard to see the yard where the master would live. The yard was very large. Besides the kitchen and toilet yard, there were five rooms. It can fit all of your family members, no matter how many there are. Moreover, the yard is not only large in size but also beautifully decorated and furnished like the school in front. The bright floor, white walls, and brand-new furniture could show how good this place is.

The father and son, who had been deeply moved, had no worries after seeing the residence. Master Qiao immediately agreed to be the Master of this school and sighed with emotion, “I didn’t expect that we could have such a beautiful school here. The children here are really blessed. It’s also my blessing to be a master here. “

Yang Shifeng was naturally pleased to have successfully solved the problem of not having a Master’s in their school. 

Yang Shifeng asked the father and son to go to his house for lunch, but Master Qiao shook his head and refused, “I won’t eat lunch here. I want to go back now and tell the dean about my resignation from my current position. I need to hand over what should be handed over, prepare what should be prepared, and then come here as soon as possible so that the children here can also study at an earlier time. “

Master Qiao looked more anxious than he did. So, Yang Shifeng didn’t force it, so he hurriedly drove back to the father and son with his donkey cart. On the way, Master Qiao and Yang Shifeng agreed to move over in a few days and officially start classes in ten days.


Shiyi was relieved that the Master’s affairs had been solved. The biggest problems had been solved, and the school could be on the right track.

The class will start in ten days, so, it is time to start enrollment. Shiyi and Yang Shifeng can just give notice and ask those who want to send their children to study to come and register as soon as possible with the people in the same village as them, but the other villages are far away from them, so they may not know the news.

So, Shiyi once again found Huang Ergou, the famous “human trumpet” in the village. The last time the grocery store first opened, she also asked this person to go to the 8 villages to promote their grocery store. His promotion was very good. This time, they can also ask him to go to other villages to inform them about the school.

The result of Huang Ergou’s efforts was not in vain. The effect was as good as the first time. The next day, adults began to bring their children one after another to pay the enrolment fee. Many of them were from outside the village.

Yang Shifeng now knew most of the characters, and writing was no longer a problem for him. Shiyi entrusted him with the task of registration. When a student came, Yang Shifeng would write down the child’s name in the book, and then give a receipt to the adults. If they come ten days later, when the class starts, they should bring the receipts with them.

Yang Shifeng was busy charging enrolment fees every day. By the time the Master Qiao family moved in, 32 children had already registered.

Master Qiao was pleasantly surprised when he saw that many children had signed up. He felt that coming here was very meaningful. He would teach so many children to read and write. In the future, these children may not have to live on this mountain for generations. If you learn the characters, maybe they will become very powerful people.

At this moment, Master Qiao was filled with unspeakable passion. He secretly thought that he must teach these children well.

Yang Shifeng handed over all the children’s shuxiu to Master Qiao and then handed over the registration matters to Master Qiao. From now on, Master Qiao will be the dean of the academy, and all matters in the academy will be handled by the dean. He and Shiyi will not intervene unless there are particularly important matters that need their approval. [1]Shuxiu is like the salary of a private tutor

It was also the time for Xiao Shitou to officially go to school. Although the school was next door to his home, Shiyi still asked Yang Shifeng to buy Xiao Shitou a small bookcase from the town. Later, she asked Xiao Shitou to carry the small bookcase to school.

Shiyi also put a three-character classic book and some pens, ink, paper, and inkstone in the bookcase, which immediately enriched the small bookcase.

Xiao Shitou was so happy that he couldn’t wait to carry his small bookcase on his back, decently walk around the house, and let his family watch him go to school.

Grandpa Yang laughed and patted Xiao Shitou’s head in praise. “Xiao Shitou looks really good going to school.”

Xiao Shitou lifted his head when he heard the praises and then jumped over to Yang Shifeng with his suitcase on his back. His eyes were bright.

Yang Shifeng was amused by Xiao Shitou’s actions. He went along with him by also patting his head. “You look good. In the future, you should listen to your master and study hard.”

Xiao Shitou was so happy that he ran to Shiyi and shouted, “Sister!”

Shiyi shook her head in laughter. ‘I really don’t know why this little guy is so interested in studying. He was so excited that he almost jumped into the sky. This child loves learning too much. ’

Shiyi pinched Xiao Shitou’s fleshy little face. “Study hard. After you get first place in the exam, I will buy you a lot of books. ” 

The little guy doesn’t like eating, drinking, and toys. He just likes reading books. If she said she would buy him a book as a reward, he can grin happily all day.

Sure enough, the reward was too tempting for Xiao Shitou’s appetite. His eyes lit up and he nodded firmly, “Sister, don’t worry, I will study hard and win the first place every time!”

“Well, well, Sister believes in you. We are waiting for you to come back with the news about you in the first place.”


1 Shuxiu is like the salary of a private tutor


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