The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 63.2

Chapter 63 Part 2 

Xiao Shitou was even happier. He couldn’t help kissing Shiyi’s big belly and sharing his happiness with the child inside Shiyi’s stomach. “Nephew, uncle will definitely be the first in the exam in the future, and then put away the books as soon as I get them. Would you like to see them all? “

Shiyi suddenly burst out laughing.

The other three looked at her for unknown reasons.

Xiao Shitou fumbled his head. “Sister, what are you laughing at? Did Xiao Shitou say something wrong? “

Shiyi smiled and waved her hand. “You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that the little fat man in his sister’s stomach probably doesn’t like reading. Seeing that he is so fat, it doesn’t look like he will be serious about reading. “

Xiao Shitou blinked and asked seriously, “What does my nephew like?”

Shiyi blurted out, “He likes to eat!”

She was kicked in the stomach as soon as she finished talking.

Shiyi is used to being kicked now. She poked her big belly and said to the little fat man inside, “When I said you like eating and you become unhappy, don’t you? If you don’t like eating, how can you grow so fat? “

Xiao Shitou was a good uncle. He immediately put his little hand on Shiyi’s stomach to stop Shiyi from poking her stomach and said in distress: “Sister, don’t tell that to my little nephew. He is not fat at all. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if he likes to eat, if I win first place in the future, I don’t want books anymore. Can I replace all of them with delicious food for my little nephew? “

Shiyi clicked her tongue and felt that Xiao Shitou had the potential to develop into a nephew-loving madman, so she couldn’t help but say: “Don’t give him any more food. He is fat enough. After eating a lot again, he might be too fat to find a wife. Then he would have to be single all his life. “

Xiao Shitou shook his head in a hurry. “No, no, my little nephew will be very good-looking in the future. He will be as good-looking as his sister. He will be able to marry a wife. Besides, I will make a lot of money in the future. All of it will be given to my nephew to find his wife. He will certainly marry a wife. “

Shiyi sighed and felt deeply that the little fat man in her belly would be spoiled by the whole family in the future. Only she could be cruel enough to cure him.

Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang were bewildered by the conversation between the two brothers and sister. Yang Shifeng came forward to hold Shiyi’s hand and squeezed it. With disapproval on his face, he said: “Shiyi, don’t say that our child will be fat in the future. If the baby is a boy and called “fat,” it’s fine. However, if it’s a girl and you call her fat, she will be really sad. Besides, if it is a girl, there is no need to marry a wife. I will find a husband for her. “

Shiyi quietly rolled her eyes. She had nothing to say about Yang Shifeng’s dullness. This guy is stupid!

At night, the silly dad was lying on Shiyi’s big stomach, as usual, chatting with the baby inside her stomach. At this time, the baby in her belly always moved very frequently. Shiyi’s stomach was like a drum, and a bulge came out in a moment, which made people unable to be calm for a moment.

Shiyi was so angry that she poked her belly and shouted to the villain inside, “Please, little fatty, be quiet for a while!”

Yang Shifeng was dissatisfied when he heard Shiyi call the baby “Little Fatty” again. He pinched Shiyi’s nose and said, “Don’t always call him ‘Little Fatty’. If she’s a daughter, it won’t look good.”

Shiyi chuckled and poked Yang Shifeng, “Hey, let me ask you, do you want a son or a daughter?”

Yang Shifeng immediately smiled and touched Shiyi’s stomach before he said: “I like them equally. Whether it’s a boy or girl, as long as you’re the one who gave it to me. “

Shiyi squinted at him. “Do you really like them equally? Huh?”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips, glanced at Shiyi’s stomach, and said, “Well… Actually, it would be better if she were a daughter.”

Shiyi said, “I knew you liked him to be a daughter. You wouldn’t even let me say he was a little fat. Look at your way of protecting her. “

Yang Shifeng coughed and touched his head with a guilty conscience.

Shiyi sighed and touched her stomach sympathetically. “It’s over. Your father thinks you’re a girl. Don’t be too sad. “

Yang Shifeng was stunned and said, “What do you mean?”

Shiyi poked his forehead. “How stupid you are!”


“Oh, why are you so slow? I always called him “little fatty” every day, and I would always say that he couldn’t marry a wife. Can’t you still not understand? “

Yang Shifeng was stunned. After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the towering belly. “Do you mean…. our child is a boy?”

‘Finally, he came back to his senses.’

“If it’s not a boy, can I talk to him like that every day? If it’s not a boy, can I say he can’t marry a wife? How can you think it’s a daughter when you see how I treat him every day?” She will have a daughter who is a little cotton-padded jacket; I couldn’t bear to talk to her like that. She was only able to use the big stick ideology because the baby in her stomach was a naughty boy.

“Shiyi, he hasn’t been born yet. How do you know it’s a boy? “

“Have you forgotten what I do? Can’t I know this?”

Yang Shifeng suddenly patted his head. ‘Yes, Shiyi’s medical skills are so powerful that it’s not difficult for her to find out whether the child in her belly is male or female.’

“Shiyi, you diagnosed our baby as a boy, right? Why didn’t you tell me earlier.”

Shiyi touched her stomach. “I’ve felt his pulse since he was three months old. He’s a fat boy. I call him Little Fatty every day. Who knows you won’t understand? “

Yang Shifeng rubbed his face and was ashamed of his slowness. He should have noticed it from Shiyi’s tone.

Yang Shifeng apologetically touched the baby in Shiyi’s belly and said, “If he’s a boy, then he’s a boy. Boys are also very good. They are tough.” Although he missed his daughter, his son is also very good. In the future, he will teach him to be a strong man.

Shiyi could see that Yang Shifeng was a little disappointed. Maybe it was because the daughter he wanted was gone. She comforted him and said, “It doesn’t matter. If you really want a daughter, we will have another one in the future. Your daughter will always come.” If he wanted a daughter, she will give him a daughter. She would do everything to satisfy him.

However, Yang Shifeng immediately shook his head, “I’m not disappointed, I don’t want a daughter, I just want a son. We will have this one, and we won’t want it in the future. “

“Hmm? No more daughters? Don’t you like daughters? “

Yang Shifeng held Shiyi in his arms, kissed her on the neck, and murmured, “We will only have this one, and we won’t give birth again. I don’t want you to suffer anymore. I am very content with having one child. Compared with a child, I hope you can accompany me until I grow old. ” Yang Shifeng will always remember the pain Shiyi suffered to keep the child. Her constitution is not suitable for pregnancy. He doesn’t want her to suffer another moment of pain and danger.

Shiyi pursed her lips, understood his concerns, and felt so warm that she couldn’t help kissing him on the top of his hair. “Let’s do what you want.”

Her physique is basically unable to conceive a child. She never thought of being able to conceive naturally before. She thought that she would never be able to have a child in her life. As a result, God gave them one. The one in her stomach was given to them by God. She decided to have this child. If, next time, God is still willing to give her another one, she will accept and cherish it.

T/N: I really like how sweet Shiyi’s love for Yang Shifeng is. From being indifferent to Yang Shifeng to doing everything for Yang Shifeng. Of course, the changes only happened because of Yang Shifeng’s genuine love for Shiyi. She was able to give this kind of love to Shifeng because Shiyi knows that YS always gave her more.

AND YS also changed himself for Shiyi.


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