The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 64.2

Chapter 64 Part 2

When they were about to have lunch, Shiyi and Yang Shifeng went to the school again. This time, they went inside, stood outside of the classroom, and quietly watched the class through the back window.

Master Qiao wrote three big characters on the front whiteboard, namely, “ren”, “zhi” and “chu.” Then he pointed to the three big words and read them to the children at the bottom. The children also followed him. His voice was very clear and very loud.

Xiao Shitou was sitting in the second row. His eyes were focused on the front. His back is straight, his small hands were behind his back, and his little mouth opened and closed as he read aloud. He was meticulous.

Shiyi couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Shitou is really good, much better than when you were learning to write.”

Yang Shifeng looked sideways at Shiyi, slightly dissatisfied, “Why did I behave badly when I was learning? I learned every word you taught me seriously and learned all of them very quickly. “

The corner of Shiyi’s mouth raised in amusement. She came close to Shifeng’s ear and joked: “I don’t know who it was, but every time I finish teaching, he always looks at me in the eyes, and won’t go back until I give him a kiss.”

Yang Shifeng’s face turned red. He turned his head and stopped talking.

Shiyi laughed even more happily. She remembered how Yang Shifeng was embarrassed when she kissed him back then and somehow missed that kind of reaction coming from Shifeng.

Just when the two were laughing, the class was over. Master Qiao took the children to the dining hall and let them eat there.

Xiao Shitou ran out. Seeing Yang Shifeng and Shiyi, he jumped over happily. Because he couldn’t jump to Shiyi’s side because of her pregnant belly, instead, he immediately hugged Yang Shifeng’s legs and looked up with his small face. He was very excited, “Brother! Sister!”

Yang Shifeng patted Xiao Shitou on the head and asked him, “How was the class today? Did you understand what the master said?”

Xiao Shitou nodded, “I understand. I can understand all the words taught by the master. “

“Really? Then you’re really smart. Let’s go home and have our lunch. “

“Wait.” Shiyi pulled Yang Shifeng and Xiao Shitou aside and said, “Before we go home to eat our lunch, let’s go and see how other children are doing in the canteen. Today is the first day after all.”

Yang Shifeng and Xiao Shitou had no problem with Shiyi’s arrangement. The two men took Shiyi by the hand and went to the canteen.

There are three long, large tables in the dining hall. Each table can be occupied by more than a dozen children. The children sat around, looking eagerly at the pot and stove inside the canteen.

In the stove room, a 12- or 13-year-old girl was heating the bowls with meals in the steamer. These are the lunch meals for the children waiting outside.

After a while, Master Qiao’s daughter came out with her rice bowl on a tray and asked the children to come and take away their rice. Afraid that the children would fall down, she asked them to line up one by one. The children were obedient and lined up one by one. After they choose a bowl, they’ll quickly run back to their seats to eat.

Shiyi looked into the children’s rice bowls and found that their food was good. At least there was white rice and vegetables in the bowls. Well, if they could be sent to study, their families would not be too poor and their food would not be too bad.

But at this moment, Shiyi glanced casually around the canteen and saw a little boy about the size of Xiao Shitou. He was sitting at the table, sitting alone in the corner, eating with his head down. In his bowl were two dark steamed buns. The steamed buns were hard to swallow at first glance, but the little boy ate them very fragrantly and seriously.

Xiao Shitou pulled Shiyi’s sleeve and whispered, “Sister, that person is my desk mate. He sits with me. His name is Leizi. His home is far away from us. It takes a long time to walk here. “

Shiyi frowned and was a little confused. It is reasonable that the condition of a child who can be sent to study should not be too poor. However, the child ate so badly and his clothes were very shabby. It can be seen that the family was not rich. Who knows why he was sent to learn in school?

But this is a private matter of others’ families. Children also have their own self-esteem. The best thing they can do now is not to disturb them. So Shiyi didn’t say anything. She took Xiao Shitou and Yang Shifeng home. After eating, she sent Xiao Shitou to school and began his arithmetic class in the afternoon.

Everything went well at school. Shiyi didn’t go to school again after that. It’s not that she doesn’t care about Xiao Shitou, but that she has to put all her mind on her pregnant belly.

Shiyi originally thought that she would not suffer so much after the first three months. Who knows, that she was still naive. As the months grow, her stomach expands like a balloon. Shiyi doesn’t eat much because she feels uncomfortable. She also pays attention to exercising after dinner. Who knew that the baby in her stomach was so good at grabbing nutrients from his mother? 

Shiyi was getting thinner and thinner, but her stomach was getting bigger and bigger. Moreover, with the increasing size of the stomach, a series of problems have come. Not only does she feel that her whole body is falling down, but she also can’t see her feet when she looks down. Yang Shifeng has to serve her every day when she wears clothes and shoes. Her hands can only be used to support her stomach.

Moreover, the most uncomfortable thing for her was that her legs were badly swollen and she would always have cramps every night. She often wakes up in pain when she finally falls asleep, which causes her to seriously lack sleep. Her undereye became black due to lack of sleep. During the day, almost all her energy was used to make up for sleep. Now she has even stopped seeing patients.

For the first time, Shiyi found out that it was not easy to have a baby.

Yang Shifeng realized for the first time that pregnancy can make a person uncomfortable; he was still excited about the child’s arrival, but as he watched Shiyi suffer day by day, the excitement faded, leaving only worry for Shiyi.

However, he could do nothing but try his best to cook delicious food for Shiyi. At night, he used a towel to compress her legs, massaged her when she had cramps, and talked with her.

Shiyi lost weight because of her pregnancy, and Yang Shifeng also lost weight because of Shiyi’s pregnancy.

Shiyi felt distressed for Yang Shifeng, but she couldn’t do anything. Now, she just hopes to unload the little fat man from her stomach as soon as possible.

As the days passed, when Shiyi finally became pregnant after eight months, Xiao Shitou also welcomed his first school examination.

This is the first examination the school. Master Qiao attached great importance to it, and the children also attached great importance to it. Xiao Shitou was full of endless motivation every day. He goes to school earlier than anyone else. He also has to read and write according to the master’s requirements when he comes home. Xiao Shitou took this exam seriously. Shiyi admires his perseverance. She feels like she had a Xueba [1]top student at home. She can’t help but let the little fat man in her stomach learn more from his uncle and don’t be a scumbag in the future.

For the first exam, Xiao Shitou was very active. He got up early in the morning and memorized books for half an hour. As soon as the school opened, he ran in and waited for the exam. When Shiyi woke up, Xiao Shitou had finished the exam and gone home.

The exam results came out the next day. Shiyi knew how hard Xiao Shitou studied at ordinary times. He must want to be the first in the exam. According to Xiao Shitou’s intelligence and hard work in ordinary times, and the teacher’s praise of Xiao Shitou, it is estimated that he will rank first in this exam.

Her guess was really on point, Xiao Shitou was the first in class.

Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang gave him a good compliment. Shiyi took out a book and a set of pens, ink, paper, and inkstone, which she had prepared earlier as a reward to Xiao Shitou. “This is the reward for winning the first place. You will be rewarded every time you win first place. “

Xiao Shitou took it in surprise, turned it over and over, and looked at it for a long time before he was willing to put it down. Then, when he thought of something, his smile was slightly restrained, his mouth was a little puckered, and he said, “In fact, I am not the most powerful.”

The family did not understand what he meant.

Xiao Shitou sighed and said, with a little loss on his small face, “Besides me, there is another person who took the first place. Both of us are ranked 1, but he is better than me. “

Now everyone understands It turns out that someone was in the first place with him, and that made him unhappy.

Yang Shifeng patted Xiao Shitou on the head and said: “There are people who are as powerful as you. You should learn from other people’s strengths. You can’t be jealous or unhappy. Do you understand? “

Xiao Shitou said seriously: “I am not unhappy; he is better than me. I will learn from him in the future.”


1 top student


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