The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 65.1

Chapter 65 Part 1

Xiao Shitou has always been a hard-working and serious student, and Master Qiao has always praised him for it. Besides, he himself never admits defeat. This was the first time they heard from him that someone was better than him.

Shiyi asked curiously, “Who was the person that was better than you?”

“It’s my deskmate, Leizi.”

“Lei Zi?” Shiyi suddenly remembered the poor child he saw on the first day of school: “Is that so? Is he the one you said that lived far away? “

Xiao Shitou nodded, “Yes, it’s him. He has to walk a long way to get home every day, and he walks all by himself. No one gave him a ride or picked him up. “

Grandpa Yang asked curiously, “Then, why did you say that he is better than you?”

Xiao Shitou replied, “Although both of us were in the first place, he has to walk for a long time every day, and he has to feed the pigs and chickens. He also picks up firewood and does a lot of things when he comes home. He doesn’t have the time to read books, unlike me. Moreover, he got full marks in the arithmetic test. His score is better than mine, but his literature is not as good as mine, because his handwriting is not as good as mine, so his score was not as good as mine in the exam.”

Grandpa Yang patted Xiao Shitou’s head encouragingly when he heard Xiao Shitou’s story. “Then he is good at arithmetic, and you are good at literature. If you are even, you are still as good. “

However, Xiao Shitou shook his head very seriously, “No, I still think he is more powerful. His handwriting is not as good as mine because he has no paper and brush, so he can only write on the ground with charcoal, and I have paper and brush that my sister bought for me to practice with. “

What Xiao Shitou said was very objective. Instead of being envious of others’ excellence, he admitted his own shortcomings and praised others’ strengths, which made Shiyi very happy. Her younger brother’s mindset is still very good. A great future awaits him!

However, Shiyi paid more attention to the person named “Leizi” in Xiao Shitou’s mouth. She still remembers the child, who wore very shabby clothes and has only two plain steamed buns for lunch. His family seems to be in a bad situation.

“Xiao Shitou, is your deskmate’s family facing difficulties?”

Xiao Shitou thought for a while and said, “I don’t know very well. Leizi is not very talkative and reads with his head down every day. However, I know that there is only one grandpa in his family. He seems to have no parents. “

After hearing what Xiao Shitou said, Shiyi could probably guess the situation of this child’s family. He must not be rich. But the little guy is determined to seek improvement.

Yang Shifeng also guessed the child’s situation. He must be as dependent on his grandfather as he was when he was a child. Although Leizi’s family was poor, his grandfather loved him very much, so he was willing to send him to study, and hoped that he could learn some skills.

Yang Shifeng kept this in mind. When he was lying in bed with Shiyi at night, he rubbed Shiyi’s legs and said what he thought: “Shiyi, I have an idea. I think we can discuss it with Master Qiao and give some rewards to other children. “

After hearing this, Shiyi immediately understood what Yang Shifeng meant. “Do you want to reward the children who did well in the school? For example, that Leizi?”

After Shiyi saw through him, Yang Shifeng nodded a little. Though he was embarrassed, ever since he found out about Shiyi’s feelings towards him, Yang Shifeng was no longer afraid that Shiyi might think he was a foolishly good person, just like before. Now that they are husband and wife, they can say anything to each other. They are the closest to each other, so they can say what they think in their hearts.

“Indeed, there are children from poor families in the school, just like Xiao Shitou’s deskmate, Leizi, who doesn’t even have a piece of paper and brush. His family must be poor and have no money to buy the things needed for school. I thought that if they had an exam in the future, we would give some rewards to the top three students so that they would be more motivated to study hard. Look at Xiao Shitou, when we said we’ll give him rewards, he studied harder.”

Shiyi doesn’t object to this idea. Motivation promotes progress. With rewards, children’s sense of competition will be improved. There will be progress if there is competition, which is beneficial and harmless to the school.

Now that she has decided to run the school, she must do it well. She will not object to anything that is good for the school.

Shiyi nodded. “Yes. But what do you want to reward? “

Yang Shifeng thought for a while and said, “Well, we will reward paper and brushes for the usual exams. When it comes to the annual big exam, we will reward some money. What do you think? “

Shiyi didn’t think this small sum of money was anything, so she nodded, “Yes, you can go to Master Qiao and discuss it with him tomorrow, and we’ll pay for it.”

Yang Shifeng was very happy with Shiyi’s support and kissed Shiyi’s white and tender feet.

“Aiya—” Shiyi was tickled by his kiss and pulled back her feet. “It’s dirty. Why do you dare to kiss anywhere? “

“It’s not too bad!” Yang Shifeng smiled and kissed her a few more times. After a while, he stopped making trouble. He touched Shiyi’s stomach and said, “Shiyi, I hope the school can be better and better. In the future, more children will come to study there. The children who will go out in our school will not be inferior to those in the town or even the city. In the future, our children will also study here, and they will become very excellent. “

Yang Shifeng knew that this mountain village was isolated. He can’t give his children a rich identity. However, he doesn’t want his children to be as ignorant as the people in the village. He only faced the ground and his back facing the sun all his life, so he had no chance to learn well. The child Shiyi gave him shouldn’t live a life like this.

As Shiyi’s stomach grew day by day, he was eager to make the school better and the village better.

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng calmly and suddenly understood his hopeful feelings toward the future. It was funny because he was worried about his children, but his heart was also unbearably warm.

This is a silly father who cares for his children wholeheartedly.

Shiyi smiled and pulled Yang Shifeng’s hand; she pulled him from his kneeling position and let him face herself. She hugged his neck and smiled at him. She couldn’t help covering his lips with hers.

Yang Shifeng has never been able to resist Shiyi, especially now when he can’t touch her casually, a kiss can make him lose his armor. He immediately breathed heavily. He touched Shiyi’s belly gently for a while. Then he kissed her red lips heavily. Their lips and teeth are inexorably intertwined, wishing to suck away Shiyi’s soul.

However, at this time, Yang Shifeng could not ask her to do it at all. After kissing her for a long time, Yang Shifeng finally let her go. After catching his breath, he turned around and carefully touched Shiyi’s stomach, “Do you feel any discomfort?”

Shiyi gasped and shook her head. “I’m all right. He’s very strong. ” Although it was not easy to conceive him, under her constant conditioning, the child was stronger than the calf. Otherwise, how can he still kick her so hard?

Yang Shifeng obviously thought of the calf like the strength of the child in Shiyi’s belly, smiled and kissed Shiyi’s pregnant belly, and kissed her face, “It’s late. Go to sleep, and I’ll watch over you until you fall asleep. “

Shiyi soon fell asleep under his tap. Only after she fell asleep did Yang Shifeng close his eyes.


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