The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 66.1

Chapter 66 Part 1

Shiyi’s words caught Yang Shifeng by surprise. His sweat suddenly came out of his body all of a sudden, and his voice trembled as he spoke. “Shiyi, are you going to give birth?”

Shiyi hissed and breathed deeply, “The little fatty is really coming out. Please help me come into the room and call the midwife. “

Yang Shifeng shut his eyes tightly and bit the tip of his tongue. The pain made him calm down quickly. He lifted Shiyi and said to Grandpa Yang as he walked to the room: “Grandpa, please go and call the midwife for me.”

Grandpa Yang was also very flustered. When he heard Yang Shifeng’s instructions, he immediately patted his thigh and ran outside their house. He was running so fast that he didn’t look like an old man at all.

Xiao Shitou stared at the scene with big eyes. He held his pants tightly with his small hands and followed Yang Shifeng while his body was trembling. His voice sounded like he was frightened and eventually, cried as he called out to his sister. “Sister, sister…”

Shiyi took a deep breath. “Xiao Shitou, don’t cry. Your little nephew is coming out. You will see him soon. Sister is fine.”

Xiao Shitou rubbed his eyes. “Sister, are you in pain? Is my little nephew being naughty and causing you pain again?”

“When a child comes out of his mother’s belly, it will hurt. I’m okay. “

Xiao Shitou nodded, holding Shiyi’s hand with his small hand and touching Shiyi’s stomach with the other hand. He gently stroked and coaxed his nephew inside Shiyi’s stomach. “Nephew, don’t be too naughty. Come out early. Don’t let my sister hurt for too long. When you come out, your uncle will play with you. Come out quickly. “

Although the man didn’t speak, but Shiyi could see that his heart was hanging in his throat now. He was clenching his fist really hard: You can see the blue veins in his hands. Clearly, he wasn’t aware of how much strength he applied to his hands. 

This big fool is probably scared to death now.

Shiyi reached out to hold Yang Shifeng’s big hand and tried to smile at him: “Brother Shifeng, why don’t you say a word to me? Don’t you feel sorry for me? I have your little cub in my stomach. “

Seeing that she was still in the mood to joke at this time, Yang Shifeng pursed his lips, touched her forehead full of sweat because of pain, and said with pity, “Don’t laugh if it hurts, shout if it hurts. I’m here, don’t be afraid. “

Shiyi nodded and touched Shifeng’s cheek. “If I shout now, I wouldn’t have the strength when it’s really time to give birth. Before I can give birth, we have to wait until my cervix is fully dilated. It’s only a matter of time now, but there’s still time to wait. “

Yang Shifeng frowned, took Shiyi’s hand, and kissed her lips, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.”

Seeing that he recognized his mistake, Shiyi couldn’t help laughing, “Oh, if it’s not your fault, whose fault it is? It’s your fault! This is your son!”

“Yes, it’s my fault. When you’re done giving birth, hit me, okay?

“Well, I’ll definitely beat you by that time. Now go and boil the water, prepare the towel wine and bring me my medicine box.” Shiyi knows that he is more flustered than she is now, so she might as well find something that could distract him.

Xiao Shitou turned to Yang Shifeng and said, “Brother, go quickly. I will accompany my sister. Don’t worry.”

Yang Shifeng shook Shiyi’s hand, kissed her on the forehead, turned around, and went out to prepare the things needed for the delivery.

When Yang Shifeng had everything ready, Grandpa Yang had also invited the midwife.

The midwife was the most experienced in Shiliba village. As early as two months ago, Yang Shifeng talked with her about Shiyi’s pregnancy. Although Shiyi knows how to deliver babies by herself, giving birth to the baby by herself is still different. She still needs a midwife.

When the midwife came, she asked everyone else to go out. Yang Shifeng refused and wanted to stay with Shiyi. He didn’t care whether the labor was dirty or not. He only knew that these were his wife and son. He didn’t want them to make any mistakes. He had to watch the process personally.

The midwife hesitated. She had delivered babies all her life and had never seen a man stay in the delivery room. This was an unlucky thing to do. “This… This is not good.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it. concentrate on my wife. Don’t worry about me. ” Yang Shifeng sat down at the bedside and held Shiyi’s hand. “I’ll stay with you. Don’t be afraid. “

Shiyi had heard him say “don’t be afraid” several times. In fact, she wasn’t afraid. She thought he might be the one who is more afraid. At this time, if you ask him to go out, his heart might stop beating.

Forget it. Let him stay here. However, she will probably grimace all throughout the childbirth, and she will not be too elegant looking.

“I’m still in labor pains, and I have to wait a long time to give birth. It’s fine.”

Yang Shifeng nodded, gently wiped her sweat, and did not relax because of her words.

Seeing him like this, Shiyi knew that it was impossible for him to relax. After thinking for a while, she simply asked, “Have you given a good name to our little fat boy? He is going to come out soon.”

Yang Shifeng’s expression suddenly froze. He really didn’t think about the child’s name. He thought about the name silently in his heart from the moment he knew that the child existed, but he couldn’t find a good name for his son, so, he stopped thinking about it and pushed this matter for a long time. The child is coming out soon, and the child still doesn’t have a name yet.

Shiyi grinned and poked Yang Shifeng’s face. “Look at you. Are you that kind of father? You don’t care about your little fatty at all. Although he is fat, you can’t be so perfunctory. He is coming out, and his father didn’t give him a name. What a pitiful child. “

Yang Shifeng touched his nose and whispered, “No, It’s not because I don’t care about him. I’ve thought about his name for a long time, but I don’t think I can do it. You know, I don’t have much knowledge. I still can’t name my child. You’d better name our child. “

Shiyi inhaled and tried to press the pain. “That’s no good. The child’s name has to be named by his father. Come up with a name now! He will have his name now!”

Yang Shifeng was embarrassed. How can he come up with a name now? It’s hard to think of a name at this instant, and he’s not in the mood to think about it now.

“Shiyi, I can’t think of a name for our son now. I’ll think about it when the baby comes out. Now, let’s give birth to the baby.”

Shiyi shook her head willfully at this time. “No, you can start to do it now. If you don’t start thinking about his name, I won’t give birth to this baby. “

“I…Okay, I’ll think about it.” Yang Shifeng couldn’t argue with her, so he had to concentrate on thinking about his child’s name.

Seeing that he seriously started thinking about the name, Shiyi breathed a sigh of relief, swallowed the sound of her heavy breathing in her mouth, and secretly adjusted her breathing.

Yang Shifeng thought for a while and tried to say the name, he came up with, “How about calling him Yang Tianci? A gift from heaven, a treasure from heaven, do you think it’s good? “

Shiyi rolled her eyes and pinched Shifeng’s hand. “No, it’s too corny. Think again.”

Yang Shifeng silently lowered his head and continued to think.

“How about Yang Wenwu? Adept with both the pen and the sword? “

“No! It doesn’t sound good.”

“Let’s call him Yang Tianle. Happy and cheerful every day.”

“No, the little fat man is already very happy with himself, and he shouldn’t be too happy.”

“That… That… How about the name Yang… Yang Baoyu? Jewel-like beautiful jade. “

“No way! It’s awful. It also sounded girly. “

Yang Shifeng:”……..” No, I can’t think of other names.

Shiyi breathed hard and finally felt that the time had come. Now she can give birth.


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