The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 66.2

Chapter 66 Part 2

She endured the pain and stroked Yang Shifeng’s tight lips. Shiyi no longer embarrassed him. “Well, if you really can’t come up with a good name, don’t think about it. After the fatty comes out, let’s write the names you thought of on the paper and let him grab one of them and it will be his name.”

“Huh?” Didn’t you just say that you couldn’t give birth if I couldn’t think of a name for their son?

Shiyi gasped for breath and said with pain, “Well, the baby can be born.”

“Ah! Can it be born? “

The midwife, who had been listening to Yang Shifeng’s name for more than two hours, finally realized that she was finally going to play her role. She hurried to the bottom of Shiyi’s skirt and immediately said, “It’s open. It’s really ready to give birth! “

Yang Shifeng immediately grasped Shiyi’s hand, clenched his teeth, and his whole body looked like it was about to collapse.

This time, Shiyi has no way to make him at ease anymore. Now, all of her strength will be used to give birth to the little fatty inside her stomach.

“Come on, push, breathe in, breathe out, then push!” The midwife dutifully guided Shiyi to give birth.

Shiyi followed what the midwife said, Shiyi felt pain when she breathed in and breathed out. She couldn’t help screaming. Yang Shifeng was sweating and almost cried when he heard Shiyi scream.

The little fatty is very fat, and it was really tiring to give birth to him. However, fortunately, cesarean section is not required, and natural birth is still possible. It seems that her recuperation during pregnancy was not in vain.

Shiyi endured the pain and pressed on the acupoints on her stomach to help the little fatty out. Finally, after enduring the pain for more than an hour, with the midwife’s “force”, Shiyi exerted force, and the next second, her body relaxed, and a loud cry from a baby resounded through the room.

The midwife’s surprised voice rang out, “Congratulations, it’s a boy! Alas, the boy is so fat. How can he grow up this fat? I’ve never seen such a strong boy in 30 years. He’s blessed at first sight. “

Shiyi sighed and looked at Yang Shifeng first. “Brother Shifeng, our little fatty has come out.”

Yang Shifeng flushed his eyes and gently kissed Shiyi’s hand. “Yes, he came out. It’s been hard for you. “

Shiyi smiled and looked at the little fatty who had been packed and wrapped by the midwife. “Bring him over to me and let me have a look.”

The midwife happily brought the child over to Shiyi and said, “I just weighed the child. He’s eight pounds and eight Liang! Aiya, he’s so strong.”

Shiyi looked at the meatball in the swaddle, and her first impression was one word: “fat”!

She can’t imagine how she gave birth to such a fat dumpling.

“Yang Shifeng, look how fat he is. He’s simply a pile of meat.”

“Nonsense.” Yang Shifeng said dotingly to her, and he carefully took the baby from the midwife and looked at the fleshy man in the swaddling cloth. His heart turned to water. [1]overcome with positive emotions.

He carefully touched the child’s small face and opened his mouth. “He is really beautiful. His face is not red at all, and he is not as wrinkled as other babies. Shiyi, our child is really beautiful, just like you. “

Shiyi looked at the fleshy boy with her eyes again. She doesn’t see anything that looks like her at all.

However, he is quite well-behaved. He doesn’t cry or make trouble. It shouldn’t be difficult to feed him.

“Shiyi, you see how good he is. He keeps his mouth open, but he doesn’t—”Shiyi was so tired that she closed her eyes before she could hear what Yang Shifeng said.

Seeing that she was tired, Yang Shifeng kissed her on the forehead and went out with his child and the midwife.

Outside, Grandpa Yang and Xiao Shitou had been waiting anxiously for a long time. Now that they saw that the child was born, they were relieved. After they were relieved, they were eager to see the child.

Attracted by the child, at first sight, Grandpa Yang’s old heart was moved, “Shifeng, let me hold him. How can he look so good? Oh, my good boy~”

Yang Shifeng gave the child to Grandpa Yang, who immediately hugged his son in his arms like he was holding a treasure, a very rare treasure.

Since Xiao Shitou was short, he couldn’t see what his nephew looked like. He was so anxious that he scratched his ears, scratched his cheeks, and jumped up. “Grandpa, show me, my little nephew. Let me see him. “

“OK, OK, I’ll show you.” Grandpa Yang squatted down with the little fatty in his arms to show Xiao Shitou.

“Ah! Grandpa, Grandpa, my little nephew looks so good~”

“Yes, your nephew is so beautiful.”

Yang Shifeng smiled and shook his head. He took one tael of silver from his arms and handed it to the midwife. “Thank you for today.”

The midwife’s eyes brightened, and she happily took the money. “This is what I must do. Your child must be blessed. I’m lucky to be able to deliver such a blessed child. “

Yang Shifeng and the midwife talked for a while and then sent the midwife out of the door. He turned around and went to the chicken coop to catch a chicken, killed it on the spot, and went into the kitchen to make chicken soup for Shiyi so that Shiyi could drink it as soon as she woke up.

However, Shiyi was so tired that she slept until noon the next day. This was because she was awakened by a burst of a baby crying.

Shiyi opened her eyes with difficulty. “What’s wrong with the little fatty?”

“Shiyi, are you awake?” Yang Shifeng was surprised and moved to her side with the child in his arms. “How’s it going? Is it still painful? Are you hungry?”

Shiyi shook her head and looked at the little fatty she had given birth to. “Why is he crying?”

“The child is hungry, Shiyi. Please give him some milk. ” Yang Shifeng is very distressed. His baby didn’t cry when he was born, and now he’s crying so sad because he’s too hungry.

Shiyi sat up slowly and stretched out her hand to take the little fatty. At one glance, she saw that the meatball was crying with its mouth open, its small tongue was red, its toothless gums were pink and tender, and its eyes were closed; the meat in his mouth was trembling while he was crying, and his fists seemed to be on clenched angrily.

However, the howling was so joyful that there was not a drop of tears. At first sight, it was dry howling.

Shiyi nodded at the meatball. “Don’t think I can’t see that you are pretending to cry! There are no tears. “

“Waah— Waa—”

Yang Shifeng couldn’t stand it any longer, and grabbed Shiyi’s hand, “Okay, the child is hungry. Give him something to eat, otherwise, his throat will dry out from crying. “

Shiyi snorted and couldn’t help but tap the little fatty’s nose, “Okay, don’t cry. I’ll give you something to eat. Here you are.”

“Waah— Waa—”

Shiyi lifted up the front of her shirt and brought her n*pple to the little fat man’s mouth. The little fatty instinctively grabbed it, sucked it up, and the little fist clenched with force.

“Hiss—Yang Shifeng, your son’s strength is really strong, not less than when you suck.”

“Shiyi.” Yang Shifeng blushed. “Don’t say that in front of our son.”

“Ho! Ho!, I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter. Your son can’t understand. ” Shiyi picked up the little fatty’s chin. “Is that right, little fatty? You don’t understand it, right?”

“Woo—” the little fatty shook his fist and patted Shiyi.

“You’re still hitting me, you little fat man? You are too lawless.” Shiyi could not help pinching the little fatty’s fleshy cheek.

“Waah—” the little fatty was disturbed from drinking his milk, and he shook his fist with dissatisfaction, and his strength was not small.

Yang Shifeng immediately held the little fatty’s hand. “You can’t beat your mother. It was hard for your mother to give birth to you. Be obedient. “

The little fat man gave another “woo” sound, put his small hand on Shiyi’s chest, and tried to eat milk. The milk was delicious and the food was delicious, but the little guy was stunned for a while. He opened his mouth, closed it, and sucked hard. He found that he still couldn’t suck it out. He was in a hurry, so he opened his mouth and howled. He was very sad.

“What’s the matter? Why are you crying again? “

Shiyi bared her teeth, turned the little fatty’s head, and continued to feed him at another side, “OK, don’t cry, there’s more here.”

When the little guy sucked, he found that he could suck out the milk again. He stopped howling and continued to eat hard.

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng in despair, “Well, he is not only fat but also a big eater. We probably can’t afford to support him anymore.”


1 overcome with positive emotions.


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    My son was 8.6 lbs. Thought I was gonna die. Now he’s a teenager with a lean body. I thought he would grow up to be a fatty lol


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