The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 68.2

Chapter 68 Part 2

“Waah! Waah! Waah!”

A burst of strange cries sounded in her ears. Shiyi frowned, but her eyelids couldn’t open.

“Tuanzi, be good. Stop screaming, okay? Your mother is tired. Shall we let her sleep a little longer?” Yang Shifeng coaxed the little guy carefully. However, the little guy was very dissatisfied with being fed so late, so he shouted angrily. “AH! AH!”

“Tuanzi, be good. Okay, your father will take you out to play with your uncle. We’ll drink milk as soon as Mom wakes up. “

“Ah— Ah—”

Shiyi wanted to sigh when she heard them. She struggled to open her eyelids and looked sideways, and there, she saw the little fatty who was looking in her direction and yelling. With his mouth open, he looked like a crying little sparrow.

“Is Tuanzi hungry again?” Shiyi asked weakly.

Seeing that Shiyi woke up, Yang Shifeng hurriedly carried Tuanzi over, put him in the bed, put his arms around Shiyi’s waist, kissed her on the lips, and asked fondly, “Are you alright? Does your body hurt? “

He couldn’t control himself last night, and he wanted her a little too much. She must be feeling unwell now. Yang Shifeng wanted to let her sleep more, but Tuanzi woke up early in the morning and couldn’t be coaxed by him no matter what when it comes to his food.

Shiyi rubbed her old waist, which was about to be scrapped, and chewed hard on Yang Shifeng’s lip, “I really want to bite you to death, you stinky man!”

Yang Shifeng chuckled and kissed her on the lips again. “I’m bad, but next time I’ll be more restrained, okay??

Shiyi doesn’t believe what he said. If his words were credible, then the pigs could climb the trees. [1]When describing something that won’t happen, the phrase “when pigs climb the trees” is more frequently used in China. This expression also has a complete version: “men are … Continue reading

“Come on, help me up and I’ll feed Tuanzi some milk. He’s starving. “

Yang Shifeng quickly grabbed her waist and picked Shiyi up. He put a pillow on her back waist and let her sit on the bed.

Shiyi held Tuanzi in her arms and kissed him on his fleshy face as she untied her clothes. “OK, OK, stop howling, I’ll feed you now.”

As soon as he came into contact with his delicious rations, the screaming baby immediately became obedient and began to eat milk ruthlessly. It seemed that he was really starving.

Yang Shifeng touched his nose and felt that he not only made his wife tired but also wronged his son. He was to blame. 

Seeing that Shiyi could handle Tuanzi for the time being, he went out of the room and went directly to the kitchen. 

Yang Shifeng brought in the chicken soup he had stewed in the early morning. “Shiyi, would you like to drink some chicken soup first, and then I’ll give you some porridge after drinking it?”

Shiyi felt a headache just by seeing the chicken soup, but she couldn’t help it. If she doesn’t drink it, she has no milk. She can’t feed her greedy king, little fatty. She could only drink it with her eyes closed.

Who knew that the pot of soup was only half-finished when Grandpa Yang knocked on the door outside, his voice a little anxious, “Shiyi, Shiyi, come out and have a look, the two families in the village fought and injured many people! They were carried to our house to find you for treatment! “

“Huh?” Shiyi glanced at Yang Shifeng, and hurriedly handed over Little Fatty, who was playing with Shiyi, with his eyes wide open, fully awake, to Yang Shifeng. As she dressed, she replied, “I understand Grandpa, I’ll come out right away. Let them wait in the medical room. “

Grandpa Yang replied with an “Oh” and made arrangements for the patient outside their house.

Shiyi hurriedly dressed and went to open the door but… when little fatty, who was staying in Yang Shifeng’s arms, saw that Shiyi ran away, he immediately screamed.

Yang Shifeng quickly found the cloth tiger to distract Tuanzi. “OK, let’s play with a cloth tiger. Mother will come back to accompany you in a while.”

Little Fatty looked at Shiyi, then at the cloth tiger, and finally focused his gaze on the cloth tiger.

Shiyi breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to the medical room. As soon as she entered, there was a smell of blood, which almost made her vomit. After all, she hadn’t smelled blood for a long time, so she was not used to it anymore.

There were many people lying or sitting in the room. The whole noise was not only from the groaning sound but also shouting and scolding noises mixed together, which was comparable to the scenes in the vegetable market.

Shiyi’s eyes and face sank, and she said, “If you came here for treatment, be quiet, otherwise don’t blame me for not treating you.”

As soon as her voice fell, the people who had been shouting and scolding quieted down and dared not say anything anymore.

Shiyi waited for a while before saying, “Injured people stay here, and those who are not injured go out and wait. I can’t stay here with so many people. “

Those who were not injured looked at each other arranged their injured people and went out slowly.

Shiyi looked at them roughly. There were seven or eight people injured, and two of them were covered in blood. It seemed that they were seriously injured.

Shiyi checked them one by one. They were just skin injuries. They can just rub them with some medicine. The rest, who had been wounded a little, needed to be bandaged. However, the most serious condition was that the two people were covered in blood. The wounds on their bodies were too deep. It seemed that they had been cut with knives. It was so deep that they needed to be stitched to stop the bleeding in time.

However, she has no time to treat so many people at the same time.

Just as Shiyi was thinking about what to do, the door opened and Yang Shifeng came in. He glanced at the general situation and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”

“What about Little Fatty?”

“I gave him to my grandfather, and Xiao Shitou was helping Grandpa by watching Tuanzi. It doesn’t matter if we leave him with them for an hour or two. “

Shiyi nodded and didn’t act polite towards him at all. She started to tell Yang Shifeng what to do. “Help me deal with the wounds on the three people who need to be bandaged to stop bleeding first. I don’t have time to do it for them. I have to sew these two people first. “

Yang Shifeng nodded. He helped the three people to the chair and let them sit down. He took out the medicine and put it aside, and then went straight to pour hot water and wine for hand washing and disinfection.

Under Shiyi’s influence and deliberate instruction, Yang Shifeng recognized and was able to identify some drugs and treatments for simple wounds. The work of cleaning and bandaging wounds was often done by him, and it was no worse than for Shiyi. Therefore, he quickly treated the wounds of the three people neatly, and then packed the relevant herbs according to Shiyi’s usual teaching, and let them take them home to boil.

The three people thanked Yang Shifneg, took out the money and gave it to Yang Shifeng, and limped out of the medical room.

Shiyi hadn’t finished stitching yet, so Yang Shifeng took out the medicinal wine again and rubbed the wounds of the two people who were not seriously injured with a medicinal wine. After rubbing the medicine, it will be cured soon.

After Yang Shifeng finished all the treatments, Shiyi finally sewed the wounds of the two seriously injured people.


1 When describing something that won’t happen, the phrase “when pigs climb the trees” is more frequently used in China. This expression also has a complete version: “men are reliable when pigs climb the trees” (男人靠得住,母猪会上树).


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