The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 68.1

Chapter 68 Part 1  

At night, Shiyi sat cross-legged on the bed, placed little fatty between her legs, took the gifts they received during the day, and showed it to the little fatty.

“Come on, a little fatty, this is the little bracelet that Grandma Wang gave you. Come and take a look at it.”

Little fatty’s eyes turned to the bracelet, and his small mouth opened, making a loud sound. His small meat hand also stretched out and tried to grab the bracelet, wanting to take it from Shiyi’s hands.

Shiyi shook the bracelet in front of Tuanzi, not letting him touch it. Her teasing made the little fatty so anxious that he started to scream.

Yang Shifeng looked at the two on the side and couldn’t help shaking his head. Seeing that his son’s voice made the meat on his face tremble, he had to come out to maintain order, “Well, don’t tease him anymore, look how anxious he has been.”

Shiyi clicked his tongue, “Can’t you see? Other people’s one-month-old children only eat and sleep. How can our little fatty be so energetic and ask for things, and bark if you don’t give it? Do you think he’s abnormal? ” Could it be because her physique was special, so her children were also different?

“Nonsense!” Yang Shifeng bowed his head and kissed little fatty’s fleshy cheek. His face was full of love: “Our Tuanzi is just smarter and stronger than other children. This is a good thing. There is nothing abnormal about him.”

Little fatty made a sound twice as if agreeing.

Looking at Yang Shifeng’s fatherly appearance, Shiyi pretended she didn’t notice and placed the small bracelet on the little fatty’s wrist, which fit perfectly.

“Grandma Wang also told me that she had specially bought a bigger bracelet. This bracelet is for a one-year-old child. She told me to let him wear it when he’s a little bigger. But you see, it didn’t fall when he wore it. Why should he become older? Aiya, this fat kid~”

Yang Shifeng grinned and held his Tuanzi’s fat hand without making any remarks. The little fatty, who was staring at the bracelet on his hand, giggled, revealing his pink gums.

“Look at his money-crazed appearance!” Shiyi picked up Tuanzi’s double chin in disgust, and handed a lovely cloth tiger to him, “Come on, come on, and look at the other gifts. This is the cloth tiger that your father’s good brother, uncle Da Zhu, brought to you, and your uncle Da Zhu’s aunt made for you. Isn’t it cute?”

The cloth tiger is chubby and has the word “king” on its head. It doesn’t look fierce at all. On the contrary, it’s very cute. It’s best to be a toy for children. Shiyi is very grateful to Dazhu and his wife for their kindness.

Sure enough, the cloth tiger attracted little Fatty’s attention, and he immediately moved his eyes to the cloth tiger and stopped moving. His mouth screamed as if to say: mine, give it to me quickly.

Shiyi didn’t tease little fatty this time. He stuffed the cloth tiger into his stomach and let him play by himself. Instead, he said to Yang Shifeng, “Your good brother has a big heart. Not only did he make a toy for our Little Fatty, but he also gave some money in a red envelope, and the money inside was a lot. Isn’t this too much? “

“It’s all right. I grew up with him when I was a child. I had eaten a lot of food at his house when I was a child. Auntie is also good to me. We have a good relationship. In the future, we will go to his house and pay him back for this kindness. “

“Okay, that’s good.”

Shiyi picked up other things to amuse Little fatty. Finally, Shiyi picked up the red envelope given by Uncle Yang and opened it. There were 200 Wen inside the envelope.

Yang Shifeng was a little surprised. 200 wen is not a small amount. Generally, the maximum amount of red envelopes given to children is no more than 20 wen. Yang Shifeng didn’t expect Uncle Yang to give so much at a time. Could it be because of their eldest son?

Shiyi simply told him what Aunt Yang said to her at lunch today, “Is it because she wants us to help arrange a job for their eldest son and make him a teacher in our school?”

Yang Shifeng frowned and calmly thought for a moment. “I don’t think that’s what the second uncle meant. Maybe Uncle Yang sincerely wants to restore the relationship between their family and ours. He was truly worried about Grandpa Yang in his heart. After the meal, I saw Uncle Yang go to Grandpa’s room and knelt down to admit his mistake.”

Shiyi grabbed the fat foot of little fatty and played with it. After a while, she said, “No matter what, I won’t agree to your second aunt’s request. Your cousin is not even a Xiucai. How can he teach children? Besides, there are only about 40 children in the school now. Master Qiao and his eldest son can manage it. Even if there are new children coming in next year, if we need to add a new teacher at that time, we still need to find a Xiucai. “

Yang Shifeng nodded, “Just ignore the second aunt. If the eldest brother really wants to be a teacher in school, he should study hard and pass the county-level exam. Without fame, the children’s parents won’t trust him to teach their children. “

“Yes, anyway, I’ve made it clear today. Your second aunt probably won’t dare to mention it again. “

“Ah— Ahh—” Little Fatty on the side was dissatisfied. They just ignored him, and so he made a noise to tell them that he was still there.

Shiyi poked his small nose, “What are you doing? Do you know that you are disturbing everyone’s night? “

“Whaa— Whaa—  Whaa—” Little Fatty shouted even louder, his small hands fluttering, and rushing straight at Shiyi.

“What’s the matter? Why are you so loud? “

“Sob— Sob—” Little Fatty suddenly flattened his mouth, with a little expression of grievance.

Yang Shifeng immediately became distressed and said, “Shiyi, is Tuanzi hungry?”

Shiyi thought for a while and wondered, “I just fed him not long ago. It hasn’t been half an hour. Is he really hungry? “

“But Tuanzi has a big appetite, so he becomes hungry quickly.” And he always likes to cry, which consumes a lot of energy.

Shiyi thought of the fatty’s appetite in this family. He was probably hungry again, so she took the fat guy into her arms and lay horizontally. Before she could lift her clothes, the fatty rubbed her chest with his mouth open. His small face was very eager to eat his meal.

“Hey, so you’re really hungry. How long has it been since you last ate? Why did you become so hungry so fast? ” Shiyi said, 

Shiyi lifted the hem of her clothes. She moved closer to the little fatty’s mouth, and the little guy immediately grabbed it and sucked it fiercely, His appearance was no different from a starving tiger.

Shiyi sighed, feeling infinite sadness, “Yang Shifeng, about this little fatty. If he eats like this again, my milk will not be enough for him at all.”

Yang Shifeng was also a little worried. What can he do if his son is too good at eating? “Shiyi, tomorrow I will cook you more food to nourish your body and milk, and you can eat more. Can you suffer some injustice for Tuanzi temporarily?”

Shiyi has no choice but to nod her head. What can she do, aside from eating more? Who made her give birth to a big eater?

Little fatty sucked up all the milk on both sides of Shiyi, and then he smacked his mouth and slowly fell asleep.

“Finally, I can finally go to bed. I’m really afraid he hasn’t eaten enough and will make trouble with me. ” Shiyi breathed a sigh of relief.

Yang Shifeng carefully picked up the little guy from Shiyi’s arms and made sure he was really asleep. Then he slowly put him in the cradle beside the bed, covered it with a quilt, squatted beside the bed and quietly looked at him for a while, kissed his forehead, and then got up and went to bed.

Shiyi poked his arm, “Why come here without blowing the candle? Go blow the candle.”

Yang Shifeng’s mouth raised. Instead of blowing the candle, he pressed Shiyi down, covered her whole body, and took a deep sniff of her neck. He sighed at her with satisfaction, and his voice was a little aggrieved, “No, I want to have a good look at you, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Shiyi blinked and whispered, “Miss me?”

Yang Shifeng untied Shiyi’s skirt and kissed her heavily on the neck, “I haven’t done it since you were pregnant, Shiyi, I’m very uncomfortable.”

Shiyi’s eyes were covered with a smile. In fact, she thought: Why would she not miss him too?

Shiyi stretched her neck for him to kiss, and at the same time, she lifted her arms and legs to ease his undressing of her.

However, for a moment, Shiyi’s naked figure was exposed in front of Yang Shifeng. Her porcelain white skin looked more glittering and translucent under the dim- candlelight. She looks extremely attractive.

Yang Shifeng breathed heavily and endured the lust coming to his body. He looks at her quietly, tracing every part of this gorgeous beauty bit by bit from top to bottom.

He really hasn’t seen her so carefully for a long time.

Feeling Yang Shifeng’s burning eyes flowing to her abdomen, Shiyi reached out and pinched the meat on his slightly flabby stomach, pouted, and said, “There is so much meat here, it’s ugly, and I don’t know when it will return to normal.”

Yang Shifeng shook his head and stared intently at her stomach, “It’s not ugly. It looks good. This is the proof you left for me giving birth to Tuanzi. I like it very much. Thank you very much. Thank you for giving birth to Tuanzi. ” With that, Yang Shifeng lowered his head and kissed it carefully, making Shiyi ticklish.

Shiyi couldn’t help giggling and felt the wet touch move down from her belly to the softest place in her body.

In an instant, she entered heaven, and splendid fireworks flashed in front of her.


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