The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 67.2

Chapter 67 Part 2

The day of the little fat man’s full moon is also when Shiyi is free from her confinement period after giving birth. Shiyi never thought that a woman would be so tortured by confinement. She couldn’t go out and eat at random. What’s more, she couldn’t take a bath for a whole month. Shiyi felt that she was going to stink. But every time she acts like a spoiled brat with Yang Shifeng and kisses him to coax him into allowing her to take a bath, he insists on not letting her go into the water. At most, he takes a towel and wipes her off, which made Shiyi miserable.

Now, she can finally take a bath. Early in the morning, she asked Yang Shifeng to burn two pots of water, and then went into the bathroom to plunge into the water and rub herself really hard.

The first pot of water turned black, and all the dirt came out of the body. Shiyi felt her scalp numb. She couldn’t help asking Yang Shifeng, who was rubbing the dirt for her, “Brother Shifeng, I’m so dirty that I almost became smelly. How can you kiss me?”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and smiled, then bent down and kissed Shiyi’s shoulder, “I can kiss no matter what you are and what you do.”

Shiyi turned her head and kissed him on the lip. “You really love me.”

After washing for an hour, Shiyi felt relaxed.

“Little fatty, does your mother smell good?” Shiyi bit the little fatty’s fat meat.

“Wow— -“

The little fatty looked at Shiyi with his big black eyes and turned his head to look outside. Today, there were many people outside. The noise was loud and lively, which attracted the little fatty’s attention.

“Well, well, don’t worry. I’ll take you out to meet the guests now—”

A lot of people came today. They all had a good relationship with the Yang family, and Master Qiao’s family. However, Shiyi was surprised that the second uncle from the Yang family also came. The two families haven’t interacted with each other for a long time. Why did they come again this time?

Shiyi couldn’t figure it out, but she didn’t pay any attention to them anymore. She just took her child to show everyone, so that everyone could see the fat demeanor of the little fatty.

As expected, everyone was stunned by the little fatty. They were all surprised to see him. Grandma Wang even opened her arms and said, “What a beautiful and sturdy little guy! Come and give Grandma a hug and let Grandma show her love.”

Shiyi did not hesitate to pass the little fatty to Grandma Wang.

The little fatty glanced at Shiyi and giggled twice.

As soon as Grandma Wang carried Tuanzi, she said, “Why are you so obedient? I haven’t seen a one-month-old child so heavy. He’s very smart. He doesn’t look like a one-month-old child at all. It’s like he is a three or four-month-old child. You were really raised well by your family. “

As if he knew he had been praised, the little fatty giggled twice.

Grandpa Yang was very proud and said, “I’ll tell you, my great-grandson was born with a weight of eight pounds and eight liang!”

“Eight pounds and eight liang? He’s so heavy!” Everyone else was fascinated by the weight of the little fatty. The people in the village were short of food and drink. The pregnant women didn’t eat well and had to work when they were pregnant. As a result, the children born were all thin monkeys, weighing at most six pounds. If they could reach six kilograms, they would be very strong. Where could they see a child who was about to weigh nine kilograms?

“Wow, Wow -“

The little fatty doesn’t cry or make trouble, sometimes he grins and sometimes he cries. His dark eyes come and go. He is very smart. At first glance, he is a lively and clever child. This appearance is particularly rare. As a result, even Master Qiao, who has always been solemn and serious, is greedy. None of his sons have married yet, and it is even more impossible for him to have grandchildren. How can he not feel anything when he sees the fat boy in other people’s families? He gradually went beside Grandma Wang, and whispered, “Let me hold him.”

When Grandma Wang saw that Master Qiao wanted to hold Tuanzi, she agreed and gave him the little fatty, who didn’t know who Master Qiao was, but happily threw himself into the arms of Master Qiao, holding Master Qiao’s beard with his small hand.

Master Qiao teased the little fatty with a smile, then took out a small silver lock from his shirt and stuffed it into the little fat man’s pocket.

Yang Shifeng saw it and quickly stopped, “Master, why do you spend so much money? It was too expensive. Tuanzi can’t accept this.”

“What can’t be accepted, I gave them to Tuanzi. You can’t take the place of Tuanzi and not accept them, right? Tuanzi?”

“Wow wow…” Tuanzi was holding a small silver lock in his hand, which was very rare.

Master Qiao said happily, “As you can see, Tuanzi likes it.”

Shiyi rolled her eyes at her little fatty. He’s too unreserved!

After the greetings, Grandpa Yang asked everyone to take their seats, and Master Qiao returned the little fatty to Shiyi.

At this time, Uncle Yang walked slowly to Shiyi and took out a red envelope from his pocket, and stuffed it into the little fatty’s pocket. “Uncle Yang has nothing to give. I can only give him a red envelope. “

The red envelope is red, which can catch the eyes of children. The little fatty is attracted at once. His little fingers flutter on the red envelope. He likes it very much.

Uncle Yang looked at it and smiled. His eyes were full of love.

Shiyi didn’t say much when she saw this. She just touched the little fatty’s nose. “Then thank your second grandpa!”

“Wow Wow -” the little fatty looked at Uncle Yang and shouted—as if he really understood.

Uncle Yang laughed so hard that he could not close his mouth. “Ha ha, this boy is really smart.”

Aunt Yang, who came over at some time, also smiled and said, “I haven’t seen a one-month-old child so smart. He will be great when I grow up.”

Shiyi glanced at Aunt Yang. She couldn’t figure out whether she came here for dinner or for something else.

At this time, Grandpa Yang shouted in the distance, “Stop talking. Come and have dinner. Eat your food on the table.”

After hearing Grandpa Yang’s words, Uncle Yang took Aunt Yang to the table to eat. Shiyi still had to feed the little fatty, so she didn’t go with them. She immediately took the little fatty back to her room.

Little fatty is a big eater. He would be hungry after a while and want to eat milk. Seeing that Shiyi closed the door, he immediately opened his mouth and howled.

“Well, well, here you are. Here you are. Don’t howl with your mouth open!”

Shiyi quickly pulled her clothes off to feed him. Sure enough, as soon as he touched the food, he immediately became quiet.

“Dong Dong Dong!” There was a knock on the door.

“Who? Wait a minute.” Shiyi fed the little fatty milk and tidied up her clothes before she went to open the door. As soon as the door opened, it turned out to be Aunt Yang.

Shiyi was a little surprised. “What do you want?”

Aunt Yang smiled unnaturally. “Can you let me in? I want to talk to you. “

Shiyi really didn’t know what to say to her, but today is a good day for little fatty. Shiyi didn’t want any conflict, so she let her in.

Aunt Yang sat down politely and looked at the face of the little fatty who had closed his eyes and fallen asleep. Aunt Yang praised Tuanzi: “You look so good, you don’t look like an ordinary child at first sight, and your future will be limitless.”

Shiyi didn’t really want to hear such praise. She knew that she was the type of person who doesn’t visit someone for nothing, so she directly asked, “What’s the matter with Second Aunt? Tell me if you have something to say.”

Aunt Yang was a little chatty. She touched her hair and said hesitantly, “Well, I want to apologize to you. I was wrong before. Don’t care too much about what happened to us in the past. We are all a family. We should support and take care of each other and get along well. After all, my father (Grandpa Yang) only has one (alive) son now.”

Shiyi poked the nose of the little fatty and did not deny it.

Aunt Yang didn’t care if Shiyi didn’t answer and then said, “Actually, I know you are a good person. You took out so much money to build a school in the village, and so many children in the village can read now. It’s a great thing. That son from my family is also studying there. He knows a lot of words now, so I’ll trouble you to take care of him in the future.”

Shiyi raised her eyebrows. “I’m not in charge of the school’s affairs. Now, Master Qiao is in charge. As long as they are students in the school, Master Qiao will treat them equally. “

“Oh, oh, yeah.” Aunt Yang nodded with a smile and tucked her hair behind her ears. She hesitated and said, “I think there are many students in the school. Can master Qiao manage so many children alone? Do you want to invite more teachers? “

“More teachers?” Shiyi couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say.

“Yes, I think there are too many children in the school. According to my son, there are many new children coming in now. I’m afraid Master Qiao can’t handle it all by himself. If there were more teachers, they could help him share the burden.”

Shiyi grabbed the little fatty’s hand and played with it. He said casually, “The master didn’t ask for new teachers. We don’t have another master just like Master Qiao in these 8 villages for so many years. “

“Yes, it’s not easy for a scholar to pass the exam, but my eldest son is also very knowledgeable. He has been studying since he was ten years old. So he is still capable of teaching the children. If he can, he can ask my eldest son to help master Qiao.”

Shiyi finally understood her intention. However, she remembered that Aunt Yang’s eldest son didn’t pass the examination for scholars.

“Your eldest son was admitted as a Xiucai?

Aunt Yang smiled awkwardly and said, “My eldest son didn’t perform very well. He didn’t pass the exam for the time being, but I’m sure it will be okay in the future. He has no problem with his knowledge. “

Shiyi didn’t believe this and said directly: “The teachers in the school should be Xiucai at least. It’s no good without a scholar’s reputation. Moreover, even if you are a scholar, you should also ask Master Qiao. If Master Qiao is busy as you said, he will hire more masters to help him. Aunt, if you want your eldest son to be a teacher in our school, let him read a book and take an examination first.” [1]Xiucai—A person who has passed the county-level imperial exam in ancient China

The smile on Aunt Yang’s face became more and more forced, but now, she dared not offend Shiyi. Today, she came here just to have a try. She did not even dare complain if it was unsuccessful. Aunt Yang stood up and said, with a smile: “It should be. My eldest son should learn more. It’s late. I’m going out to eat. You can have a good rest with your child. “

Shiyi smiled and didn’t take her words to heart.


1 Xiucai—A person who has passed the county-level imperial exam in ancient China


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