The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 70.2

Chapter 70 Part 2

Two men outside were talking, while in the room, Dazhu’s wife also nervously told Shiyi about borrowing money. Shiyi didn’t care and said, “it’s okay. These two men will deal with it. Don’t worry.”

Seeing that Shiyi didn’t care, Dazhu’s wife breathed a sigh of relief. She was initially concerned that Shiyi would have an opinion on them borrowing money. It seemed that she thought too much.

Little fatty is being put on the bed by Shiyi at this time. He can’t turn over yet. He can only stretch out his hands and feet like a turtle.

Shiyi pinched little fatty’s little fat feet and laughed at him, “Look, you’re just like a little turtle now, a fat turtle.”

Being pinched by his mother, the little fatty shouted “wow”.

Dazhu’s wife adored Tuanzi so much that she couldn’t wait to take the little fatty home. She also stretched out her hand and carefully held the other foot of little fatty. Her eyes were full of love, “Shiyi, how did you raise him like this? Why is Tuanzi so beautiful?”

“There is no special way of raising him. He is just powerful. He will absorb all of the nutrition in my body when he is still in my stomach. He grew stronger than anyone. Now he is even stronger than before. He eats more than anyone. My milk is not enough for him. Can he grow well if he eats like this? “

Dazhu’s wife nodded admirably. If only she could have such a fat boy.

“Shiyi, do you… Do you have any way to make me have a son? “

Hearing such a sentence so suddenly, Shiyi was stunned, “What?”

Dazhu’s wife pursed her lips, a little embarrassed and a little melancholy, “I’ve given birth to three girls to my family’s Dazhu, and I haven’t got a son. Fortunately, my Dazhu doesn’t care about regeneration, but I don’t know what’s going on. Since I gave birth to my third child, I haven’t been pregnant anymore. It’s been several years, and I can’t conceive from then on. But I also want to give birth to a son for my family’s Dazhu. If my Dazhu is really conscripted this time, I can’t leave him a child that could continue his surname. “

Shiyi couldn’t stand the idea that she has to have a son to have a future. She really doesn’t understand why people of this era were so ignorant and feudal, but she won’t be stupid enough to reason with others. Anyway, everyone’s patriarchal ideology has been deeply rooted in their bones, and she can’t change it.

Shiyi said honestly, “Even if you can get pregnant again, it’s not necessarily a son. The genders of the babies were random, doctors can’t change it.”

“I know this. I just want to try again. I’m still young and can regenerate for a few years. I don’t believe that I can’t give birth to a son, as long as I can get pregnant again. But I’m obviously in good health. I didn’t encounter any problems when I gave birth to my three daughters, but why can’t I conceive again? “

Shiyi also admired her persistence and said directly, “Stretch out your wrist and I’ll give you a pulse.”

Dazhu’s wife hurriedly stretched out her hand.

Shiyi took her pulse carefully, closed her hand, and asked, “How old are your three daughters?”

Dazhu’s wife hurriedly replied, “The eldest is seven years old, the second is six years old, and the third is five years old.”

“Hmm? You’re pregnant again just after giving birth? ” Shiyi was amazed.

Dazhu’s wife blushed and couldn’t speak.

Shiyi said, “Your body is not as good as you think, because you gave birth to children too often, and you got pregnant before your body is well cultivated. This leads to your body’s damage, so it is not easy to get pregnant now. “

“Ah? So, this was the reason. What should I do then? Can I get better?”

Shiyi nodded, “It’s still okay, I’ll prescribe a side medicine for you to go home and recuperate, and you’ll be fine in less than three months, and you’ll be able to conceive by then. However, after you give birth, you’d better take a two-year break to regenerate, which is good for your health. You shouldn’t give birth every year.”

Dazhu’s wife nodded quickly, “I will remember your advice in the future.”


After seeing off the couple, Shiyi followed Yang Shifeng into the kitchen with little fatty in her arms. Yang Shifeng wanted to bake sweet potatoes for Shiyi.

Shiyi loves to eat roasted sweet potatoes. She can eat three potatoes in one sitting. Now that Dazhu brought a big basket full of sweet potatoes, all of it will go straight to her stomach.

“Fatty, Mommy, touched your blessings. Anyway, you can’t eat it now, so Mommy will eat it for you first. ” Shiyi kissed Little Fatty as a thank you.

“Wow -” Little Fatty waved his meaty fist at his mother.

Shiyi bit the meat on Tuanzi’s cheek. “It’s no use shouting. Anyway, you can’t eat it. You can only watch me eat it.”

“Wow -” the cry became louder.

Yang Shifeng looked at them in amusement, but when he saw the sweet potatoes being roasted, he couldn’t help sighing, “The life in the village will be so difficult now, so many sweet potatoes are probably enough for Dazhu’s family to eat for a few days.”

Shiyi didn’t fully understand this place yet, and asked in puzzlement, “Wasn’t it all right before? How come they will live a hard life so suddenly? “

“Well.” Yang Shifeng explained to her, “In winter, there is no food or work to do. Most people have to live with their belts tightened. People in the village usually live on sweet potatoes in winter, but this year they are recruiting at this juncture. Those who have made money are estimated to be unable to survive this winter. “

“This serious?” Shiyi frowned when she heard this, and she forgot to tease Little Fatty.

“Eight taels of silver is a large amount. If you give it out, the family will basically have no money. It will be the new year again soon, but now few people come to buy new year goods. “

Shiyi thought it was true. When the new year was coming and going last year, the shop was full of people, and the goods sold quickly. Yang Shifeng went several times to replenish the supplies, but since it was nearly the end of the year, few people came to buy in their store, and the store was deserted. It seems that the cause was really conscription.

Yang Shifeng looked out the door and sighed. “Every time the imperial court comes to recruit soldiers, the people will suffer a disaster, especially our poor mountain people. It’s like being skinned. This winter, I’m really afraid they’ll starve to death. “

“Starve to death? Was it this serious? “

“In the past, the imperial court also came to recruit soldiers. At that time, some people spent all their money and sold all their food, and eventually many families were almost starved to death. Anyway, this year, everyone will have a bad life.”

Shiyi was a little stunned. For the first time, she realized how people here live hard and how poor the people here are. It was so difficult that small conscription might bring a disastrous blow to the family.

In contrast, her home with Yang Shifeng is like a happy land on barren land, relaxed and free.

Little Fatty saw that her father and mother stopped teasing him. He opened his mouth and clenched his small fist and made a sound twice.

Shiyi regained consciousness, bowed her head, grabbed little fatty’s small hand, and bit it. Little Fatty “giggled” again.

“Forget it, this is not something we can change.”

Yang Shifeng also knew that his worries were useless, so he could only do things step by step, so he didn’t say any more. Just as the sweet potatoes were baked, he picked them up and cooled them off, then peeled off the scorched skin on the outside and handed it to Shiyi, “Be careful of scalding your tongue, eat slowly.”

Shiyi took the sweet potato, and a strong sweet smell rushed into her nose, which greatly increased her appetite. Shiyi immediately opened her mouth and took a bite. She savored the soft, tender, and sweet flavor of the sweet potato . She smiled at Yang Shifeng and said, “Brother Shifeng, this is really delicious.”

Yang Shifeng touched Shiyi’s face, “Eat slowly, there’s more of it here.”

Maybe the fragrance was too strong, so the little fatty also smelled it. He immediately wrinkled his small nose and sucked it in. His eyes firmly locked on the sweet potato in Shiyi’s hand, his small claws stretched out and scratched, and his mouth made a loud cry.

Shiyi pinched Tuanzi’s small belly, “Do you want to eat?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Little Fatty kicked up with excitement.

Shiyi took another bite of sweet potato and gloated, “You can’t eat it even if you want to eat it. You don’t have teeth, you can only drink milk, hahaha…”

Little fatty watched helplessly as the sweet potato was eaten by Shiyi, with his small mouth opening and closing, and his small tongue sticking out, which almost looked like he was drooling.

Shiyi complained to Yang Shifeng, “Look at your little fatty. He knows what good foods are to eat at such a young age. I think the food sold at home will suffer in the future, so you have to watch him carefully.”

Yang Shifeng smiled but couldn’t speak. He stretched out his hand and held the little fatty, so as not to make the little fatty feel uncomfortable when he couldn’t eat.

Little Fatty was hugged away by his father, and the good fragrance coming from the sweet potato disappeared. His little mouth suddenly flattened, and a “woo woo” sound came out of his mouth, which sounded extremely pitiful.

Yang Shifeng looked distressed, and hurriedly took the little guy into his arms and patted it, “Tuanzi don’t cry. You’re still young, you can’t eat that, and it’s not delicious at all. Let’s not eat it.”

“Sob—” Little Fatty was buried in Yang Shifeng’s arms and cried.

Shiyi stretched out her head to look at the little fatty’s face in Yang Shifeng’s arms, and immediately smiled, “Yang Shifeng, don’t pay attention to him. Look, he’s not really crying at all. He’s lying again, and not even a drop of tear can be seen on his face. “

Yang Shifeng looked down and smiled. His little Tuanzi was trembling as he sobbed. In fact, his eyes were still wandering around, and there were no tears in his eyes.

Yang Shifeng lovingly kissed Xiao Tuanzi’s fat face, “Baby, why are you so smart? Dad was cheated by you.”

The little guy smacked his mouth and continued to howl.

Shiyi rolled her eyes at the little guy, “I think you’re just a drama queen. Am I right, little fatty? “

Little fatty ignored her and continued to purr.

Oh, there’s no need to doubt the actor!


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    Shiyi: Mom will eat it all for you, little fatty!
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    Tuanzi is so cute, I wanna hug! (⁠ʃ⁠ƪ⁠^⁠3⁠^⁠)

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