The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 71.1

Chapter 71 Part 1

In the blink of an eye, the new year was fast approaching. 

The school will have its year-end exam a few days before the new year.

This time, Xiao Shitou won first place in the exam. Shiyi rewarded him with a storybook, which he wanted very much. 

Xiao Shitou was so happy that all of his teeth could be seen.

After a while, he immediately took the book and ran to Little Fatty, who was playing alone in bed, to offer his treasure, “Tuanzi, this is the reward your Uncle received. Here you are!”

Tuanzi opened his mouth and looked at Xiao Shitou. He lowered his head to look at the book given by Xiao Shitou. Tuanzi blinked and reached for the book, but unfortunately, his hand was too small to hold it.

Xiao Shitou looked at the book and put it in front of Tuanzi to help him grab it.

Xiao Tuanzi put his two little fat hands together and fluttered around the book. Later, seeing that he couldn’t hold it, he leaned his head over once more and bit into a corner of the book. 

“Ah woo!” Instantly, the corner of the book was full of saliva.

Seeing that the book was full of saliva, Xiao Shitou was a little distressed, and carefully touched little Tuanzi’s fat face. He gently coaxed: “Tuanzi, books are for reading, not for biting. So, don’t bite it, okay?”

As a result, even without Xiao Shitou’s coaxing, Little Fatty, who was biting the corner of Shitou’s book, found out that the book doesn’t taste good at all. He immediately moved the book from his hands, bared his teeth, and stretched out his tongue. His eyes were a little disgusted. It was like, he was trying to say: why does it taste bad?

Little Fatty suddenly lost interest in this thing called “book”. He didn’t even look at it again. He continued to play with his fat feet and tried to put his feet in his mouth.

Xiao Shitou hurriedly held Tuanzi’s fat feet, “Tuanzi, you can’t eat your feet. It’s dirty. Come on, let’s read a book, OK?” Xiao Shitou handed the book in his hand to the little guy again, trying to attract his attention.

However, Little Fatty, who had just tasted the taste of the book, had no interest in the book at all. He shook his head and reached out to push the book in front of him, shouting “Waah! Waah!” in his mouth.

Xiao Shitou frowned, “Tuanzi, do you dislike books?”

“Yaah—” Little Fatty continued to grasp his feet and put them in his mouth.

Xiao Shitou sighed. He had to accept the fact that little Tuanzi didn’t like his precious book at all. Shitou then proceeded to try to stop his little nephew from eating his own feet. 

However, every time Little Fatty was stopped from eating his feet, he would get angry and yell at Xiao Shitou.

“Little Fatty, what are you doing!” As soon as Shiyi came in, he saw the fat tortoise on the bed shouting at Xiao Shitou, with his fierce milky voice.

When Little Fatty saw his mother come in, he said “Ahh!” to her twice.

Shiyi picked Tuanzi up, bit his little fat, and fiercely asked him, “Be honest with your mother. Are you angry with your Uncle? Are you being naughty? Huh?”

Little Fatty smacked his mouth, hugged Shiyi’s neck, buried his face in her neck, and pretended to be dead.

When Xiao Shitou saw this, he immediately said: “Sister, Tuanzi didn’t hurt me, but he wanted to put his feet in his mouth. I didn’t let him do it, that’s why he was angry.”

Shiyi touched Xiao Shitou’s head and said, “You did the right thing. In the future, if he gets mad at you, don’t yield to him. If he dares to be fierce with you, you can hit him. No, just hit him! “

Xiao Shitou laughed and looked at his lovely little nephew, “I’ll talk to Tuanzi well and I can’t bear to beat him.”

Shiyi shook her head helplessly and patted Little Fatty’s fat bottom in her arms. “Did you put your feet in your mouth? How many times did your mother tell you not to? I think you deserve a beating! “

His butt was beaten, and Tuanzi flattened his mouth and shouted defiantly.

Shiyi patted Tuanzi’s butt again. The Little Fatty yelled again, but, Shiyi ignored his protest. Instead, she talked to Xiao Shitou, “Xiao Shitou, this time you won first place in the exam. What about Leizi?”

“Leizi won second place in the exam, but he was one point less than me.”

“Well, then you are both very good. This time you are a little bit better than him.”

Xiao Shitou scratched his head in embarrassment. “Last time, he got the first place, and I was not as good as him.”

Shiyi couldn’t help laughing, thinking that the two little guys were quite interesting. They took turns in taking first place and competed fiercely with each other, but their relationship was also very good.

Xiao Shitou asked Shiyi, “Sister, are the top three in our exam really rewarded with 300 Wen?”

Shiyi nodded, “Yes, I told your master that the top 3 would be rewarded.”

Xiao Shitou’s eyes lit up and he was very happy, “Then, when I get my 300 wen, I can send a red envelope to Tuanzi!” 

With that, Xiao Shitou pulled Little Fatty’s hand and said, “Tuanzi, Uncle will send you a big red envelope for the new year. I will give you 300 Wen!”

“Tuanzi doesn’t know how to spend money yet. Save it for yourself. ” Shiyi rubbed Shitou’s little head again. 

Silly boy, when he got the money, he wanted to give his little nephew a red envelope. He was so stupid that he didn’t leave any money for himself. He simply loved this little fatty more than she and Yang Shifeng.

Xiao Shitou shook his head firmly, “I don’t need money, I want to give it to Tuanzi. Let him collect it first, and then buy delicious food later. Next year I will get in the top three again, and give Tuanzi a red envelope again. “

Shiyi had nothing to persuade him from taking back the money, so she could only encourage him: “Okay, okay, then you continue to work hard and strive to be in the top three.”

“Uh-huh! I must study hard! But other people also want to get the 300 Wen money. Everyone was studying hard. They say that with the 300 Wen money, they can pay for their tuition next year, and they can continue to study, but…” 

Xiao Shitou stopped halfway and continued in a slightly distressed tone: “But there are several families with poor conditions. They are very sad that they didn’t get the 300 Wen  this time, and they also said that they won’t be able to go back to study next year.”

“Hmm? Won’t come back to study? “

“Well, a few said they wouldn’t come after studying this year, because they didn’t have money at home. It seems that they didn’t have money to study because they gave money to a senior official who came to collect it. They all cried.”

Shiyi frowned. The senior official who came to collect money from Xiao Shitou’s mouth was the Yamen who came down to their village to recruit some time ago. Those who are willing to give money, as long as they give the money to these officials, don’t have to send someone to the army. It seems that even the children will be affected by this recruitment.

Can these children study for one year only? Will they leave one by one in the future? What’s the point of them doing their best to invite Master Qiao back to the village? Could it be that the purpose of her, building this school was just to let her two children study?

Shiyi felt that this situation was a little serious and needed to think of a solution thoroughly.

Seeing that Shiyi was staring into nothing, Xiao Shitou shook his hand in front of Shiyi’s eyes and said, “Sister, are you okay?”

Little Fatty also shouted at Shiyi “Waa!”, and his little foot stamped hard, stamping Shiyi back to her senses, and making her leg hurt.

Shiyi widened her eyes and pinched Little Fatty’s fat face. “What are you doing, Little Fatty? Are you going to smash your mother’s leg?

Looking at her old mother’s angry eyes, Little Fatty “giggled” and stamped his feet hard.

Shiyi wants to beat up her Little Fatty.

Seeing that his nephew was going to suffer, Xiao Shitou hurried out to make things right. “Sister, I want to invite Leizi to our house tomorrow. Is it OK? Tomorrow is a holiday, and I haven’t seen him for a long time. “

Shiyi let Little Fatty go and nodded to Xiao Shitou, “OK, it’s normal to invite a good friend to play at home. You can invite him tomorrow. I’ll ask your brother to order more vegetables to entertain him.”

Xiao Shitou immediately grinned. “Okay! Thank you, sister. “


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