The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 71.2

Chapter 71 Part 2

The next day, Shiyi gave the reward to Master Qiao for the top three students. Master Qiao gave the reward to the children in the class and announced the holiday after saying a few words of encouragement.

Xiao Shitou went home happily, followed by a little boy.

The little boy was surprisingly thin, and his eyes were especially large. There were patches on his clothes. The cotton wool in his jacket leaked out. The color of the cotton wool was black and yellow. It was also torn apart, and the old cotton inside could be vaguely seen. The shoes on his feet were also broken, and the feet inside could be seen faintly.

Grandpa Yang smiled and said, “You’re Leizi, right? Good boy, come in, come in. “

Leizi pursed his lips and greeted Grandpa Yang, saying stiffly, “Hello, Grandpa.” Then he turned to Shiyi, who was holding a child. “Hello, sister.”

After introducing himself, he saw Little Fatty in Shiyi’s arms looking at him with his dark eyes open. His heart became a little happier, and he whispered, “Hello, baby.”

Shiyi smiled. She bowed and said to Little Fatty in her arms, “Look, Uncle Leizi said hello to you. Come on, you can also say hello to him. ” Although he should be called Brother Leizi instead of Uncle Leizi, who made Xiao Shitou’s generation so old?

“Yah—” Little Fatty, who was familiar with greeting people, waved his small arm and shouted at Leizi twice. His small body also leaned forward to reach Leizi.

Shiyi saw Leizi’s eyes light up. She felt Leizi was amusing, so she moved Little Fatty forward, letting him smoothly reach Leizi’s face, “OK, OK, you can touch Uncle Leizi.”

Little Fatty stretched out his little fat hand and directly touched Leizi’s face. While touching it, he screamed, and Leizi, on the other hand, was motionless, letting Tuanzi touch his face, and his eyes were full of smiles.

Shiyi didn’t know how her little Fatty had such great charm and made everyone fall in love with him at first sight.

Afraid that Leizi’s face would be peeled off if Tuanzi’s touched him any longer, Shiyi took Little Fatty back and said to Leizi, “Come and sit at the table with Xiao Shitou and eat something. We’ll have dinner later.”

Leizi glanced at Little Fatty with a bit of reluctance in his eyes twice, but he couldn’t say anything, so he went to sit with Xiao Shitou.

As a result, Little Fatty saw that Uncle and Uncle Leizi were sitting there eating deliciously, but he didn’t, so he squirmed immediately, leaning hard against the table, stretched his fleshy arms to grab here and there, and shouted anxiously in his mouth, “Ahh” in panic.

Shiyi was so angry that she patted Tuanzi’s plump bottom, “What are you doing! You can’t still eat it!”

Little Fatty turned to Shiyi and continued to work hard to reach the food on the table.

Seeing Little Fatty like this, he put down the melon seeds at a loss. He didn’t know what to do.

Shiyi saw Leizi’s action and said, “Leizi, you eat your food. Don’t worry about Little Fatty. At present, he can only eat milk and can’t eat anything else. “

Leizi nodded, but he still stopped eating. For fear of causing the little guy to feel sad, Xiao Shitou stopped eating when he saw Tuanzi.

Shiyi didn’t know how to persuade the two children. Fortunately, at this time, Yang Shifeng came in with vegetables and said, “OK, let’s have dinner.”

Xiao Shitou hurriedly took the food off the table and helped Yang Shifeng serve the dishes. Leizi also followed suit.

During the meal, Xiao Shitou did his best to meet the landlord’s needs and kept serving dishes to Leizi. Grandpa Yang also said, “Leizi, eat more, look at how thin you are.”

Leizi nodded with his head down, and his voice was muffled, “Thank you, Grandpa, brother, and sister.”

Anyone could hear his shaky voice as he spoke. It seems that the child has lived a hard life.

In order to distract the children, Shiyi asked, “Leizi, can you still come to school next year?”

Leizi paused and nodded, “Yes, my grandfather said he would let me study as long as I wanted to. Besides, I got 300 Wen this year, so next year I will be able to hand in the tuition fee, and I will continue to study!”

“That’s good.” Shiyi thought it would be a pity if such a smart and studious young man stopped studying.

But Leizi was not so happy, “But the people in our village who came with me won’t come next year, because their family has no money.” His father wants to go out to find work, and he wants to go back to help his family. “

Leizi’s words made the people at the table feel bad. It seems that the situation in every village was the same. Everyone was having a hard time. In comparison, their family was in a good situation.

After dinner, Yang Shifeng filled Leizi with some melon seed candy as a new year’s gift and simply stuffed it for him to take back home. When Leizi left, his eyes were red. 

In the evening, Shiyi lay down on Yang Shifeng’s lap, with Little Fatty, who was entertaining himself on her stomach and told him about school. “I heard Xiao Shitou say that many children were not going to study next year.”

Yang Shifeng touched Shiyi’s long hair and said, “It’s not impossible. Before, the family had extra money to send their children to study, but when the recruitment of soldiers was issued, the rich families paid for their quotas. With so much money, they had no money left to spare. Now the villagers eat brown rice porridge twice a day, and a few people can eat white rice. “

Shiyi also knows this, because the business in the shop is really bad, and everyone has no money to buy new year’s goods.

Shiyi realized for the first time how helpless the people at the bottom of this era are. But none of them can change anything. The only pity is that for those children who have no money to study, this opportunity could have changed their fate, but alas, before they could bloom, they died prematurely.

“It’s a pity that not many children will study next year.”

Yang Shifeng said with emotion, “Yes, if there is no money at home, you will not be allowed to read unless the villagers can make money, but farming was their only way to make a living. Three years of saving money were their only option if they wanted to send their children to school. I guess, three years from now, many people will be sending their children back to school. “

Make money? Shiyi bit her lip and stared at Little Fatty on her stomach, lost in thought.

Little Fatty looked at his mother, who was staring at him, without even moving.

Tuanzi blinked curiously and made a sound twice to get the attention of his mother. As a result, his mother ignored him, so he waved his legs and hands. 

How could he dance with his hands and feet? His hands and feet “hit” Shiyi, and Shiyi hissed in pain.

Shiyi slapped her son. “Little Fatty, your hands itch if you don’t rebel?!”

“Ah, ah -“

“I think I owe you a beating!”


Seeing that his wife and son would quarrel again, Yang Shifeng hurriedly held Shiyi and then held Little Fatty in his arms. He separated the two people, and then patted Little Fatty on the back to coax him, “OK, OK, don’t cry. Next time, you shouldn’t move too strongly. Do you understand?” Your mother will be hurt by you.”

Little Fatty answered twice again, but then he put his arm around his father’s neck and stopped shouting, which means that, he’s giving face to his father.

Shiyi groaned at the sight. Her stomach felt sour from this scene. At the end, who carried him for ten months and worked hard to give birth to him?! Who is the one who gave him a mouthful of food every day!

Yang Shifeng walked around the room with Little Fatty in his arms, patting him while walking, and soon put Little Fatty to sleep.

Shiyi closed her eyes and felt weak. ” Why is he yelling at me but acting so obedient in front of you?” If she coaxed him, she wouldn’t be able to sleep for half an hour. Only God knows what’s going on.

Yang Shifeng smiled and sighed. He put his fat son to sleep in the cradle, walked to the bedside, hugged Shiyi in his arms, and patted her like how he coaxed their son, “OK, don’t be angry, I’ll teach him a lesson when he’s older, okay?”

Shiyi snorted, “I don’t believe you. He is now your baby, your super baby. Can you be willing to teach him a lesson? I might as well do it myself. “

Yang Shifeng laughed happily and kissed her on the forehead, “Nonsense, you are my baby, my super baby, and Tuanzi can’t compare with you.”

Shiyi tried to control the smile forming on the corners of her mouth, but it was very difficult.

Yang Shifeng suddenly picked Shiyi up from the bed, wrapped her legs around his waist, put her arms around his neck, and patted her on the back like how he was coaxing Tuanzi, ” Okay, after coaxing the small baby, I’m going to put my big baby to sleep.”

“Pfft—” Shiyi couldn’t help laughing more. She buried her face in Yang Shifeng’s neck and burst out laughing.

This man’s sweet-talking skills are improving by leaps and bounds.

However, it was quite comfortable to be held and coaxed like this. Shiyi didn’t know how, but she gradually closed her eyes and fell asleep.

However, in the middle of the night, Shiyi suddenly opened her eyes and heard irregular sounds that were coming from somewhere in their house.


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