The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 72.1

Chapter 72 Part 1

Shiyi heard very light footsteps outside, and these light footsteps didn’t belong to their family.

Someone they don’t know is outside their house!

Shiyi calmly glanced at the cradle. Her little baby was sleeping soundly. She couldn’t help but relax after seeing her son. She sat up quietly and stretched out her hand to poke Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng immediately opened his eyes, “Shiyi, why—”

Shiyi covered Yang Shifeng’s mouth. She leaned close to Shifeng’s ear and said in a very quiet voice.”Don’t talk, there’s someone outside.”

Yang Shifeng’s eyes tensed, and he nodded silently. He sat up and took the clothes that they put on the bedside.

Yang Shifeng put them on in the dark and then got out of bed. He pressed on Shiyi’s shoulder. He gave Shiyi a signal that she should wait in the room.

Yang Shifeng gently held the little guy in the cradle and put him into Shiyi’s arms. Then he went to the cabinet, took the dagger Shiyi used, and quietly walked behind the door to open it.

Sure enough, there was a rustling sound in the hall. as if something was being tossed around. 

Yang Shifeng’s eyes darkened.

He could almost guess what the “visitor” came here for.

Yang Shifeng held the dagger and listened quietly for a while. When he heard that there was only one person outside, he immediately came up with a plan. 

Yang Shifeng moved out of the room slowly and walked to the counter step by step. 

Gradually, he saw a dark figure loading the things on the shelf into a cloth bag. He didn’t notice that someone was behind him. The man didn’t sense Yang Shifeng’s presence at all. 

At this time, Yang Shifeng raised the chair to one side and swung it towards the man. 

After being hit by the heavy chair, the man was thrown to the ground by the huge impact of the chair. His body hit the counter with a loud bang, and a scream came out of his mouth.

“Who are you!” Yang Shifeng slammed himself into the counter, raised the chair once more, and swung it against the person who broke into their house. The thief, who was going to stand up and run, was once again thrown to the ground, but the scream was louder than his previous scream.

Yang Shifeng stepped forward and grabbed the man’s arm, twisted it behind the thief’s back, and put his knee against the thief’s back waist, firmly restraining him and making him unable to move at all.

At this time, Grandpa Yang heard the movement and ran out. He lit a candle, and suddenly the house lit up, and everything in front of him was clearly seen.

“What’s going on?”

“A thief came to our house to steal.” Yang Shifeng said, stretching out his hand and twisting the thief’s face under him. Suddenly, the thief appeared in front of him. It turned out to be an acquaintance!

“Tang Laosi, it’s you!” The visitor is Tang Laosi, from the same village.

Tang Laosi’s face fell to the ground and bled, his mouth was broken, and his nose was bleeding. How could he deny it if he was in this miserable state?

Seeing that he was caught, he begged for mercy in fear, “I’m sorry, I’m obsessed for a moment. Please let me go, and I dare not again.”


Yang Shifeng was about to say something when he suddenly heard a scream from the yard. He was surprised and immediately said to Grandpa Yang, “Grandpa, please get me a rope.”

Grandpa Yang hurried to the place where the sundries were placed and took a rope. Without saying a word, Yang Shifeng tied the rope to Tang Laosi. He threw him into the corner and rushed into the yard. 

As a result, he saw Shiyi stepping on someone and holding their Xiao Tuanzi firmly in her arms.

The man at Shiyi’s feet was like a turtle, his limbs moved disorderly, but he couldn’t get rid of Shiyi at all. He could only plead, “It’s painful! Don’t step on it again, let me go! I won’t run.”

Shiyi ignored him and increased the amount of strength in her feet. 

The person under her feet screamed repeatedly, worse than Tang Laosi, who was inside the house.

Yang Shifeng didn’t care about anything else. First, he went to Shiyi and looked at Tuanzi. 

The little guy was awake, but he didn’t cry or make any noise. 

He was not afraid at all. The Little Fatty just looked at the man lying on the ground curiously with his big eyes open. 

He made a noise that no one could understand. Yang Shifeng asked, “What’s the matter? Why did you get out of the room?”

Shiyi replied quietly, “Not only one person who came here to steal. When you steal, there must be a lookout. I saw from the window that this person was trying to escape over the fence, so I came out of the window and caught him. “

For Shiyi’s swift and fierce action, Yang Shifeng is simply unable to know what to say. But then again, he still has to say something. “Then why did you take Tuanzi out? Do you know how dangerous it is? And what should I do if he was scared? “

Shiyi was a little embarrassed and stuck out her tongue. “When I came out, I forgot that Tuanzi was still in my arms, so I jumped out with him, but Little Fatty was not afraid at all. He was still giggling when I jumped out of the window. Am I right, Little Fatty?”

The little guy shouted twice, full of energy, and his cry was full of excitement.

Yang Shifeng:”……” Forget it, I’ll stop talking.

Yang Shifeng tied up the person at Shiyi’s feet with a rope. This person was also an acquaintance, Zhang Tianbao, from the same village.

The Yang family was so noisy; someone was howling and screaming in pain. They were so loud that the neighbors woke up and lit up their lights one after another. 

They asked Yang Shifeng what was going on, and Yang Shifeng didn’t want to cover it, so he went to open the gate, but Shiyi grabbed him and said, “Wait for a moment, before you open the door.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t understand what Shiyi meant, but he still obediently didn’t open the door, and just tied the two thieves together.

Shiyi handed Little Fatty in her arms to Yang Shifeng, “Hold Little Fatty, don’t let him look at me.”

Yang Shifeng was even more puzzled, “What are you doing?”

Shiyi didn’t speak. She clenched her hands, and the bones made a “creak” sound. She walked up to the two people, raised her fists, and began to beat them up. One punch after another fell on the two people like drums, making a dull sound of a physical collision.

“Ah! Help! Stop hitting me, stop!”

“Please stop punching us and spare us. Ahh—”

“Mom, help—”

Yang Shifeng’s mouth twitched as he looked at the violent scene in front of him. 

He quickly covered Little Fatty’s eyes with his arms to prevent him from looking.

Little Fatty was watching with relish and giggled. Suddenly, such a wonderful picture was blocked. He panicked. Little Fatty waved his small fist to grab the hands away from his eyes, and made an urgent sound in his mouth, trying to let Yang Shifeng take his hand away. 

However, he was too young to get rid of his father’s big hand. When he could finally see the surroundings again, his mother had already stopped beating the two thieves.

Little Fatty was very disappointed and shouted at Yang Shifeng, showing his father that he was angry.

Yang Shifeng kissed his fat face and comforted him. “Be obedient and don’t be angry that you weren’t able to see it.”

“WAAH!!” Little Fatty was not easy to coax. He also clenched his small fist and waved it. He was angry at his father.

Shiyi patted Little Fatty’s fat ass, and then raised her fist to show him, “Don’t make trouble, be careful, I’ll beat you! I’ll beat just like how I beat them. Are you afraid?”

Little Fatty looked at Shiyi’s fist, “Oh, oh”, and stopped crying.

Shiyi snorted and smiled. She hugged Little Fatty, who knew current affairs very well, and said to Yang Shifeng, “You can let people outside come in.”


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