The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 72.2

Chapter 72 Part 2

Only then did Yang Shifeng understand what Shiyi was doing. He pinched her nose and smiled. Then he went to open the door and told the villagers outside about the thief in the house.

The villagers were shocked and surprised by what happened. They were unwilling to leave, so they stayed to see what the Yang family would do next.

Instead, there were more and more people came to Yang Shifeng’s yard to gossip.

Yang Shifeng ignored the people who came to see the excitement and threw the two people with bruises in the yard.

Seeing that they were completely exposed, they were almost killed by Shiyi. At this time, they were full of fear and cried, “Shifeng, please forgive us. We were obsessed for a while. We won’t dare do it again next time. Forgive us and let us go this time. “

“Shifeng, we didn’t mean it. Our family is too poor to have enough to eat every day. We’re forced to think of such a bad idea. For our poor sake, don’t mind what we did.”

“Yes, yes, it’s all due to the conscription of the imperial court. Our family can’t pass the year. Our newly born boy can’t even drink milk and is starving to death. I really had no choice but to come to your house. We’re just confused. We won’t do it again next time. Shifeng, for the sake of being in the same village for so many years, let us go.”

Yang Shifeng listened quietly for a long time without speaking.

These two people are about the same age as him. They played together when they were young. Although the relationship was not very good, they didn’t continue to be friends anymore. 

Although they are not good people in ordinary times, they are not bad people. Yang Shifeng had never heard of their sneaky business before. This time, they probably had no food to eat, and seeing that their family has money, they decided to come to their house to steal.

However, just because their family has money doesn’t mean they can steal it.

Yang Shifeng stood up and said to Grandpa Yang and Shiyi, “I’ll call their family.”

However, there was no need to call their families at all. Their families had been called by others in the village.

The people who came were the Tang family and the Zhang family. The two old people were full of shame. 

As soon as they saw Grandpa Yang, they knelt down and apologized: “Old Yang, I’m sorry. This bastard of my family did such a thing. I have no face to see anyone.”

“Old Yang, sorry, this beast of my family… I will kill him when I go back.”

How could Grandpa Yang have the heart to see two people of the same generation kneeling down on him? He held them up. “Get up, you two. Let’s talk about what we need to address. Don’t kneel. Isn’t this a bad thing for me!”

Grandpa Yang pulled the two old men up after saying good or bad things. As a result, the two old men went up and slapped their grandson on the face. The two people’s faces, which were already like pigs’ heads, were even more ugly, and their cries could be heard all over the village.

“You little beast! Is that what I taught you? Unexpectedly, you go to someone else’s house to steal things. I don’t think you want to live a good life!”

“I’ll kill you today. You’ve lost the face of our ancestors. It’s over.”

Grandpa Yang looked at the scene and went to pull them again. As a result, he couldn’t hold them back at all.

Shiyi sat on the chair and didn’t move. She was noncommittal about this scene. She watched the two old people beat up their grandson, but she knew in her heart that this was just a disguised plea.

Shiyi doesn’t know whether these two old people really don’t know that their own people were going to steal.

However, no matter what the truth is, today’s result has been decided. 

This matter is doomed to have no waves. Everyone is from the same village. After living together for so many years, the friendship of the older generation is still there, not to mention that they haven’t lost anything in their family. 

Would it be difficult to kill them or send them to prison? It’s impossible, even if you think about it.

So she just beat these two people into pig heads before they let other people come, which was enough for them to suffer for months. At the same time, they can also make an example for others and let those who have thoughts about their family settle down.

It turned out that, as Shiyi thought, after beating their grandchildren, the two old people knelt down for Grandpa Yang and said, “Old Yang, today I’ll give you my little beast, you can do whatever you want to do with him.”

His words really sounded noble, but in fact, they knew that Grandpa Yang couldn’t do anything. Even if he beats and scolds the two or even if he sends them to the government, nothing was stolen from Grandpa Yang. At most, they will be in jail for two days. So why would you still bother?

Grandpa Yang waved his hand. “Forget it, we’re all from the same village. We won’t care about it this time. Don’t do this kind of thing in the future. Go home.”

The two old men thanked Grandpa Yang again and took their grandchildren home.

Yang Shifeng sent away the crowd, and the house was quiet again.

Grandpa Yang waved his hand wearily, “Oh, what a mess. Forget it, it’s late in the night.  Lock the door and go back to bed. You can pack these things tomorrow. “

Xiao Shitou ran over and kissed Little Fatty, and then went back to his room to sleep.

Shiyi also hugged Little Fatty and followed Yang Shifeng back to the room. 

For a while, she couldn’t sleep. Little Fatty in her arms became more and more energetic and kept talking with his mouth open.

Shiyi disliked his howls, so she simply threw him into the cradle and ordered him, “Go to bed!” Don’t talk!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Little Fatty opened his big black eyes, stretched out his limbs, waved hard, and once again became a fat turtle or a noisy fat turtle.

Shiyi looked around for a while and found that this guy really didn’t sleep, so she just lay in bed. As a result, the fat guy shouted for a while, but suddenly stopped shouting and changed to “Wuwu.”

“Wuwu” means hungry and needs to be fed.

Yang Shifeng picked up the fat guy, put him in Shiyi’s arms, and interceded for him, “Tuanzi is hungry. Feed him some milk, and he will sleep when he is full.”

“Go to bed after eating milk, or I’ll hit your ass!” After Shiyi threatened him, she held Little Fatty over and lifted her clothes to feed him.

Yang Shifeng sat behind Shiyi, took her in his arms, and quietly looked at the mother and son.

Little Fatty successfully ate all Shiyi’s milk again, smacked his mouth, and finally slowly closed his eyes to see Duke Zhou. [1]Duke of Zhou is also known as the “God of Dreams”.

Shiyi breathed out, put Little Fatty in the cradle, and lay heavily in Yang Shifeng’s arms, “It’s been a long night!” 

Yang Shifeng touched Shiyi’s hair and said, “It seems that our family has a big tree, everyone is poor, and our family has money, so the crooked idea moved on to us. But after tonight’s scene, those who have the same idea must not dare to come. “

“I know. I just didn’t expect such a thing to cause so much trouble. One might say that our family avoided the disaster, but in fact, we were also affected in a strict sense. If it goes on like this, our lives will be unpleasant.”

Yang Shifeng sighed, and also had a headache from these recent events.

Shiyi touched Yang Shifeng’s face with her backhand and said with emotion: “I only realize now that I am rich, but the people around me are getting poorer and poorer. It’s not a good thing. Look at what happened to our family now. Trouble keeps coming. “

Yang Shifeng frowned, “But this is not something we can change. We can’t give money away to others. If we want to make money, we have to rely on ourselves. Unless we move away from here and stay away completely, do you want to move to town or city? “

Shiyi shook her head, “I think it’s good to live here. Even if you add the recent troubles we experienced, it is still more comfortable to live here than in the city. The city is too noisy and complicated. ” 

In contrast, Shiyi prefers the natural, casual, and simple atmosphere of the village.

Yang Shifeng touched Shiyi’s face. “It’s only temporary. When spring comes and you can plant food, the villagers’ lives will be much better. “

Shiyi put her hand on his eyes. After a while, she suddenly opened her eyes and asked, “Yang Shifeng, do you want me to give the villagers a chance to make money? Let the people here have more money?” 

Shiyi has always been a person who sweeps the snow in front of her door, but sometimes it’s not good to only have her door too clean. At this time, she doesn’t mind making a little effort to change this.

“Huh?” Yang Shifeng looked at her suspiciously and said, “What do you mean?”

Shiyi turned her eyes and didn’t tell Yang Shifeng what she meant. Instead, she said, “When spring comes, can you open a field behind our house for me?”

Yang Shifeng stared at Shiyi for a while, but seeing that she didn’t want to say anything, he stopped asking. He nodded and said, “OK, in the spring, I’ll buy the land behind our house and open a field for you.”

Shiyi suddenly got up and kissed Yang Shifeng heavily on the lip, “Brother Shifeng, let’s go to bed!”


1 Duke of Zhou is also known as the “God of Dreams”.


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