The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 73.2

Chapter 73 Part 2

A month later, the land behind their house was finally cultivated, and it was time to plant the medicinal herbs. 

What Shiyi needs to do now is go to the mountain to find some seeds or seedlings of medicinal herbs to cultivate.

However, to go to the mountain, she had to find so many kinds of medicinal herbs. One or two days was too little, and she would have to leave Little Fatty at home alone.

Little Fatty has been in her arms every day since he was born, and she has not been separated from Little Fatty for a day. This was the first time for Shiyi to leave his side. 

Shiyi was a little uneasy, wondering if Little Fatty would cry when she left.

Yang Shifeng was worried about Shiyi going to the mountain alone, so he wanted to go with her, but Shiyi shook her head and refused, “Little Fatty usually likes to laugh and basically doesn’t cry, but I don’t know whether he will cry if he can’t see me. If we go together again, he won’t see both of us. What if he causes trouble? So, you’d better stay at home and coax him. You feed him rice paste and he will still eat it.”

Seeing that Yang Shifeng was still worried, Shiyi said, “It’s really all right. I’ve been to the mountain many times, and the ones that are already cooked can’t be cooked anymore. I know where the herbs are, and I won’t go to those unsafe places. I’ll be back in no more than three days. “

Yang Shifeng’s heart was not at ease, but looking at his fat son, who didn’t feel anything, he can only be cruel and stay at home and watch him.

Shiyi was afraid that Little Fatty would cry when she watched her leave, so she quietly ran up the mountain with her bamboo basket on her back before Little Fatty woke up in the morning.

At this time of year, herbs are growing in full bloom on the mountain. 

Seedlings and seeds are everywhere. Shiyi can easily find the seeds and seedlings she needs. 

However, although the collecting of seedlings was very smooth, there were too many kinds of herbs she needed to pick, so she stayed in the mountains for a long time. But there was nothing she could do. She had run away secretly, and she didn’t know how Little Fatty would react. Of course, she had to take advantage of the harvest this time, and she couldn’t guarantee that she would have a chance to come next time.

Shiyi didn’t sleep much at night. She was picking herbs at the fastest speed, and finally collected almost the same number of herbs she collected yesterday. 

After she was done with her business, she hurried down the mountain with a basket full of herbs on her back.

When she got home, the sun had gone down and the moon had gone up. The Yang family had just finished dinner by this time.

In the kitchen, Grandpa Yang was boiling hot water for washing, while the others were nowhere to be found.

Shiyi felt it was strange, but she went into the kitchen and greeted Grandpa Yang, “Grandpa, I’m back.”

Grandpa Yang’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw Shiyi.

He quickly stood up and took Shiyi’s basket. “Little girl, when did you come back? Do you know that the little ancestors at home were about to turn the family upside down?!”

Shiyi was surprised, “What happened to little Fatty?”

“He didn’t see you when he woke up, so we could coax him by taking him everywhere to look for you. He cried for a long time until his voice became hoarse. Later, he started crying when he saw that you didn’t show up. He cried so much that his eyes became swollen, and he didn’t even eat the rice paste. We couldn’t coax him. He lost weight on these two days. How can you bear to leave such a small child at home? “

The more Shiyi listened, the more uncomfortable she became. Without saying a word, she ran to their room. 

In the room, Yang Shifeng was sitting beside the bed with Little Fatty in his arms, with a sad face, while Xiao Shitou was also watching his nephew with a sullen face,

Seeing Shiyi come in, Xiao Shitou immediately jumped up and looked anxious, “Sister, you are back! My nephew is crying! Come and look at my nephew. “

Yang Shifeng also breathed a sigh of relief, “Shiyi, you are back.”

Shiyi walked over and looked at Little Fatty in Yang Shifeng’s arms. Although his face was still full of meat, it seemed that he had really lost a little weight,

But the most pitiful thing to look at was his red, swollen face due to crying, which made the people looking at him feel distressed.

“How’s little Fatty?”

Yang Shifeng kissed Little Fatty’s small face in distress: “He’s tired of crying and finally fell asleep. If you haven’t come back, I can’t coax him anymore. Although Tuanzi usually quarrels with you and wants to annoy you, in fact, he clings to you the most. If you’re not here, he doesn’t want to eat. “

For the first time, Shiyi experienced a mother’s attachment and reluctance to her child from the depths of her heart. She was sad and couldn’t help lowering her head and gently kissing Little Fatty’s eyes.

She doesn’t know if her Tuanzi sensed the presence of his mother, but just after Shiyi’s lips left Little Fatty’s eyes, Little Fatty’s eyelashes gently moved and his eyes slowly opened. His big dark eyes looked at Shiyi, and his mouth made an “Oh.” sound, with a little hoarseness.

“Fatty, your mother is back. Did you miss mother?”

Little Tuanzi saw that the person in front of him was his mother, who had disappeared for many days, Little Tuanzi blinked his eyes and closed his mouth suddenly. He remained motionless and quiet.

What’s the matter? Can he not recognize her after two days’ absence?

Shiyi was wondering why he reacted this way, and the next second, Little Fatty let out an earth-shattering cry, which resounded through the sky. The fat arms and fat legs were swinging vigorously as if they were going to turn all the enemies over.

Shiyi: “…”

Yang Shifeng: “…”

Xiao Shitou: “….”

Grandpa Yang ran to the room in a panic, “What’s the matter? What’s wrong with Tuanzi?”

Yang Shifeng looked helpless and hurriedly patted his son on the back to coax him, “Tuanzi, your mother is back. Why are you crying again? Don’t cry, don’t cry, mother is really back. “

“WAAH—” the cry became louder.

Yang Shifeng was so anxious that his forehead was sweating, “Shiyi, what’s the matter with him? Is there something wrong with him? He didn’t cry so much the other day. “

Shiyi glanced at Little Fatty’s face. It was probably that mother and son were connected. At that moment, she somehow felt that Little Fatty was not so sad because he was acting.

But Shiyi decided to give Little Fatty some face and coaxed him well.

She took Little Fatty from Yang Shifeng’s hand, and kissed his small forehead first, “Fatty, mom is back. Mom will kiss you. Awe, don’t cry.”

“WAAH—” Little Fatty continued to cry.

Shiyi kissed his eyes again. “Good baby, Mom’s good baby, don’t cry. I shouldn’t have left you for two days. Mother is bad. Please forgive mother.”

“Waa—” the voice seemed to be a little lower, and the closed eyes also opened a little.

Shiyi’s eyes flashed with a smile, and then she took a bite on his small nose, “Mom’s fat, baby, mom loves you the most, and mom will never leave fatty again, okay?”

“Waa—” the cry was much smaller, and one small eye glanced sideways at Shiyi.

Shiyi thought it was time for her to make a big move. She put Little Fatty on the bed, lifted his clothes, and exposed his fat belly. Then, she lowered her head and blew on his small belly, making a “Puff” sound. Little Fatty loved this move since childhood. Once someone blew on his fat belly, he would make a big duck laugh.

“Quack– quack—” Sure enough, Little Fatty couldn’t stand this move, and finally laughed, and his small hands and legs fluttered violently.

Shiyi continued to play with her son. 

Little Fatty flopped even more. His little finger grabbed Shiyi’s hair and shouted, “Mom—”

Shiyi stopped what she was doing and looked up at Tuanzi.

Yang Shifeng, Grandpa Yang, and Xiao Shitou also stared at the Xiao Tuanzi on the bed, in disbelief, “Did Tuanzi say’mother’ just now?”

Xiao Shitou nodded, “I just heard it.”

Grandpa Yang was a little excited. “Did our Tuanzi talk?”

Shiyi was the most excited. When she heard Tuanzi’s “mother” clearly, her heart suddenly melted.

Her child just called her mother.

Xiao Tuanzi saw that everyone stopped moving, and his mother stopped teasing him, so he patted the bed in confusion, “Ah?” Why did you stop teasing him anymore?

Shiyi grabbed Xiao Tuanzi’s foot and kissed it. “Tuanzi, what did you just call me? Say it again. “

“Hihi—” fat Tuanzi laughed.

Shiyi smiled and bowed her head to blow on Fatty Tuanzi’s fat belly, which made Fatty Tuanzi giggle again. He was so excited that he couldn’t help calling again, “Mom, Mom—keke”

Shiyi hugged XIao Tuanzi in her arms and kissed him several times on the face, “Mom! Little Fatty, you are so smart! You can even call me mom! “

Tuanzi hugged Shiyi’s neck and laughed. Everyone laughed at him, so he couldn’t help but laugh along with them.

It’s finally sunny after the rain.


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    Same with @Neko. I also think he transmigrated or something. The Xiao Tuanzi is too smart for a baby.

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out her son was a transmigrater


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