The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 74.1

Chapter 74 Part 1 

Little Fatty didn’t eat well for two days, so, Shiyi quickly undressed and fed him. 

Little Fatty was also extremely hungry, so when he was sucking milk, he was like destroying his enemies. He drank his milk so fiercely that no one could disturb him.

Yang Shifeng watched quietly in the side and asked Shiyi, “Have you picked all the herbs you needed?”

Shiyi nodded, “This time I’ve prepared everything I need. I’ll plant the seed in the medicine field in our backyard. “

“Do you want someone to help you cultivate it?”

Shiyi shook her head. “Others can’t do it, so I can only do it myself. But when all the seedlings grow, it will take a lot of time to take care of them and harvest them. By that time, we need to find people in the village who can help us permanently. We can hire a few people in this village, we will pay them for working in our medicine field. “

Yang Shifeng was quiet for a moment and suddenly asked, “Was this the method you thought of for the villagers to earn money. “

Shiyi nodded and shook his head. “Yes, but not exactly this way. For now, it’s just a small part of the plan I initially wanted to do. The bigger things will be done later. But before that, you have to build a pharmacy for me on the vacant space reserved in the medicine field. I have a big use for it. Oh, yes, I have to build another public kitchen. “

Yang Shifeng has a hunch that the plans of his wife will not be small this time. However, as a husband who was a slave to his wife, Yang Shifeng always unconditionally supported his wife’s plans and what his wife said must be done well.

So, the next day, he gathered the people who would help him and began to build the pharmacy and kitchen for Shiyi.

Shiyi began to cultivate the seeds and seedlings she brought back from the mountains in the medicine field.

However, Little Fatty is now very clingy to Shiyi. He would always pretend to cry when Shiyi is not in his field of vision. When he pretended to cry but was still unable to see Shiyi, his pretentious cries turned into real cries, which made Shiyi’s headache and brain swell.

Just like a young devil king of this world.

Shiyi had no choice but to put Little Fatty into the little cart made by Grandpa Yang. She would always take the cart to the medicine field to let Little Fatty see her all the time.

With this, Little Fatty is satisfied.

Shiyi divided the field into different categories and planted different herbs on each piece of land. However, it’s very simple to plant them. What’s not simple is to make them grow smoothly. Each herb has different habits, different needs for nutrients, and different needs for water, which requires Shiyi to devote her time to cultivating it.

While Shiyi was cultivating the medicinal herbs, she wrote down the habits and cultivation needs of each herb in a booklet. Yang Shifeng built a pharmacy according to Shiyi’s booklet, and then came to add fertilizer or water to the herbs from time to time. 

After a period of time, Yang Shifeng understood the habits of each herb like the back of his hand.

The construction of the pharmacy was also based on the drawings drawn by Shiyi. 

The pharmacy was divided into two rooms. The first room was the place for drying medicinal herbs. This place will be used to dry the fresh medicinal herbs picked. The other part of the pharmacy was the processing room. This room will be used for processing and making the herbs into their corresponding medicines.

Yang Shifeng had a little guess in his heart and tried to ask, “Shiyi, are you going to sell medicine?”

“Huh?” Shiyi looked at him with a bit of admiration in her eyes, “Alright, did Brother Shifeng guess what I planned to do?”

“Are you really going to sell medicine?”

Shiyi nodded. “I’m going to sell medicine, but not medicinal herbs, but special medicines.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t quite understand what Shiyi meant.

Shiyi simply said, “I’m going to open a pharmacy in town and in the city. I will sell the medicine I made in these shops. “

Yang Shifeng was surprised, “Are you going to see patients in town and the city?”

“Of course not!” Shiyi caressed Yang Shifeng’s face. “I’m not going to be a doctor in the town, not even in the city. Well, even if I go there, I will only go there once or twice a month. I just want to open a pharmacy to sell medicines, in short, our family’s business. “

Yang Shifeng was even more confused. “How can we prescribe medicine without a doctor? Medicine can’t be taken casually. Maybe it will be used indiscriminately.”

Shiyi patiently explained to Yang Shifeng: “Traditional Chinese medicine is only part of it. The medicine I mainly sell is actually pills that can be taken directly. It doesn’t need to be boiled. You can just take it with water. As for when they can be used and what they should use them for, of course, it is divided into symptoms, including those for the treatment of fever and diarrhea. The patients themselves decide what medicine to buy. Of course, each medicine hall will be equipped with a doctor. If the patients are not sure what illness they have, they can ask the doctor for a check-up before buying medicine. If the doctor is still not clear about the patient’s illness, of course, he will not sell it to them. “

Yang Shifeng only understood what Shiyi planned when she explained it to him. He couldn’t help but be surprised by this information. “Shiyi, are you going to make all the drugs into pills to sell? Does that mean that you only have to take the medicine together with water? You’re saying that you won’t need to spend time cooking, and enduring the bitter taste of the medicine?”

“Of course! That’s the difference between my pharmacy and other pharmacies. The medicine I sell will take effect immediately, and it’s convenient and simple. In addition to that, you don’t need to suffer gulping down the bitter taste of the medicine. Do you think such medicine can be sold? “

“Of course!” Yang Shifeng nodded without thinking. “It’s so troublesome and hard to drink those bitter medicines. If there are ready-made pills, and what’s more, the effect is better than those traditional medicines. Of course, many people would buy the medicine.”

“That’s right! So, the sales of my pharmacy will certainly be good. That’s why I want such a large medicine field because I need a lot of medicine at that time. In the future, I will hire someone from this Mountain Village to take care of these herbs for me. I also need someone to deal with the herbs for me, and someone will be hired to make pills for me in the pharmacy. ” In this way, a factory will be formed.

Yang Shifeng stared at Shiyi, speechless.

Shiyi raised Yang Chifeng’s chin and kissed him on the lip. “Brother Shifeng, what’s wrong? Are you afraid of me?”

Yang Shifeng murmured, “Shiyi, your plans are really not small.”

Shiyi giggled, “I know I’m making too much noise this time, but I also thought about it for a long time before deciding to implement it. One of the reasons was because the people in this village are too poor, and I can’t stand it anymore. This can give them an opportunity to earn money, but the main reason is that our family can earn more money from it.”

Shiyi looked at Little Fatty, who was giggling and said, “Our family is not short of money now, but we are the only residents of this village who is not short of money. The daily income from the grocery store is enough to maintain the family, but if I really need any big money, I can’t have it. I don’t have much money in my hand now. What’s more, Fatty is here with us now, and if he needs a lot of money in the future, what should we do if we can’t take it out for him? So, it’s better to have more than one path. “

She knew from the time when Little Fatty was still in her stomach that Little Fatty in her family was not an easy-going person. He would never stay in the village safely in the future. He couldn’t be locked up here in this small mountain village. She guessed that there would be no fewer places that needed money at that time.

As a mother, Shiyi thinks that when it comes to her son, all things must be seriously well-thought-out.

When Yang Shifeng heard Shiyi’s words, he looked at Little Fatty—he was a little guilty, “I… I didn’t think of this. Sorry, I should have thought of this earlier.”

Shiyi kissed him again and said, “You’re sorry for what? Just work hard for me in the future. “

Yang Shifeng smiled and nodded, “Well, I’ll do all the work in the future, and I’ll listen to you.”

Shiyi was so happy that she gave him a romantic French kiss, which only made Yang Shifeng dizzy.

Little Fatty looked at his old father and mother, who left him on the side and just chewed each other. 

Little Fatty became anxious and he was unwilling to be lonely by himself on the side, so he patted his bed, “Mom—Mom Ah!”

Under the interference of Little Fatty, Shiyi had to let go of Yang Shifeng’s lips and went to intimidate her son: “I will throw you away tomorrow! You are so annoying!”

“WA!” Unconvinced to death, Little Fatty waved his fist angrily in the air.

Yang Shifeng smiled and shook his head. He stared at his two babies, a big one and a small one.


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  1. Diair has spoken 4 months ago

    If she even hires people to make the pills, how is she going to keep the recipes secret?

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    Shiyi and Shifeng: Kissing (⁠●⁠’⁠3⁠)⁠♡⁠(⁠ε⁠`⁠●⁠)
    Tuanzi: Oh no, why is my dad eating mom? No! Can’t be! Dad, don’t eat Mom! “Mom—Mom… Ah!”
    This is how I imagined this scene ahaha (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)


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