The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 74.2

Chapter 74 Part 2

In July, all the herbs carefully cultivated by Shiyi had grown, and the seedlings she directly planted had survived smoothly, and they officially lived on the land of the Yang family.

Shiyi breathed a sigh of relief. Her busy life will finally come to a halt. The next steps don’t need her participation much. God knows that in order to feed these herbs in the past few months, she has been busy like a spinning top every day, and Little Fatty has an opinion about it.

Shiyi stretched out and said to Yang Shifeng, “I don’t have to come in person for the nursing work, I can recruit people in this village to take care of it for me. However, we have to pick the person carefully. That person must be honest and responsible. Don’t recruit those people who only know how to flatter nonstop.”

“I know that. Is the salary still 30 wen a day?”

“Yes, and in addition to that, we will be responsible for their lunch. For breakfast and dinner, they must solve it themselves. After the first batch of herbs grows, you can recruit a group of people to work in the pharmacy to process herbs and make pills. Furthermore—” Shiyi thought, “It is not limited to men, women can also come here, as long as they pass the examination.”

Shiyi felt that in terms of carefulness, women should be better than men. All medicinal herbs need careful care. If all the people who come here are men, it is estimated that only a few of them will be suitable for this job.

Yang Shifeng nodded, knowing that this is a big project that requires many people to work on. It is not enough to select people from their village alone, so he put this message in every village, and anyone who wants to work can come.

As soon as the news was released, the entire eight villages were shocked, and then both men and women rushed to Baiyun Village, one by one competing for this job opportunity.

There were too many people who came, and Shiyi couldn’t hire everyone. So, she simply gave them some questions about raising herbs. The knowledge involved in the questions was not for professionals, but it can reflect a person’s carefulness, patience, and personality. 

Those people who answered well stayed, and those whose answers didn’t satisfy Shiyi didn’t. In the end, a total of 30 people were left to work in the medicine field.

The work on the field’s side is on the right track, and the next thing to consider is the problem of the store. Shiyi calculated the amount of money left in her hand. There are still more than 1,000 taels in total. Shiyi doesn’t know whether it is enough to open two shops smoothly.

Shiyi said to Yang Shifeng, “If we open a shop in the town, you must find a suitable place to but… the price of the shop in the town should not be expensive, and with our remaining money, we can still afford it. As for the shop in the city, if the money is not enough, we can rent it for the time being, and then buy it when we have enough money. “

Yang Shifeng kissed the top of Shiyi’s hair, “Okay, then I’ll find a suitable store tomorrow, but I want to find both stores at once, okay? With this, I don’t have to come back and forth several times. I think it will take at least ten days. During this time, I won’t be at home. Can you take care of Tuanzi alone? “

Shiyi patted her chest and promised, “How can I not handle it? Don’t worry about me so much. I’ve taken care of him for so long. I’m sure I’ll treat him well. Don’t worry about it. Besides, Grandpa and Xiao Shitou will certainly help me at home. Everything will be fine.” Shiyi would like to go with Yang Shifeng but she can’t leave Fatty Tuanzi’s side.

Alas, with children, you can’t be free to go anywhere.

However, Shiyi is still worried, that Yang Shifeng will go to the city and stay there for so many days alone.  Shiyi couldn’t help but say: “Take two trustworthy people with you. It’s good to have someone to help you. “

“Well, I’ll take Dazhu and Lai Bao with me. They have a good relationship with me and they are more flexible. They are better at dealing with this matter than me.”

Shiyi thought about the characters of these two people. And true to Yang Shifeng’s words, these two, whether it be money or power, will help you in any way they can.

Yang Shifeng simply packed his bags and went to Dazhu and Laibao. Without saying a word, they readily agreed, packed their bags, and set out with Yang Shifeng the next day.

Then Little Fatty discovered that his old father had no conscience in abandoning him and fled after his old mother abandoned him and disappeared the last time.

Little Fatty looked around suspiciously on the first day when Yang Shifeng disappeared. He found that there was no shadow of his father anywhere. He opened his big eyes and shouted at Shiyi, with his fingers pointing outside the gate, trying to let Shiyi take him out to find someone.

Shiyi said to him, “Your father went to the city to buy you delicious food.”

Little Fatty is very sensitive to the word “delicious”. Every time someone tells him that they will buy him delicious food, he will calm down and wait quietly for the delicious food to come to his hands. This time, too, Little Fatty blinked his big eyes, retracted his little finger, and said “Oh, oh” to Shiyi twice, without making a fuss about finding his father again.

As a result, the next day, Little Fatty found that his father still hadn’t come back, and felt something was wrong. He pointed to the door and screamed desperately. His small body also struggled hard to the door, trying to go out and find his father.

Shiyi continued to cheat him, “Your father will buy delicious food from different places; it is too far for him to come back in a day.”

Little Fatty didn’t believe it. He still wanted to go outside to find his father. He was so anxious that he squealed.

On the third day, no matter what Shiyi said, Little Fatty didn’t believe it. He woke up early in the morning and looked around with his eyes open, but he didn’t see his father. Now he was completely anxious, flapping his limbs on the bed, looking like he was going to turn the sky upside down, and his mouth shouted “AH!” several times.

Shiyi couldn’t sleep because Tuanzi was so noisy. She had to get up and take him to the medicine field to play and see what the recruited workers were doing.

Little Fatty thought Shiyi was taking him to find his father, but as a result, he looked at everyone carefully in the medicine field and found that none of them was his father. Then he opened his mouth and howled loudly, which made the people who were working look up to see what was going on.

Shiyi slapped Little Fatty’s fleshy buttocks, “Hey, stop screaming. Your father will come back in a few days, it’s not that he doesn’t want you anymore.”

Little Fatty ignored his mother and continued to cry. Unfortunately, there were no tears. He was really like a top actor.

However, on the fourth day and fifth days, he still didn’t see Yang Shifeng’s figure. His little Fatty wasn’t pretending to cry anymore, but his fake cries turned into real cries. Tears pattered down his cheeks. He was very sad and gloomy. While crying, he looked out the door, hoping to see the shadow of his father.

Xiao Shitou was distressed by his little nephew’s crying. As soon as class was over, he would run home to coax his nephew and play with him. However, Little Fatty was too sad to play. 

He doesn’t even want Shiyi to hold him. He sat in the cradle in the main room. When someone came in and saw that the person was not his father, he would cry in disappointment, which made everyone who came in to buy things startled and run to ask Shiyi why the child was crying so sadly

Shiyi expressed helplessness.

“Sister, why is brother still not home? My nephew misses him. I… I miss him too. “

Shiyi couldn’t help but comfort the big baby. “Your brother will be back in two days. Doing business in the city can’t be done instantly. The city is so far away from us. It takes two or three days to go back and forth.”

Xiao Shitou nodded, but still worried, “I know, but my nephew doesn’t understand. He misses my brother when he doesn’t see him. If he keeps crying, will he break his throat?”

Shiyi sighed. Her little devil was both lovable and annoying enough that she wanted to beat him hard. If he wasn’t too young now, she would give him a meal of shredded pork stir-fry with a belt as a side dish.

Shiyi also looked out of the gate eagerly, expecting her brother Shifeng to come back soon. She boasted that she could do it, but she really couldn’t take Little Fatty alone.

On the tenth day, Yang Shifeng finally came back. When the little guy with his mouth open from crying saw Yang Shifeng appear, it was as if he had pressed the pause button. He became suddenly silent, just staring at the tall figure in front of him.

However, Shiyi was more excited than Little Fatty. She rushed into Yang Shifeng’s arms and said, “Brother Shifeng, you are back.”


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