The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 75.1

Chapter 75 Part 1

As soon as Yang Shifeng entered the door, he was so warmly welcomed by his little charming wife. He was very pleasantly surprised. He hurriedly lowered his head and rubbed Shiyi’s forehead, “What’s the matter? Huh?”

Shiyi rubbed Yang Shifeng’s chest, and then he snorted and complained to Yang Shifeng, “I can’t control your son anymore. He’s going to toss me to death. He cried for you every day. My eardrums were almost blown up by him. Don’t leave me alone with him in the future. I can’t take control of him well.”

Yang Shifeng couldn’t cry or laugh. He patted Shiyi on the back and looked at his fat son, seeing that their fat son was looking at them angrily, his small fist patting the cradle and shouting.

My father is too bad. He hasn’t been at home for so long, and now, he doesn’t even look at me when he comes back. He only cares about my mother. I’m so angry.

Yang Shifeng felt resentment toward his son and felt deep guilt. He touched his nose, let go of his wife, and walked towards his fat son, who had been left out for a long time. Yang Shifeng picked him up, and kissed his son’s chubby face, “Tuanzi, dad is back.”

“Aah!” Little Fatty shouted angrily at his father; his temper was not small.

Yang Shifeng kissed him twice in a good temper, rubbed his small head, and coaxed him gently: “Tuanzi, don’t be angry, dad will not leave you again. The next time I go out, I will take you with me. “

Little Fatty’s anger was gradually calmed down by his good-tempered father. Feeling wronged, he hugged his father’s neck and rubbed his head coquettishly in his father’s neck.

Yang Shifeng kissed Little Fatty’s head and praised him, “Good Tuanzi, our Tuanzi is the best!”

Tuanzi is a little chubby baby who is easy to coax. He felt completely comfortable after being coaxed by such a boast, so he gave his father a big surprise, and suddenly he shouted, “Dad—”

Yang Shifeng was blown up by this deceptive bomb. You know, since Tuanzi last called for a mother, the family thought he was going to start talking. However, this guy was only willing to call his mother. At other times, no matter how you coax or teach him, he won’t talk, and still talk incoherently. Later, the family thought he was not old enough to talk, so they didn’t force him to grow up fast.

Yang Shifeng didn’t expect that Tuanzi would call himself “dad” this time.

Yang Shifeng can’t describe the excitement he felt when he heard his fat son call him “Dad” but all he knew was that his heart was about to melt. He couldn’t help kissing the fat Tuanzi’s face and coaxing him, “Baby, call your father again.”

Fat Tuanzi was kissed comfortably, so, he gave his face to his father, and with his milky voice, he shouted: “Dad.”

Yang Shifeng almost laughed like a fool.

Shiyi clicked her tongue on the side, “What’s the matter with this fat guy? He is usually reluctant to open his mouth, but every time we come back after we leave him for a while, he calls us mom and dad. This guy is doing it on purpose, and it’s not like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Could it be that in the future we have to wait for him to learn to speak? ” That would be too much trouble.

Yang Shifeng looked at his fat son and said, “No, Tuanzi just doesn’t want to say anything else now.” He knows everything in his heart. When he wants to say it, he will naturally say it. Am I right, Tuanzi? “

Little Fatty answered his father with a gentle “oh.” sound.

Shiyi could not take seeing the greasy picture of the two, father and son, being in love with each other. She directly dragged Yang Shifeng into the room and pressed him to the chair. First, she looked at the black bags under his eyes. Shiyi didn’t speak and leaned over him. After smelling him, she raised her eyebrows and asked him, “How many days have you not taken a bath?”

Yang Shifeng blushed and whispered embarrassedly: “I was too busy doing my errands, so I didn’t have time to wash.”

“Oh—” Shiyi nodded and looked at little Fatty, who was in Yang Shiifeng’s arms, “He’s really your son. You’re so smelly, but he still doesn’t hate you. Look how he hugged you so tightly. “

Little fatty waved his fist at Shiyi, “WA—”

“Cut! Stop showering love on each other. ” Shiyi finally pinched Tuanzi’s little fat face and told Yang Shifeng, “It’s time for him to go to bed. You coax him to sleep. “

Yang Shifeng nodded.

Shiyi went out of the room and went into the kitchen to burn a large pot of water. With a bucket of water in one hand, she entered the room. Under the gaze of Yang Shifeng, she entered the bathroom and poured all of the water into the bath bucket in the tub. After that, Shiyi stretched her head out of the bathroom and looked into Yang Shifeng’s arms. Little Fatty was sleeping deeply and almost drooling.

very good.

She pointed at Yang Shifeng, “Come and take a shower.”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and smiled. He put his fat son in the cradle, took his clean clothes, and went into the bathroom. Seeing the steaming bath bucket, he smiled contentedly, leaned over, and kissed Shiyi on the cheek, “Thank you, baby.”

The word “baby” is Yang Shifeng’s rare sweet word. Shiyi’s lips roused and she went to undress Yang Shifeng’s clothes with a smile, “Then your baby will serve you well today. You just need to be comfortable. “

Before Yang Shifeng had time to react, his clothes were stripped by Shiyi. Her hot eyes also slipped back and forth several times to his lower region when his brother came up.

Seeing that his lower abdomen was slightly hot, a stream of heat rushed up to him. In order to avoid his brother looking up in public, Yang Shifeng hurried into the bath barrel, his face flushed, “OK, I’ll take a bath, you go to rest.”

“I can’t go.” Shiyi took a towel and rubbed Shifeng’s back directly. “Today, I’ll wait on you and let you taste the sweet service of your baby.”

He usually attends to her. She is a wife who is not virtuous, so she especially behaved well today.

Yang Shifeng:”…….”

He was really served intimately, that he was going to die. He was touched by Shiyi’s soft palm, and his thoughts surged up so wildly after ten days of not seeing her. That place was hard and his voice was dry. “Shiyi…”

Shiyi could see the yearning and longing in his eyes. She smiled and threw the towel into the water. In front of him, her slender hand grabbed his belt and pulled it away a little, making her look tempting and charming.

Yang Shifeng swallowed his saliva.

Shiyi looked at him and smiled, and took off her coat a little bit, followed by her middle coat, then her undergarments, and finally, all of her clothes were taken out.

All of a sudden, a white and tender figure appeared in front of him. Yang Shifeng’s blood was going straight to his head. He pulled Shiyi uncontrollably. Shiyi also obeyed, and she was directly carried into the tub. Inside, the water splashed all over the floor.

“Baby, I miss you so much.” Yang Shifeng spoke hoarsely before kissing the red lips he had been fantasizing about for days. The kiss was urgent and heavy, and his big hands could not wait to travel around her smooth and tender skin.

How can Shiyi not miss him? Since they got married, they have never been separated for so long. It may look like little Fatty missed his father the most, but in fact, she was the one who missed him the most. After this, Shiyi knew that she would be inseparable from this man.

This man has been deeply imprinted on her bone marrow.

Shiyi devoted all her thoughts to her beloved.


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