The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 75.2

Chapter 75 Part 2

They stayed in the bathroom for a long time, until little Fatty woke up outside and shouted loudly.

Yang Shifeng let go of Shiyi with a low groan. He took a breath, bowed his head, and kissed his feeble little wife on the lip, “Tuanzi woke up and was looking for us. Shall I take you to sleep for a while? “

Shiyi was very tired now. She nodded, closed her eyes, and let Yang Shifeng wipe her body and dress her up.

After dressing up Shiyi, Yang Shifeng took her out and put her on the bed.

Fatty Tuanzi called out for them nonstop, but it took them a long time before his heartless father and mother returned to their room. He angrily patted his hands and shouted at Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng hurriedly said to him, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, your mother is sleepy. If you scream, you will make a noise and wake up your mom. “

Little Fatty looked at his old mother, who was being carried by his old father with her eyes closed. 

He gave a confused “Oh” and stopped crying. He just kept looking at his old mother curiously and didn’t understand what happened to her.

Yang Shifeng carried Shiyi to bed, kissed her on the forehead, and said softly, “Sleep. I’ll take care of Tuanzi. “

Only then did Shiyi fall asleep completely.

Yang Shifeng turned around and picked up fat Tuanzi from the cradle, gently touched his small forehead, and walked out with him, “Mom is going to sleep, we must not disturb her. Dad will take you out to play. Dad bought you many toys, let’s go and have a look.”

The word “Sleep” was understood by the little guy. He said, “Oh.” twice, hugged Yang Shifeng’s neck, and went out obediently with his father.

Yang Shifeng took out the toy wooden horse he bought for the little guy from the carriage. 

This wooden horse was not the type of wooden horse that he could play with in his hand, but one that children could ride on. 

Children as young as one or two years old and up to seven or eight years old can ride on it. There are stirrups on both sides, so they can put their feet in them. Under the wooden horse, there are four small wheels, which are very exquisite and lifelike. The reins in front can be pulled and dragged directly.

This wooden horse is expensive, and even in the city, not everyone is willing to buy it. However, Yang Shifeng liked it at first sight. He thought that Tuanzi would like it, and Xiao Shitou could play on it, so he bought it without any hesitation.

Sure enough, Little Tuanzi’s eyes lit up at the first sight. His hands reached out to the wooden horse, and he shouted excitedly. You don’t even have to guess how excited he was.

But fat Tuanzi can’t walk by himself, so it’s impossible for him to ride it by himself, so Yang Shifeng held him in his hands and let his little buttocks sit on the wooden horse, “Tuanzi, this is a wooden horse, and he will be the car for you and your uncle in the future.”

“Ah ah!” Fat Tuanzi shouted excitedly, and the little meaty hand clung to the reins on the horse’s head and shook it one by one. His small mouth was opened so wide and his eyes narrowed with laughter.


Seeing that Tuanzi was so happy, Yang Shifeng pushed the wooden horse forward from behind, and the horse slid with Fatty Tuanzi on its back, making Tuanzi almost crazy with joy.

At that time, Xiao Shitou had just come back from school, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw Yang Shifeng coming back. His eyes lit up and he ran over, “Brother, are you back?”

Yang Shifeng patted his head, “Go and put down your schoolbag and come and play with your nephew.”

Xiao Shitou glanced at the wooden horse that his nephew was riding, and became interested. He strode into the room, put down his schoolbag, and ran to their side quickly.

Yang Shifeng handed Fat Tuanzi to Xiao Shitou, “Come on, hold your nephew.”

Xiao Shitou is now very skilled at holding Tuanzi, and he was stable and comfortable carrying Tuanzi. 

Little Tuanzi is also willing to be held by his uncle.

When Xiao Shitou and Tuanzi were ready, Yang Shifeng lifted them up and put them on the wooden horse, “Xiao Shitou, sit still, brother, will take you and Tuanzi to ride the wooden horse.”

“Yes!” Xiao Shitou nodded excitedly.

Little Tuanzi looked at his uncle, who was nodding his head, so he followed his uncle by shaking his small head, nodding as if he understood, and shouting in response.

Yang Shifeng laughed, pulled the reins of the wooden horse in front, and dragged the wooden horse along with the two little guys on his back.

Xiao Shitou laughed, and Tuanzi, who was in his arms, also laughed like a duck. The yard was full of laughter for a time, and Grandpa Yang couldn’t help laughing along with them.


When it was time for dinner, Yang Shifeng woke Shiyi up and asked her to eat.

Shiyi dragged her aching body up and hit Yang Shifeng twice, “Are you trying to kill me?”

Yang Shifeng held her in a good mood and dressed her up. “Sorry, I’m not good.”

Shiyi hummed and decided to forgive him. Who asked her to seduce him? This stinky man would get excited even if she didn’t tease him, and he would be incredible if she teased him.

“What about Tuanzi?” Shiyi hasn’t seen him for a long time.

Yang Shifeng laughed and said: “I bought him a wooden horse from the city. He liked it very much. He would always ask Xiao Shitou to ride the wooden horse with him. He couldn’t take his hands off of the wooden horse. “

Shiyi vaguely heard the fat guy’s duck-like laugh in the yard, which was enough to see that he really liked the wooden horse and went crazy as he laughed happily. 

Shiyi then asked the main reason why Shifeng went to the city. “After this trip to the city, have you settled into the shop?”

Yang Shifeng took out two contracts from the baggage he brought back and handed them to her, “It’s done. I bought it directly from the shop in the town. Coincidentally, the owner’s family moved to the city, so they want to sell this shop. I inspected the area, the location of the shop was good and the area was suitable, so I bought it right away. “

Shiyi nodded. “What about the shop in the city? It’s hard to buy them there, isn’t it? “

“It’s really difficult to find shops in the city. The prices of goods in remote locations are very high. Our family doesn’t have enough money to buy them, so I rented a shop in a good location. I rented it for a year.”

Shiyi looked at the contract carefully. After examining the contract, which she didn’t find any problems with, she asked about the other details, aside from the rent and location of the shop. “What about the decoration? Do we need to decorate the shop ourselves? “

“The decoration of the two shops is very new, so we don’t need to make changes. We just need to clean and decorate them a little. However, we need to build the cabinets and shelves for placing medicinal pills ourselves. In addition, we need to separate the consulting room for the doctor to treat people, and we need to prepare all the equipment in the consulting room. “

“Are we rich enough?” Shiyi remembered that they only had more than 1000 taels of silver in her hand.

Yang Shifeng took out all the silver in the bag and counted it. There were less than 200 taels of silver left.

Shiyi looked at the little money they had and was a little worried.

Suddenly, she felt that she was really poor now.

Yang Shifeng comfortably touched her face, “It’s all right. Don’t worry. You can save money. We’ll make the cabinets and shelves by ourselves. Have you forgotten that Grandpa is a carpenter? I’ll go to the mountain to chop wood and come back to make it. It won’t cost us much. “

Shiyi nodded and reached for the silver. “We still need to customize some small porcelain jars to hold pills. Do you know someone who makes porcelain vases? “

“There is a porcelain shop in the town that can make some inexpensive jars. I’ll order 300 first, and add more if it’s not enough. “

“Well, for the time being, we’ll order this amount first. Not all the pills are packed in porcelain jars. We only use this to make them look a little high-end, and the price will be a little higher. This will be sold to those rich people. As for ordinary people, we can just wrap them in a paper.”

“That’s good. I’ll go to town tomorrow. “

“What’s the hurry? The first batch of herbs is not mature yet. You’ve just come back. Take a few days off first. Look at your dark circles.”

Yang Shifeng touched his eyes and knew that his current image was not very good. He laughed and said, “OK, I’ll go again in a few days.”

Shiyi thought of the uproar of little fatty after Yang Shifeng left, and was still terrified. “Little Fatty looked for you everywhere on the first day you left. I dared not take care of him alone this time. If you disappear for a long time, he will definitely make trouble. When you go to town, I’ll go with you. Oh. let’s take Fatty to town and see the condition of our shop in town. “

Yang Shifeng thought for a while. It’s not too far to drive to the town, and it’s not so tiring, so taking Tuanzi with them is fine. Moreover, Tuanzi has only been in the village since he was born, and he hasn’t seen the outside world at all. Yang Shifeng really wants to take him out to see the world. His little Tuanzi will be really happy at that time.


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