The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 76.1

Chapter 76 Part 1

Yang Shifeng had a good rest at home for two days, and two days later, he set up his donkey cart and rushed to town with Shiyi and Pang Tuanzi. [1]Pang = Fatty

Pang Tuanzi is a child who knows nothing about the world. He has never been out of the village since he was born in this world. It is conceivable how he felt that his surroundings were strange to him and how excited he was to be able to see the outside world.

The carriage can’t stop this Pang Tuanzi’s excitement. He keeps extending his head from the left window all the way. He couldn’t even wait to stretch his whole body out of the carriage. Shiyi couldn’t even hold him off anymore, so she could only pat his fat buttocks in anger.

But Pang Tuanzi doesn’t even care about being beaten now. He keeps shouting to go outside, attracting passers-by to look at him frequently. When the people see the lovely white Pang Tuanzi, they will show a kind smile, and someone will wave at him. At this time, Pang Tuanzi will laugh more hysterically. 

When they arrived in town, Shiyi shoved Pang Tuanzi into Yang Shifeng’s chest and said: “Carry him, I don’t want to see him now.”

Yang Shifeng laughed and held his fat son. Then he took Shiyi to the only porcelain shop in the town.

The waiter entertained them first, but when he heard that they wanted 300 porcelain bottles, the waiter’s eyes lit up and he immediately called his boss.

The boss hasn’t taken over such a big business for a long time, and he knows that Yang Shifeng and his partner were definitely here to do business, and maybe, in the future, they will purchase more porcelain bottles from him. 

His attitude towards Yang Shifeng and Shiyi became even better. The boss gave us the different types of bottles containing pills to choose from. 

After Shiyi and Yang Shifeng chose the bottles they wanted, the boss took the initiative to reduce the price for them. Finally, he made an agreement with Yang Shifeng and Shiyi for the price of the porcelain bottles. The price he offered them was 3 wen per bottle, and he agreed to finish the reproduction of the porcelain bottles in a month.

After the problem with porcelain bottles was solved, Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to see the shop he had bought in the town. 

The shop was medium-sized, and there was a house behind the store that could be used. With that, the shopkeepers and other workers can live in that house. 

The location of the shop is also good. It was located on the main street. Both sides of the street were quite lively. So, if someone walks down that street, their shop can be noticed quite easily. The business will surely not be bad. 

Shiyi wandered around the shop and had an idea about the decoration of the shop. When she got back, she could draw a layout plan.

“You can’t do the decoration and layout of the shop alone. When the time comes, ask a few people to help, and then find a person who knows how to lead. When he becomes familiar with everything here in this store, that person will be in charge of the store in the future. However, it’s best to hire someone who is an acquaintance and a reliable person. ” 

After Shiyi said those words, she pondered for some time and remembered about Dazhu: “Didn’t you bring Dazhu and the others with you last time? Do you think they can do it? “

Yang Shifeng thought for a moment and said, “Since you are looking for a steward, you must find someone who can be trusted. Dazhu and Lai Bao are flexible, and we treat each other as real brothers. Both of them are affectionate and righteous. They will definitely not do anything bad to us. Hiring them and letting them manage the shop is not a problem. However…” 

Yang Shifeng continued with a slight frown, “Just like me, Dazhu and Laibao have never read any books since they were a child. They may be slightly good at calculating, but they are not good at bookkeeping. If you are a shop steward, you need to be able to write, but they can’t. “

This has some truth to it. How can the person in charge not know how to keep accounts and how to write? However, if they hire other people to take charge of their shop, they won’t be able to fully trust that person since they don’t know their true character. 

How can the shop and money be directly handed over to others to manage? What if that person runs away with the money and can’t be seen anymore?

Shiyi thought for a moment, “Well, there’s still a lot of time before the store officially opens. Go to Dazhu and Laibao to explain our intention and see if they are willing to learn to write. If they are willing, let them enter the school. I will ask Master Qiao to arrange for someone to give them two key points so that they can learn as soon as possible. It’ll be fine if they work hard. As long as they can write, it doesn’t matter whether their handwriting is good or bad. “

Yang Shifeng agreed, “This method is good. They are flexible and smart. They shouldn’t be slow learners. As long as they have the heart to learn, they can learn it in a few months. They just have to suffer a little. ” He actually learned how to write from Shiyi for just two months.

“It’s better to ask their opinions first, and then talk to them and their family members. The monthly payment for the stewards will be 2 taels every month. And if they are good at their work, they will get a dividend at the end of the year. However, if they don’t do well in their work, even if they are your acquaintances, we won’t tolerate it. Whether they are good or bad at their work, or if they want to do it or not, depends on their own meaning. Let’s not force it.”

“OK, I’ll talk to them when we go back to the village.”

When the two of them finished surveying the shop, they locked the door of the shop, and then walked around the town, just taking Pang Tuanzi to see the excitement.

Shiyi said as she walked, “Buying this shop is actually a good choice. It is not so far away from home. You can come and have a look at it at any time. It’s the shop in the city that needs some snacks. I think it’s better to finish decorating this shop first. After we decorate this shop, we will be more familiar with how to do things in our other shops. We will let this same group of people go to the shop in the city and follow the decoration layout of this shop so that there will be no mistakes. “

“I think so, too. I think I can finish renovating the shop here in half a month, and it’s not too late to decorate the shop in the city after this. Now the main goal is to finish the furniture in the shop. “

“For the furniture, you can ask someone in the village who knows how to make furniture to help you. We will pay for their labor. If we only rely on you and Grandpa, when can you finish making it? Besides, you have a lot of things in your hands right now, and you don’t have that much time. “

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

As they walked, they casually talked about these trivial things, ignoring the fat baby in Yang Shifeng’s arms, which finally led to the fat guy crying out anxiously, “Dad! Mom!”

The little guy grabbed Yang Shifeng’s clothes with one hand and reached Shiyi’s face with the other hand. ‘Bad parent. They ignored me. ’

Shiyi stretched out her hand to hold Pang Tuanzi in her arms and pinched his little fat meaty face: “Okay, fine, dad and mom are not good, we won’t talk and leave you out anymore. We’ll take you to play! “

Pang Tuanzi was satisfied. He put his arms around Shiyi’s neck and stared at the stalls and people on the street with his big black eyes. His eyes were full of curiosity and astonishment. He would stare at interesting things without blinking, opening his small mouth, and making a “wow” exclamation.

Looking at him like this, Shiyi playfully pinched his small chin and laughed at him, “You are so ignorant little fatty.”

For the time being, little fatty didn’t know what the word “ignorant” was. He just stared at the novel scenery on the street. At that time, a peddler selling marshmallows happened to pass by. There were large tracts of marshmallows in the basket, emitting an attractive aroma. The peddler’s mouth was still shouting loudly: “Selling marshmallows ~ delicious marshmallows ~”

The peddler was followed by a lot of drooling children.

Pang Tuanzi sniffed and was immediately captured by the fragrance. His eyes suddenly stared at the marshmallow and he couldn’t get his eyes off of the marshmallow.

Seeing that the peddler was leaving, Pang Tuanzi immediately patted Shiyi. Pang Tuanzi pointed in the direction of the peddler and tried to express what he wanted to Shiyi, “Mom, oh -“

Shiyi understood what he wanted to convey at once, but Pang Tuanzi had the heart to eat but wasn’t able to eat.

“You’re still being breastfed. You can’t eat those things. Do you understand? ” Shiyi waved her hand in front of him as she spoke, letting him understand the meaning of his being unable to eat it yet.

The little fatty is very smart. He knows what those hand gestures mean, and that means, he can’t eat that delicious thing. 

He immediately pursed his lips and “purred” at Shiyi with a little grievance.

Shiyi kissed his little face and coaxed him, “Don’t be sad, don’t be sad. You’re still young. You can’t eat it now, but you can eat it when you grow up, and I’ll buy it for you when that time comes.”

Little fatty didn’t fully understand what his mother said, but he knew that his mother kissed him to coax him. He was a child that was easy to coax, and after being kissed by his mother, his sadness went away.

After glancing eagerly at the peddler a few times, he withdrew his eyes, hugged Shiyi’s neck, and buried his small head in her neck.

Shiyi’s heart was softened by his rubbing. She kissed him on the forehead, went to a small stall selling rattles, and spent 2 wen buying a rattle. As soon as she shook her hand, the small rattle made a thumping sound, “Tuanzi, we can’t eat, but shall we play this?”

The sound of the rattle attracted Pang Tuanzi’s attention. He immediately forgot what had just happened. 

He looked at the rattle with bright eyes again, stretched out his small hand to grasp it, and then shook with force, and the rattle made a sound.

Pang Tuanzi grinned, he kept laughing like a duck, and then he kept playing with the rattle, forgetting what he wanted to eat.

Shiyi thinks this fat son is really easy to coax.


1 Pang = Fatty


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