The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 76.2

Chapter 76 Part 2

After shopping with his fat son for a long time, Yang Shifeng went to get some goods needed at the grocery store, and the family of three returned home.

Pang Tuanzi fell asleep on the donkey cart and drooled when they got home. 

Shiyi simply entrusted the little guy to Grandpa Yang’s care for a while, while she followed Yang Shifeng to find Dazhu and Laibao to discuss things.

Laibao, together with his wife, went to Dazhu’s house. They didn’t know what Yang Shifeng wanted from them and thought there was still something for them to help. Then they said, “If you have anything to say, just tell us, and we’ll try our best to do it for you.”

Yang Shifeng smiled and punched them one by one. Then he said, “This time, I’m not asking for your help, but to discuss things with you. You followed me to the city and town to rent and buy a shop. Naturally, you know that our family is going to open two pharmacies there. “

The two nodded and continued to listen.

“If the pharmacy opens, it needs to be managed by someone. Shiyi and I don’t plan to move to the town or the city to manage the Pharmacy. Besides, the medicine field at home can’t be separated from us, so we plan to ask someone to manage the shop for us. You grew up with me. I want to ask you to manage the shop for me. Now I’m here to ask your opinions. “

Dazhu and Laibao became dumbfounded, as did their wives.

Dazhu asked, “Shifeng, you… Do you want us to be the stewards of your shop?”

Yang Shifeng nodded with a smile in his eyes.

“Shifeng, are you kidding? Let us be in charge? How can we do it? ” They are village men. They have come to the city only a handful of times. How can they be in charge of the pharmacy?

In their hearts, not to mention the city, the managers of shops in the town are arrogant. They look great at first glance, and they also look down on their countrymen. Although they despise such people in their hearts, they never thought they could become such people.

Seeing that the brothers were not confident, Yang Shifeng encouraged them: “Why can’t you? I’m also a village man, so I have opened a grocery store here in this village, and now I have to open a store in town and the city? I can do it. Why can’t you be in charge? My brothers are not so cowardly! “

Dazhu and Laibao looked at each other and suddenly felt that Yang Shifeng was right. Shifeng had a harder time than they had before. Now he also has his own shop. Why can’t they?

The two of them calmed down a little, but they still smiled and stretched out their hands to point at Yang Shifeng jokingly, “You can’t pull us down. Do you think you have the ability? That’s your shit luck and you married a good wife. if you don’t have our sister-in-law, what do you think you are doing now? Maybe you’re not as good as us. Are you not embarrassed to brag about these things? “

These words made the whole room laugh, and Shiyi couldn’t help but laugh.

Yang Shifeng didn’t feel humiliated at all by what his good brother said. Instead, he said, “Yes, I am married to a good wife. That’s my ability. “

Dazhu and Laibao were immediately disgusted by Yang Shifeng’s appearance, and they wanted to punch him.

The others couldn’t help but laugh.

After laughing, Yang Shifeng said, “You and I are like real brothers, and I can trust you, so I want to ask you to manage the shop for me, but it’s not just about managing the store. You need to be literate, and you must know how to write and settle accounts. You don’t have to be extremely good at it, you just have to know how to do those things. “

Dazhu and Laibao became dumbfounded again. “Settling accounts is no problem for us, but how can we know how to write? We have never read a book, we only know how to write our own names. “

“I came here today to tell you this. If you believe me and are willing to manage the shop for us, you two must go to the academy to learn to read and write well before the shop officially opens. Master Qiao will focus on teaching you at that time. Time is tight, which also means you need to work even harder. Do you want to do it?”

Dazhu and Laibao looked at each other again, thought for a moment, and both nodded firmly, “We will learn!” We’ll study how to write no matter how hard it is! Shifeng, we know that you are trying to pull us up. If we don’t do it because it was hard, does that mean, we are fools? Don’t worry, we will be studious, and learn all of the things we need to learn before the store opens, and then we will work hard for you, and we will live up to your trust. “

Yang Shifeng knew that the two brothers would agree and believed that they would be able to do well. After talking to them about their monthly money and other issues, they were asked to study directly at the academy the next day.

So, the next day, a wonder appeared in the village: two tall men with a bookcase on their back followed a group of little dolls into the school to study, which attracted the kids to stare at them curiously. Even the villagers who did not know the truth would point out curiously, and the faces of the two rough men were hot.

Although it was a little embarrassing for such a big man to have classes with the little kids, the two simply stayed down, listened carefully to the teacher, and were more serious than the little dolls. When they got home, they would grasp the brushes they bought and practice desperately, and the degree of seriousness was almost catching up with the suspended beams and thorns. ((This idiom uses the stories of Sun Jing’s “head hanging on the beam” and Su Qin’s “cone thorn in the stock” as a metaphor for studying hard without sleep or food.)

Shiyi heard about this at home, and she admired these two people very much. From time to time, she sent them some ink, paper, and inkstone as encouragement. 

From time to time, the two people will bring their own homework to Yang Shifeng and Shiyi to see. From the ghost symbol in the first picture to the gradual formation in the back, and then to the orderliness in the back, the progress of the two people can be described as rapid, enough to see the hard work of these two people.

By this time, it was September, and the first crop of herbs planted by Shiyi had finally matured, and it was time to harvest them.

Shiyi looked forward to it for a long time and it finally arrived. At that time, she asked the people working in the medicine field to pick the mature herbs, and then again began to recruit some people from the village to work in their pharmacy to process herbs and make pills.

People in the entire mountain village had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. As soon as the news came out, they rushed to the Yang family. In addition to the elderly and children, everyone who could work scrambled to be a worker in the pharmacy. The scene was really lively.

It’s no wonder that everyone is so active, it’s because the people who work in Shiyi’s medical field are all treated so well, there are really too many enviable. They earn 30 wen a day, and the work is not so tiring, plus they can have a free lunch and eat meat every day. Alas, such a good thing, everyone is envious. Those workers walk with the wind in their hair, and their chins are raised so high, which is enviable.

As a result, the Yang family ushered in a recruitment conference comparable to the job fair, which was also a grand occasion.


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