The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 77.1

Chapter 77 Part 1

This time, a total of hundreds of people came to the recruitment, which blocked the Yang family’s house tightly. The family couldn’t fit it inside their house, so they had to be selected on the field in front of the Yang family. As a result, people in the entire mountain village who couldn’t participate in the selection came to see the excitement. 

The Yang family becomes very lively every day.

Shiyi didn’t choose casually. First of all, people who have a bad background will be disqualified automatically; those people who have a bad reputation in the village, those who have dirty hands and feet, those who have a criminal record of sneaking around, and those who like to take advantage of small things, quarrel and fight with people will all be disqualified from the selection. 

During this round of brushing down, the group of hundreds of people instantly shrunk by more than half.

Finally, Shiyi took the rest of the people to the medicine field and asked them to pick mature herbs in the medicine field for most of the day. Shiyi held Little Fatty and observed silently for a long time. Those people who didn’t work hard and those who didn’t cherish herbs didn’t need them. Therefore, they were eliminated. This time, another group of people was brushed away.

In the end, there were fewer than a hundred people who met Shiyi’s requirements. Shiyi asked them all to work in the pharmacy.

It is worth mentioning that most of these people are women.

Women are careful, swift, and hardworking. They can make medicine better than men and perform better than men. However, women in this era have never had the opportunity to show their superiority over men, resulting in women’s low status. because a woman doesn’t have this opportunity to go out to earn money and has no say. Shiyi wants to change this situation.

The women selected by Shiyi were so excited that they didn’t know what to do. They were almost bubbling with joy at the thought that they could earn 30 wen a day in the future, much more than the men in their families. 

Originally, when they heard that Shiyi would recruit both men and women, they were muttering in their hearts and didn’t quite believe it. After all, except for recruiting people, other jobs would not require women. 

They also came with the mentality of just giving it a try, but they didn’t expect that the Yang family didn’t really mind them, being a woman, and they still wanted them to work for the Yang family. As long as you have this 30 wen, you can speak more forcefully at home, and you don’t have to be afraid of your husband and mother-in-law.

At this moment, these women are extremely grateful to Shiyi, thinking that they must work hard for Shiyi in the future.

Shiyi finally added three more people to work in the kitchen. Due to the increasing number of people being fed, the amount of cooking increased sharply, so the original manpower in the kitchen was naturally overwhelmed.

Those who were selected were naturally happy, and those who were not selected were left in despair. But anyway, after several days of excitement, the Yang family finally calmed down.

When people are recruited, the work can naturally start. Shiyi asked everyone to gather the herbs, and then she gave them to the workers in charge of processing them in the drying field. Shiyi taught the workers by hand and wrote the processing method down on paper. The best performer among them was chosen as the group leader and guided everyone to work; the task was completed without Shiyi’s assistance.. She just needs to hold Little Fatty every day to take a look.  

Shiyi is primarily in charge of making pills. Shiyi has given it some thought. The pharmacy primarily sells medications to treat common illnesses like colds, fevers, coughs, diarrhea, motion sickness, anemia, and other daily necessities for regular people. Also available are some simple and effective skin trauma ointments. This ointment is necessary for daily life and can be used to treat injuries if you accidentally hurt yourself.

If ordinary people have a headache, they can purchase a bottle from the pharmacy and take the medication with water when they get home, and the medicine will start working soon. There is no need to visit the hospital to see the doctor or go home to boil the herbs. It is much easier and more practical. Additionally, Shiyi’s medicine is far superior to that of this time. It starts working right away, though obviously not in the same way as medications prescribed by doctors in medical schools.

For those uncommon symptoms, the patient must visit the doctor in person or make an appointment for her to make the necessary pills; the cost is, of course, slightly higher than that of regular pills.

After selecting which pills to produce, Shiyi will list in the book the ingredients and dosages for each pill, along with the corresponding production method and any parts that require special care during the production process.

Shiyi naturally needs to take the corresponding protective measures in order to stop the workers who manufacture pills from covertly learning the manufacturing process and then selling them to others for profit.  

She will divide the workers into groups. Each group of workers is responsible for one part, the weighing of medicinal materials is the first group, the sorting of medicinal materials is the second group, the tamping and integration will be the third group, and the making of finished products is the fourth group. For forming an assembly line, each person is responsible for only a small part.

With this method, they won’t know or understand anything about the other parts. So, they won’t be familiar with the manufacturing method of each pill, and they can’t also have the complete process of making the pill.

The production efficiency of the assembly line is also very high. The workers in charge of the first process will sort the medicinal herbs of each pill according to Shiyi’s requirements, and then pass it over to the second group until they reach the last group; the one who will make them into pills and put them into the bought porcelain bottles, and then the people in charge of labeling the porcelain bottles will paste the corresponding name, taking method, and dosage on each porcelain bottle. So a bottle of medicine is completely completed.

What Shiyi has to do is randomly check the thousands of bottles of pills that have been prepared to check whether the ingredients in them are wrong, so as to avoid errors in the pills.

Shiyi was too busy patrolling the workers’ work, and Yang Shifeng didn’t have time, so Shiyi brought Uncle Yang. After such a long period of observation, Shiyi found that Uncle Yang was unambiguous in his work except that he was cowardly in front of his wife. He was serious and responsible in his work. He had never abandoned his work and was more diligent than other people. So Shiyi gave him an opportunity to be responsible for patrolling the work of the workers in the future to see if anyone was lazy or secretly doing something bad every day, so as to urge everyone to improve their work quality.

This job is easier than working in the medicine field. Uncle Yang is very grateful for this and is more serious than before. He comes first and leaves last every day. He is more active and responsible than Shiyi, the owner, and saves Shiyi a lot of things.

When the first batch of pills was made, the two Pharmacys were also decorated, and the plaque was hung on the door, waiting to be opened.

Before the opening of the Pharmacy, Shiyi hired two highly skilled doctors as sitting doctors in the medicine Pharmacy to check the people who came to buy the medicine to see their symptoms, so as to prevent them from taking the medicine by mistake, and also to see the people who came to see the doctor.

These two doctors are still very famous among the people. They are well-known and firmly believed in by many people. Even if people don’t have a lot of faith in the new Pharmacy, they will have faith in the pharmacy because the two doctors were there. As time passes, the pharmacy’s reputation will inevitably win over people’s hearts and the people will recognize the medicine Pharmacy.


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