The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 77.2

Chapter 77 Part 2

Everything is ready, and the Pharmacy is about to open.

But before the opening, the Yang family still had one important thing to do, and the Yang family unanimously decided to solve this important thing before opening the Pharmacy.

This event is the first birthday of the Yang family’s Pang Tuanzi. Before everyone knew it, Tuanzi had been 1 year old for a week.

The custom here is that children should have a one-year-old banquet and a ceremony of ” Zhuazhou”. This is a very important day for a child. You can’t be careless. Grandpa Yang wants to do it well. [1]Zhuazhou is a Chinese ritual held at a child’s first birthday party, when the child is 1 year, i.e. typically twelve months since birth, old. The parents put various objects before the child. … Continue reading

However, Shiyi felt a little sorry for her Little Fatty, because she wanted to open a pharmacy. All the money was invested in the pharmacy. At this time, she was unable to earn back all the money she had invested. Her pocket is now empty and very poor.

Shiyi looked at Little Fatty with guilt and confessed, “Pangpang, I’m sorry. On such an important day, your mother is so poor that her pockets are cleaner than her face. Mother can’t beat a little golden pig for you, make beautiful clothes for you, or buy you a lot of delicious food. Pangpang, you can make do with a one-year-old feast.”

Little Fatty can walk by himself now. Although he can’t walk very steadily, he is very keen on walking. Now he doesn’t want adults to hold him at all. He ran down to walk by himself at every opportunity he had.

At the same time, he was swaying like a duck as he walked to the swing in the yard. Seeing that he was about to catch the swing he wanted to play with, he was picked up by his annoying old mother and taken back to the house. He watched the swing that was so close at hand leave him again. He was so angry that he raised his little plump face and seriously criticized Shiyi: “Mom, you are bad!”

Shiyi poked his plump face, “Oh, Little Fatty, you’re terrible now. Dare you say I’m bad? Don’t think it’s great that you can say something now. Can you be much better than what I can say? “

“Bad! You bully Pangpang! ” Little Fatty pouted and looked eagerly at the swing in the yard.

Shiyi regretted it so much. She shouldn’t have swung on the swing with Little Fatty in her arms for a while, and then let Little Fatty fall in love with the swing. In the past, he liked riding his wooden horse, but now, he wanted to run to the swing every day and climb to the swing board. However, he had the heart to fly on the swing, but he didn’t have the ability to swing. The little man was not as tall as the swing. He would fall every time, but the boy was not afraid of falling, when he fell down, he got up again. The more he fell, the braver he became. As a result, his little body had many bruises, which made Shiyi feel distressed, not to mention the rest of the family.

Shiyi once again restrained Little Fatty’s restless heart, “What swing! Can’t you see how short you are? You’re not as tall as the swing, and you can’t grasp the swing yourself. That’s why you always fall down. Little Fatty, you have to consider your own life safety, okay?”

Little Fatty pouted and groaned, unconvinced.

“It wasn’t easy for mom and dad to raise you and spend so much money and time on you. If you fall somewhere, does that mean we made ourselves busy for nothing? Do you understand what I am saying? You have to cherish the fruits of mom and dad’s work! So, you’re not allowed to play on the swing by yourself in the future. “

Little Fatty found that he didn’t speak as well as his mother and couldn’t express himself. Knowing that he couldn’t play again today, he was so depressed that he buried his face in Shiyi’s neck and didn’t move. He was very depressed.

Seeing that he was so melancholy and that she had no money for the first-year banquet, Shiyi rarely patted her little baby with a soft heart, “Well, well, don’t play on the swing. Mother will take you to ride the wooden horse, okay? You can’t play on the swing, but you can ride the wooden horse. “

Little Fatty recovered from his sadness when he heard that he could play with his wooden horse. He raised his head and grinned at Shiyi. He also kissed Shiyi’s face loudly and said pleasantly, “Mom, you are great!”

Shiyi wanted to roll her eyes, “little Panghy, you are so materialistic!”

Little Fatty couldn’t wait to get out of Shiyi’s arms. He staggered to the side of the wooden horse and looked at Shiyi with expectant eyes.

Shiyi went over to hold him onto the wooden horse, told him to hold on, and then pulled the rope in front of him to run on the ground. Little Fatty immediately giggled and said politely, “Drive! Drive! Drive!”

Shiyi suddenly lost her guilt just now. She felt that her Little Fatty family was not pitiful at all. What little golden pig did he want! What beautiful clothes do you want! What delicious food do you want!

He can be happy without any of this!

Finally, Shiyi and Yang Shifeng discussed, so they held two dinners at home and invited several close people to celebrate Pangpang’s birthday. Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang also agreed to this plan.

On the day of Zhuazhou, Shiyi viciously dressed Little Fatty in bright red clothes, tied his hair with a red rope and pulled it up on his head. Finally, he put a red dot on his forehead with lipstick.

Shiyi held back a smile and held Little Fatty in front of the mirror to show him his image, “Pangpang, look, mom dressed you up a lot today!”

Little Fatty looked at himself in the mirror and said, “Oh, oh” twice. He also reached out and touched his little face. He felt very satisfied and nodded happily, “Pang, handsome!”

Yang Shifeng covered his eyes and couldn’t bear to look again.

Shiyi laughed until her stomach hurt.

However, although Little Fatty’s shape is a little shocking, who made his facial features outstanding, white and tender? It doesn’t affect everyone’s love for him at all. Today, people who came to eat wine are scrambling to hug and kiss him. 

Little Fatty is really in demand.

Little Fatty also knew that he was very likable, so he generously extended his face to those people for hugs and kisses. When he saw someone give him a gift, he would also learn to please them, kiss their face, and then say thank you to others in a milky voice. It was so cute that women could not wait to hide him in their pockets.

Shiyi whispered to Yang Shifeng, “Brother Shifeng, I think our little fatty won’t worry about finding a wife in the future. With such a sweet tooth, I think the little girl will be fascinated by him. I’m afraid he’ll become a playboy in the future.”

Yang Shifeng pinched her face in tears and laughter, “Don’t talk nonsense. Tuanzi won’t mess around. Our Tuanzi will be honest, kind and polite in the future.”

Shiyi looked at Pang Tuanzi, who was shaking with laughter and twitched the corners of her mouth. She didn’t know how can Yang Shifeng say this with confidence. No matter how she looked at him, their Little Fatty couldn’t match the words integrity, kindness, and politeness. As expected, love blinded his eyes.

Shiyi gave up this topic, went to the room and took a mat out to spread in the hall room, and then put the prepared things on the mat, including copper coins, books, brushes, cakes, small wooden swords, rouge powder, abacus, seals, spatulas, rulers, and so on.

These things were thought out by the Yang family for several days, and there were a lot of them. Shiyi heard from Grandpa Yang that it could predict what Pangpang would do in the future based on what he had caught. Although Shiyi didn’t believe this, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and still prepared everything in all industries, waiting for little fatty to catch it himself.

Shiyi held Little Fatty to the mat, pointed to the random items on the mat and said to him, “Fatty, choose one you like.” Afraid that Little Fatty will be too greedy, Shiyi raised one finger in front of Little Fatty and said seriously, “Only one!”

Little Fatty understands the meaning of raising a finger, because every time he wants to ride his wooden horse or swing, his mother will raise a finger and say to him, “Only once.” Then she will only let him play it once. Only one time.

So Little Fatty knew that his mother asked him to choose one, only one.

Little Fatty listened to his mother and began to crawl on the mat. While crawling, he looked at the items placed on both sides. When he saw an interesting thing, he would stop to stare at it and reach out. When everyone thought he was going to reach for it, he calmly withdrew his hand and continued to crawl forward.

Several times, the onlookers were so anxious that they wished to guide him personally.

Shiyi saw that Little Fatty was deliberately doing something bad, because every time he stopped, he would look up and find her, and then smile at her with pride. It seemed to make her wonder whether he was grasping this thing or not.

This bad fat kid!

When Little Fatty crawled to the end, his hands were still empty and he didn’t grasp anything.

People around were worried and said, “Tuanzi doesn’t want anything.” Generally, children will take what they see. Why is Tuanzi just looking at them? “

“Tuanzi is so smart that he doesn’t want it. It’s estimated that there is nothing Tuanzi likes. Do you want to add something else? “

Shiyi saw that everyone was worried about little fatty, so she comforted everyone and said, “Don’t worry, it’s okay. He’s playing. He’ll choose one later. “

As soon as the voice fell, Little Fatty turned around and began to crawl back. He directly crawled to a certain place and stopped. He stretched out his hand, grabbed the small wooden sword, and swung it, and there was a shout came from his mouth.

Zhuazhou is something like this


1 Zhuazhou is a Chinese ritual held at a child’s first birthday party, when the child is 1 year, i.e. typically twelve months since birth, old. The parents put various objects before the child. Parents will often put objects that symbolize career choices or personality traits.


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    Wait, where did “Pang” come from all of a sudden? Isn’t his name Yang Tianle?

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    Guess our little Fatty won’t be a fatty in the future. Our little Fatty will be a great general of the Dynasty. He’s the son of the hunter ML and the strong woman Shiyi after all.


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