The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 78.1

Chapter 78 Part 1

Little Fatty raised his wooden sword and shouted, then grinned at Shiyi happily.

Shiyi reached out and nodded at the bad chubby kid, “Bad fat boy!”

“Kakaka……” Little Fatty seemed like he misunderstood his mother’s reaction to being fooled by his tricks, so he laughed even happier than ever.

Seeing that little fatty finally grabbed something, the people around him were relieved, and they even joked, “it seems that Tuanzi will be a majestic general in the future!”

“I think it’s possible. Look how strong Tuanzi is. He’s stronger than ordinary children. He’ll be a general. “

Little fatty knew that everyone was praising him, and with a triumphant face, he waved his sword and felt majestic.

Shiyi couldn’t stand it anymore, and hurriedly took the little fatty, who felt good about himself, off the cushion. “Don’t even think about it. Look how chubby you are, and how you pant all the time. Look at you, who’s full of meat, and you still want to be a general! “

Little Fatty knew that her mother was saying that he was bad again. He patted his round stomach, unconvinced, “Pang, strong!”

Shiyi was almost convinced by his cheekiness. She really didn’t know where Little Fatty inherited his narcissism. Although she doesn’t agree with little Fatty’s self-praise in her heart, who made him the protagonist today? Just follow him and say, “Okay, okay, OK, you are strong, you are the strongest. Now please hurry up and invite everyone to the table, and we will start to eat. “

As soon as Little Fatty heard the word “eat”, he immediately understood it and shouted to the people in the room with a smile, “Next meal! Next meal!”

The guests who were shouted at by Little Fatty laughed, and they said: “Thank you, Tuanzi, for inviting us to dinner.”

Although there were few people who were invited to this banquet, the dishes were carefully picked by Yang Shifeng and Shiyi. Naturally, they were very rich, accompanied by good wine. The dinner was full of fun between the host and the guest, and they didn’t rest until the evening. It can be considered a good birthday party for Tuanzi.

As soon as Tuanzi’s first birthday party was over, the opening of the pharmacy would be put on the agenda. Shiyi thought it over in her heart and decided to open the shop in the town first, and then open the shop in the city, staggered from front to back.

Aside from opening a new pharmacy without any background, the other reason for this arrangement was that the medicines sold in their pharmacy are very different from those in other hospitals. This novelty can not always be accepted by everyone so quickly. For this reason, presumably, the common people will not rush in to buy it at first, and for this reason, it will definitely affect their business.

So, she came up with a method, that is, giving people medical treatment and prescribing medicine for free three days before the opening.

Shiyi planned to take Tuanzi to the town to live there for three days. She will spend three days managing the shop.

She even brought Dr. Wan, who she invited to work in the pharmacy. For 3 days, Dr. Wan will be in charge of the customers who want a consultation from him, and for 3 days, they will not charge any consultation fee for the incoming patients. Aside from the free consultations, Shiyi’s pharmacy will also give away free medicine pills. 

Shiyi believes that with this scheme, the common people will be more willing to come in to go for a checkup and take medicine. After the common people understand the benefits of her pills, they will choose their pharmacy when they plan to go see a doctor in the future.

Yang Shifeng also thought this method was good. He packed Tuanzi, Shiyi, and his clothes, entrusted the family’s grocery store to Grandpa Yang’s care, and took thousands of bottles of pills to town.


The next day, the pharmacy officially opened. The name of the pharmacy is also very simple. The pharmacy was named after Shiyi, that is—Shiyi’s pharmacy. This name came from Yang Shifeng when he made the plaque. Shiyi was speechless for a long time when she found out about it, but she was too lazy to change it, so she let it be.

Yang Shifeng hung a string of firecrackers on a bamboo pole and lit them. He set off his opening firecrackers at the gate. The sound of crackling naturally attracted many people to watch.

Yang Shifeng didn’t speak until there were more and more onlookers, “Dear folks, this pharmacy is officially opened today. Anyone who has a headache can come in and buy medicine. The medicine in our shop is made into pills. You don’t need to boil it. You can take it directly with water. It’s very convenient, but the effect is absolutely excellent. In addition, there is a famous doctor in this pharmacy. If you feel sick, you can come in and buy medicine after a free diagnosis and treatment, and we won’t charge you a penny!”

Many people know Dr. Wan as well. He used to be a doctor in the largest hospital in the town. He is good at medicine. Many people know him by name, but they didn’t know when he left the previous hospital he was working at. Everyone thought he had left the town, but they didn’t expect him to be the doctor in the newly opened pharmacy.

Everyone now thinks that the newly opened pharmacy might be good, otherwise Doctor Wan would not be willing to come and be a doctor at this newly opened pharmacy.

Amid the discussion among the people, Yang Shifeng added: “Today is the first launch of this shop, so we decided to give you free medical treatment and medicine for the first three days. If you feel unwell, you can come and seek diagnosis and treatment. “

These words lit up the eyes of the onlookers. Free diagnosis and treatment, plus free medicine. That means you can go to a doctor for a consultation without paying a penny. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Those who are uncomfortable but are not willing to go to the hospital were moved, and they rushed into the pharmacy to see the doctor.

Those who are not uncomfortable, but want to see whether they are healthy, don’t want to miss this opportunity in vain, and also follow it to find a doctor to give themselves a checkup.

Shiyi sat alone with Doctor Wan while Laibao and the boy invited to do the chores were responsible for entertaining guests and maintaining order in the pharmacy. Yang Shifeng sat beside Shiyi with Pang Tuanzi in his arms to see Shiyi treat people.

Pang Tuanzi has always been restless, but at this time, he was obedient, which was a rare sight. He sat in his father’s arms obediently and watched his mother give pulse medication to people who came to see a doctor with extraordinary concentration.

After watching for a while, he found out that every time his mother treated someone, she would take out a package of pills from the box behind her and hand them to the person. Then the person would thank his mother and leave. 

Pang Tuanzi felt that he finally understood the essence of seeing a doctor, so he shook his little fat leg and said to his father, “Dad, Pang, pang.”

Yang Shifeng estimated that Pang Tuanzi couldn’t sit still and didn’t want to be held by him all the time, so he let him down and told him, “Then you can’t go out, you can only wander around the room, okay?”

Pang Tuanzi nodded his head, “Pang, good.”

Yang Shifeng thought that Pang Tuanzi was going out to play, but he didn’t know that the little guy didn’t walk around the room. Instead, he staggered slowly to Shiyi’s side like a duck, looked at the patient opposite Shiyi, and then leaned down on the desk, and put his little fat hand into the pill container. He took out a packet of pills from the box, and when Shiyi’s hand was retracted from the other’s wrist, he stretched out his small hand and handed the pill to the woman who went for a consultation. “Here, give.”

The woman looked at the chubby little boy in front of her. The little boy was solemnly trying to hand over the medicine to her. She smiled and patted Tuanzi’s head, and then looked at Shiyi, “Doctor, is this your child? He’s so handsome. “

Shiyi looked at her Little Fatty and asked: “Fatty, what are you doing?”

Little Fatty handed the medicine bag in front of him again, “Pang, help, help.”

Shiyi understood that little fatty wanted to help her, and her heart suddenly felt warm. She took the little guy into her arms and kissed him. Not wanting to disappoint his son, she pointed to another pile of medicine bags in the box and said, “Fatty, take this to the aunt in front of you.”

Little fatty knew that what he had in his hand was wrong, so he put the medicine bag back again, picked up the medicine bag that his mother pointed out to him, and handed it to the woman in front of him again, “Here, take.”

The woman happily took it over and liked the clever child very much. She couldn’t help but say, ” Doctor, is your child two years old? It’s rare to see a child as smart as him. That child in my family is over two years old now. He doesn’t even know how to say a few words, and he can’t compare with your son. ” 

The woman felt that the child was as smart as a three or four-year-old child, but he was not as big as he looked. That’s why she asked. As a mother, she always likes to discuss children’s matters.

Shiyi looked at the little fatty and said, “In fact, my family’s little fatty has just turned one year old. It’s just that, he took after his father, that’s why he’s tall. “

The woman was a little dumbfounded and looked at Tuanzi incredulously, “He’s only a year old? He’s too smart for a one-year-old. How did you raise your son? Is there any secret method? “

Shiyi shook her head with a smile and said modestly, “He’s just intelligent. Nothing else is special. Our children are all early learners. “

The woman also knew that there was no secret recipe for raising children. She looked at little Fatty enviously for the last time. Then she took the medicine and left, muttering that if only her children were so smart.

Shiyi gave her fat son a kiss before the next patient came in. “Fatty, you’re great! You know how to help your mother. “

Little Fatty was praised and was very happy. He hugged Shiyi’s neck and gave her a kiss, and then worked even harder. Every time Shiyi saw a patient, he would ask his mother which medicine bag to take. When his mother pointed it out to him, he would take it out and hand it to the patient, so that every patient would praise him. At the end of the day, he also earned enough praise.


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