The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 78.2

Chapter 78 Part 2

The next morning, little fatty didn’t go out to play as soon as he woke up. Instead, he dragged his father in hurry to go to the shop in front of their house to help his mother. 

He was very energetic.

Shiyi also felt very happy these three days because of the help and company of little fatty.

After three days, after the free diagnosis and treatment, Shiyi checked the pills sent out for free, and more than 100 items were sent out for free, most of which were for daily minor conditions such as fever and cough. They will soon be well after taking the pills.

After these three days, there were no particular problems that their pharmacy in town encountered, and they will soon be on the right track. After Shiyi explained everything to Doctor Wan, she packed her things again and rushed to the city with Yang Shifeng.

This is Shiyi’s second visit to the city, but because of her husband and son’s company, her mentality has changed dramatically. The last time she came here, she only felt that the city was very boring and dull, resulting in a lack of interest. 

However, this time, she felt that this town was very lively and prosperous. So, she lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked out with her fat son. While looking at the city, she also introduced it to her fat son. 

She doesn’t know whether Little Fatty understood it or not, but he was very excited. He shouted as he looked at the scenery outside and shook Shiyi’s sleeve from time to time. He was extremely happy and excited.

But Shiyi understood him. Who made him live in the village since he was a child? He will be naturally excited to see the scenery in the city.

Thinking about it like this, Little fatty is also quite pitiful. 

Seeing that they were about to reach the pharmacy, Shiyi asked Yang Shifeng to stop the car on the roadside.

She got out of the car with little fatty and began to walk, “Fatty, mom will take you shopping and let you have an unforgettable experience!”

Little Fatty clapped his hands excitedly, “play!”

“OK, let’s play together.”

Shiyi took little fatty and went through the roadside stalls one by one. When she saw the stalls selling gadgets, Shiyi stopped walking to take a look. She would ask little fatty if he wanted it, and if he wanted it, she would buy him one to play with. 

As they walked, she just saw someone playing a circus on the roadside, so she took Little Fatty and squeezed over to watch it. Yang Shifeng protected his wife and son from being squeezed by the crowd.

Little Fatty watched the performance with relish. Seeing that everyone applauded, he also applauded as other people did. His little hands were red and he didn’t know it would hurt.

When he finally finished watching the circus, Shiyi took Little Fatty and Yang Shifeng towards West Street and stopped in front of a wonton stall.     

Xiaoya, who was cleaning the table, inadvertently looked up. When she saw Shiyi standing in front of the stall, the rag in her hand fell to the ground with a slap, and she said incredulously, “Sister Shiyi?”

Xiaoya’s dad also looked over, and his eyes widened slightly when he saw it was Shiyi.

Shiyi smiled and greeted Xiaoya and Xiaoya’s father, and nodded to another strange man.

Xiaoya didn’t care about cleaning up, so she hurried to Shiyi and was very excited, “Shiyi sister, are you back?”

Shiyi touched her hand. “This time I came to the city to do business and I will only stay here for a few days. I brought my husband and son to see you.”

Xiaoya then looked at Yang Shifeng behind Shiyi and said with a smile, “Hello, brother-in-law.”

Yang Shifeng nodded at her with a smile.

Xiaoya was mainly interested in little Fatty, who was in Shiyi’s arms. “Sister Shiyi, is this your child? Why is he so beautiful? He’s so cute.”

“His name is Tuanzi.” 

Shiyi said to the Fatty Tuanzi in her arms, “Greet your aunt quickly.”

Little Fatty immediately put his two little fat hands together and arched towards Xiaoya, shouting with a milky voice, “Hello Auntie.”

“Hey, Hello, how nice of you!” Xiaoya carefully touched Tuanzi’s tender white face. She liked him so much. Xiaoya reached out to touch the front of her shirt, and suddenly became annoyed, “Oh, I have nothing on me, so I can’t give Tuanzi a present.”

Shiyi took her hand and stopped her from looking for a gift. “What gift to give? Don’t do those boring things. We just came here to see you. How are you now?”

After she made up her mind, she gave Tuanzi the gift and brought the man who was making wontons over to introduce him to Shiyi: “Sister Shiyi, this is my husband, Da Zhong. We have a daughter. My mother has become less busy at our stall now, and she takes care of my daughter at home now.

Shiyi looked at the man. His face was simple and honest, his eyes were clear, and he smiled shyly. The man looked very good. An Shiyi’s heart, she was also happy that Xiaoya found a good husband. However, seeing that many guests were waiting to eat wontons at the stall, Shiyi said, “Xiaoya, we are going to live here for a few days. You can do your work first, and we will talk about the past later, so as to not delay your business. “

Many people urged Xiaoya to open the table behind her. Xiaoya couldn’t help but reluctantly said, “Sister Shiyi, you can’t renege on your words. We must have a good talk later. You can’t leave. “

Shiyi was amused by her words and said “Don’t worry. I opened a pharmacy here, which is called Shiyi’s pharmacy. You can find me there. Now, you don’t have to worry, okay?”

Hearing her words, Xiaoya breathed a sigh of relief, and then she was willing to let Shiyi go.

On the way to their pharmacy, Shiyi explained to Yang Shifeng, “I used to live in the city for a long time. I lived in Xiaoya’s yard. Their family were very good and took good care of me.”

Yang Shifeng nodded and thanked the Xiaoya family for taking care of Shiyi when he was not around her in his heart.

After talking, they went to their shop in the city. Dazhu arrived here in the city earlier than Yang Shifeng. He came here a few days in advance to take care of the shop. Later, he would work as a shopkeeper in this shop. He has taken care of everything properly these days, and there is no need for Shiyi to worry about anything else. Shiyi invited Dr. Wang and waited for Shiyi to come and start the business.

Shiyi didn’t bother to make any changes. After a night of rest, firecrackers were set off in front of the shop the next day to announce the official opening. Similarly, the first three days will be free for consultation, treatment, and medicine, which naturally attracts a large number of onlookers to come for consultation. The flow of people is much greater than in the town.

Little Fatty has also practiced in the town. He didn’t want to go out to play when his mother was busy, so he continued to help her mother with giving the patients their prescribed medicine.


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