The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 79.1

Chapter 79 Part 1

The people who came to see a doctor in the city were almost the same as those in the town, most of whom were ordinary people. They came to have a look at minor diseases and disasters such as colds and coughs, which they usually didn’t want to see. Shiyi’s medicine was just enough, and the people in the city who came for consultation were similar to those in the town. Most of them were ordinary people. They came to treat their minor illnesses, such as colds and coughs, which are usually common diseases. The medicine pills prepared by Shiyi were enough to promote their medicines.

Two days after the opening, almost a hundred medicines were sent out.

On the third day, a rather special patient came. The patient was a woman. The special thing about her was how she dressed. Her dress was not unrefined at first sight, and she was also followed by a servant girl who was equally well dressed. 

The woman who came to their shop looked like a wife from a rich family. It was reasonable to assume that the wife of a rich family had their own family doctor. She shouldn’t be the type of person who comes to the hospital to see a doctor, but somehow, she came to their shop to meet Shiyi.

Shiyi thought it was because she was a female doctor, and it was easier for women to say something unspeakable.

Sure enough, the woman had difficulties hiding. After looking around, she hesitated to state her condition.

Shiyi understood so she sent out everyone in the room, and even little fatty was taken out by Yang Shifeng to play. There were only three people left in the room, including herself, the woman, and her servant girl.

“Madam, If you have anything, just say it. “

The woman’s face was a little embarrassed. She clenched her teeth, and hesitated to reveal her condition: “In recent months, I have had unbearable itching and unpleasant secretions. They were black and yellow, and I haven’t improved no matter how I wash them. What’s wrong with me?

The woman continued to talk as her eyes flushed, “It was not easy for me to tell others about such private matters, and I can’t go to male doctors for treatments. I privately looked for several famous female doctors, but none of them were good, and my situation has not improved at all. “

The woman was so anxious that she was afraid that she might have some bad diseases, so when she went shopping with the servant girl today, she saw a female doctor in the newly opened medicine shop and came in with the mentality of “there’s no harm in trying.”

Shiyi listened to her explanation and didn’t say any useless words, but instead said directly: “Madam, lie down on the couch and take off your clothes. I’ll check to see what the problem is. I have to be sure of your condition before I can prescribe the right medicine.”

The woman also knew that this must be done. Although she was a little embarrassed, she blushed and took off her skirt to show Shiyi with the help of the servant girl.

Shiyi carefully observed it, combined it with the woman’s description of what she felt, and determined in her heart that this was a symptom of vaginitis, and it was more serious.

“Madam, what is your usual diet?”

The little servant girl next to the woman told Shiyi her Madam’s diet one by one.

“How about your daily cleaning, madam?”

There was no need for the little servant girl to answer. The woman answered, “I bathe every day and change into clean clothes. There will never be any problems in regards to hygiene. “

Hearing what the woman said, Shiyi almost understood that the problem was not the woman herself, so there was only one possibility. The problem was her husband.

This is not a good thing in this era. Men can have three wives and four concubines to enjoy the beautiful spring scene. Prostitutes can be found everywhere, all for the convenience of men. Once a man is lustful, he is prone to having problems, not only for himself but also for his wife and son.

It’s fortunate that it was not a venereal disease, but a vaginal inflammation, which can be cured quickly.

Shiyi directly told the woman her findings about the source of the disease. When the woman heard this, her face suddenly turned red and white. She was thinking of how lustful her husband was. She had no doubt about Shiyi’s statement because she had already had this doubt in her heart.

That bastard!

The woman was very frightened, and Shiyi thought the same in her heart. She was very glad that it wasn’t some kind of venereal disease because she would definitely die with that man!

“Doctor, can I cure this disease?”

Shiyi nodded, “This disease can be cured. You don’t have to worry too much. That is, you must stop having sexual intercourse with your husband. Otherwise, it won’t be cured completely.”

The woman was excited and grateful at the moment. As long as she could cure it, she would never have sex with the man who killed with a thousand knives again. Anyway, she has sons, and her father-in-law was now fully responsible for training her sons. That bastard at home is useless. Let him go. She would never care about it again in the future. Let him enjoy himself in the concubine’s room.

Anyway, her position as the first wife is unshakable. Even if that bastard is no longer satisfied with her, with the power of her father, he dares not oppose her.

Shiyi said, “however, I don’t have any pills to treat this disease for the time being, and I also need to prepare the ointment on the surface. Well, I’ll start making it for you now, and you can send someone to pick it up the day after tomorrow. “

“Well, okay, thank you, doctor.” After thanking her, the woman winked at the servant girl beside her. The servant girl understood and immediately took out 50 taels of silver note from her purse and handed it to Shiyi.

The woman said: “Doctor, this is my thank you gift to you for treating me today. Please accept it.”

Shiyi waved her hand, “No, today, my pharmacy is giving consultations for free. No one will be charged for any visit. Take your money back. “

The woman did not comply, and insisted on giving them money, “You must take this money as a deposit for the medicines I will take.” My medicine needs special preparations. It’s not good to ask the doctor to give it away for nothing. Doctor, don’t refuse.”

Shiyi saw that she was determined to give it, and she was not the type of person who was not straightforward, so she accepted it and said that she could come to get the medicine the next morning.

Because of the woman, Shiyi didn’t leave immediately after the three-day free medical treatment, took the medicinal materials needed for the pharmacy, mixed a box of ointment for the woman in the drugstore, and then made two bottles of pills for oral application. After giving them to the boy sent by the woman the next day, he didn’t rush away but took Yang Shifeng and Little Fatty to Xiaoya’s house.


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